It is always a great experience to have a great smart garage door opener. The problem arises when the smart door opener does not perform to your expectations. MYQ is a popular garage door opener that consists of an enormous advantage that bring customers to it.

Alexa requires some loopholes to work with Chamberlain MYQ smart garage door. Alexa supports IFTTT and connecting it with certain module, you can use Alexa with MYQ.

How can I get MYQ to work with Alexa?

There are two ways that you can apply for the MYQ to operate with Alexa using some loopholes. You can either connect Raspberry Pi and phone or, using the Amazon skill kit. 

Both procedures require manual work for them to be successful.

Using Amazon Skill Kit to Get MYQ to Work with Alexa

It requires you to be tech-savvy for you to make the Amazon Skill Kit work with Alexa. Even if you were to follow the process, I’m not entirely sure that it would work. The individual who invented it had published the procedure for more than two years ago.

The procedure is not guaranteed, but more options are always safe.

It would be best if you were sure that your MYQ Gateway is well connected. Downloading and extraction of some files are needed for you to make the Alexa Skill Kit then.

Still, this is not the final stage. Next, you will need to make an AWS Lambda Function. After that, follow other steps that involve more and more configurations.

How to use Raspberry PI to enable MYQ Work with Alexa?

 The Raspberry Pi and a smartphone can be easily used to open and close garage door with self- signed certs on the phone for security purposes.

As said earlier, it requires some manual work.

The Raspberry Pi computer has the ability to communicate with many items. You can use it to study programming. And it has been applied in various projects. 

For it to work effectively, you need to purchase additional parts as well as tools amounting to not less than $100.

These processes follow a complicated procedure. But it still doesn’t guarantee that MYQ will work with Alexa. The sad news is that this third-party solution was taken down by Chamberlain. Thus, it remains that MYQ can’t work with Alexa.

MyQ with Alexa! Why Does Chamberlain MyQ Not Work with Alexa?

There are two primary explanations as to why Chamberlain MYQ doesn’t work with Alexa itself.

Security Issue

It is absurd and scary to imagine that anyone using the Alexa could command your garage door to open. This poses a huge security issue to the owner of the garage. And you can seek legal actions if such cases happen. 

You may be liable or sue for any theft in a home. Thus, arises the question of whether it’s worthy of taking the risk or not. However, there is a probability of Chamberlain allowing the use of a pin code for the garage door to open.

Profit Issue

There are various reasons concerning profits and benefits. And which explains why Chamberlain does not allow Alexa to operate with their garage door opener gadgets.

It is assumed that Chamberlain MYQ have their own certain reasons as to why it doesn’t fully connect with other smart technology oriented devices.

And many customers have felt snubbed by the Chamberlain company. They think that their products could work with Alexa and have been asking for it. 

Chamberlain MYQ is aware that in terms of smart garage opener brands, they are the largest. For this reason, they would not want to invest their capital in any way for their products to be compatible with Alexa.

Regardless of whether they are compatible with Alexa or not, Chamberlain is guaranteed to sell their products.

Why should I buy Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener? 

As far as the garage door are concerned, Chamberlain MyQ is the best and most popular for garage in United States and United Kingdom.

However, if you don’t find Chamberlain MyQ best fit your garage door then there are other alternatives available for you.

You can also integrate Google Assistant with MyQ which is free to use for now but MyQ might starts charging for it in future. So, grab it ASAP if you want to use it with Google Assistant/Home.

Which Other Garage Door Openers Work with Alexa? (Alternatives To MyQ)

There are other options in the market to choose from apart from the Chamberlain MYQ. One of them is the NEXX Door Opener or the SimpliSafe Home Security Systems. It works perfectly with Alexa.


SimpliSafe is perfectly compatible with Alexa. It is one of the recent and most common home security systems. SimpliSafe is accompanied by comprehensive packages for installation, which describe each of the configuration systems it comes with. 

SimpliSafe configuration systems can easily be customized under the user’s prevalence and priorities. The customizations help you to choose or avoid the monthly hustle for a subscription payment.

