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Chamberlain MyQ is the best garage door opener that I have come through so far. In the last post, we discussed how chamberlain work with Alexa, but if you already have a Google Home, then what you should do? Can you connect your Google Home to your MyQ?

So, does chamberlain MyQ work with Google Home? You can Chamberlain MyQ with Google Assistant, but you can’t use MyQ with Google Home. The moment you connect your chamberlain MyQ garage Door Opener to Google Assistant, you can use your voice to know the status or close your garage door. 

You need to say, “OK Google, ask MyQ to open the Garage door” and Voila! Your garage door gets open.

But few more questions come to mind when you come to know that Google Home doesn’t work with Chamberlain MyQ.

So, what other garage door openers do work with Google Home?

Or Does chamberlain MyQ charges a monthly fee for getting connected to Google Home and other devices?

Go through this whole post to know everything in detail.

How can you connect Chamberlain MyQ with Google Assistant?

You can easily connect your Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener to Google Assistant by just following these two ways:

  • Using MyQ Subscription plan (Free for a limited time)
  • Using IFTTT (Free to use)

By using the above methods, you can close the garage door by using your voice.

I would recommend you to go with IFTTT method as it is free and easy to use.

However, none of these ways can open the garage door with your voice, and this is additional security provided by MyQ.

Connecting Google Assistant using MyQ subscription Plan

The MyQ subscription plan costs $10 annually, which won’t put a hole in your pocket. But, MyQ is providing a free limited plan offer now which you can get from here.

You need to go through two easy steps to connect MyQ with Google Assistant.

  • Download the Google Assistant App and connect both on them in App.
  • Go to the website and Subscribe to Google Assistant service plan.

Let’s start with the first step.

Step 1- Download the MyQ App and connect MyQ and Google Assistant

Open the Google Assistant App and click on compass icon available at the bottom of the screen.

Now search for MyQ and select the MyQ App.

Click on “Link” and then enter the MyQ credentials to allow Google Assistant to control your Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener.

Once you complete the above step 1, move to step 2 below.

Step 2- Go to the MyQ website and Subscribe to Google Assistant service plan.

This is an important step that you need to complete so that you can control our MyQ with your voice.

However, this service is free now, but you might have to pay in future as MyQ was charging $10 for this from their customers previously.

So, what you have to do to activate this service? Nothing much follow the below steps:-

  • Open the website using this link.
  • Click on Activate Subscription.
  • Login through the MyQ credentials and make the transaction.

Connecting Chamberlain MyQ to Google Assistant Using IFTTT

I prefer to use this method as it is easy to integrate and use. You need to say, “OK Google, “Close the garage door” and the work is done.

But, if you have not integrated the Google Assistant with IFTTT, then you won’t be able to ask for the status of your garage door. This is important, and therefore, you must connect Google Assistant to IFTTT.

How to Chamberlain MyQ to Google Assistant Using IFTTT?

 Connecting MyQ and Google Assistant using IFTTT goes through a simple 3 steps process.

Login to IFTTT and Creating Applet

  • Click on “Explore” and then on “Create” to start creating a new applet.

Creating a Trigger

  • Click on (+) sign and search “Google Assistant”.
  • Now, select a trigger “Say a Simple phrase”.
  • Choose the preferred statement as “Close garage” (use whatever you want).
  • Click on “Create Trigger”.

Creating If Then Than That Action

  • Click on “+” sign and search for MyQ.
  • Select the action as “Close door”.
  • Choose your door and click on Create Action.

Now, you can name your Applet and save it.

After this above steps, you don’t have to use “ask MyQ” for every command. You just need to say “OK Google, close garage” and the work gets done.

Some useful MyQ Voice commands for Google Assistant

The moment you link your Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener with Google Assistant, you can use several Voice commands to check on the status of your garage door or closing your garage door.

Some of the useful MyQ voice commands are:-

  • If you have any doubt about the status of the garage door, you can simply say “OK Google, ask myQ if the garage door is open.” 
  • For closing the garage door, you can use this command. “OK Google, ask myQ to close the garage door.”

Garage door opener that works with Google Home (Alternative to Chamberlain MyQ)

MyQ is no doubt the best garage door opener and works pretty good with all garage doors. But, there is one flaw to it as it can’t open the garage door with your voice command.

So, here comes the need for an alternative to MyQ that can even open the garage door with a voice command.

As per my research, NEXX Smart Garage Door opener is the best alternative that I have got so far.

NEXX is a wifi-enabled smart garage door opener that can be integrated with Alexa, Siri, Google Home and even SmartThings.

You can open, close and even schedule the garage door with the NEXX garage door opener. The most important thing I liked is that there is no hidden subscription charges or monthly fee.


MyQ is a great garage door opener, but you can’t add to your Google Home device. However, MyQ works well with Google Assistant, and you can use your voice command to close your garage door.

If you need a smart device that can even open your garage door with your voice command, then you must go with the NEXX garage door opener as it can be integrated with whatever Home Automation device you are having in your home.

I personally use MyQ Garage door opener with Alexa, where I can easily set up MyQ in my Alexa routines.

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