SimpliSafe has an added advantage as it works perfectly with Alexa, without any doubt. It can easily be connected with Alexa, although there is a process involved. 

It is wise always to make sure that the sensors are well configured to the live monitors. And they were customizing the package to avoid the system from lagging, especially when a smartphone is in use.

There is a wide variety of Alexa products that you can choose from to work with SimpliSafe devices.

The cameras with these products are amazing. And allows Alexa to access the systems effectively. 



NEXX is a wireless fidelity enabled smart garage door opener device. It is compatible with various garage door opener brands, including Alexa and Google Assistant. NEXX is known for having similar features to those of Chamberlain MYQ door opener for the garage. 

There is no subscription fee for using NEXX. 

NEXX garage door opener comes with a convent and fantastic features, including Geofencing. Geofencing allows your smartphone to access the radius, latitude, and longitude such that it raises the garage door as you approach it while driving. Its system does not require the use of IFTTT for setting up since it is already added to the app.

NEXX app also has pros and cons. But the advantages exceed the cons with a considerable margin. One of the most significant complaints from clients is that you are required to hire a professional, especially if you are not conversant with technical knowledge. 

On the other hand, NEXX is considered a great system as it allows the use of Alexa supporting opening and shutting the garage door.

Senclo Fi Mini

Senclo Fi Mini works the same as the NEXX garage door opener but contains most of extra features. Senclo works well with people whose homes provide only one garage system.

The app comes with an auto shut. And an auto-open function that allows the use of Geofencing technology.

The technology will enable one to drive freely without the need of clicking buttons to close or open the garage door. The app requires proximity only. And you are good to go.

The Senclo also contains a fantastic feature. That allows it to work with any Apple or Android system phone. This app is universal. It is compatible with the leading garage door opener brands such as Genie, Liftmaster, and the famous Chamberlain.

Senclo is also compatible with Alexa, Apple Watch, and the Google Assistant.

The app also contains another fantastic feature that allows users to view. It also regulates the temperature of the garage.

Despite Senclo being a little bit expensive, it is worth the value. You should consider this garage door opener if you have the extra money in your budget.

It is also important to note that Senclo Fi Mini only works with a single garage. So, if you have a double door home garage, you need a Fi Door Sensor plus a Controller set for every door.

Which Other Apps Are Compatible With MYQ?

Other apps are compatible with the MYQ. Some of the compatible apps include Vivint, Wink, Nest, Comcast, Google, and IFTTT.

These apps provide a more customized user advantage, especially the IFTTT app. Google Home app allows the user to customize the app by using their voice to control the smart garage door opener.

What Does Community of MYQ Say?

It is quite tedious to find the real reason Chamberlain MYQ does not support Alexa. It is to be remembered that Chamberlain MYQ once had Alexa’s support skills. But was later removed for them to charge a fee for the skill. 

On June 26, 2019, Chamberlain announced that it would be allowing premium subscriptions for free within a limited time. Also, there would be no credit card required for signup. This deal was accompanied by choice of third partners such as IFTTT and Google Home. 

It is still a wonder why Chamberlain has not incorporated Alexa as one of the third partners yet. The Chamberlain support team or the company itself has not issued an official statement as to why they do not work with Alexa. Again, Chamberlain MYQ is still on the best products for the smart garage door opener. 

Final Thoughts

The MYQ remains a viable choice, but it requires you to look for Alexa compatibilities. Alternatives, such as NEXX and SimpliSafe, are a good choice if you want a garage door opener with Alexa’s support. 

Chamberlain has not yet allowed the use of Alexa. It may not happen soon, but one day they might likely come up with a solution. And allow Alexa to work with its garage door opener. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MYQ comes with a monthly fee or subscription plan?

There is no fee to use MYQ garage door opener but when you use it with Google Assistant, you have to pay a monthly fee of $10/month.

Does MYQ App is free to use?

Yes, MYQ App doesn’t charge a penny from it susers to use their App. You can control and monitor your garage door from anywhere and use its amazing features.

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