Are you thinking about buying bulbs that will create cool lighting effects in your home? The Philips Hue automatically turns on when you get into your driveway. You can also make them glow in various colors if you are holding a party. The bulbs can even be controlled with android apps.

The first generation of Philips Hue Light bulb lasts for 15000 hours while the 2nd and 3rd Generation bulb lasts for 25000 hours. Remember, this data is calculated on the average use of the Philips Hue bulb for 6 hours per day.

Life Span of Philips Hue bulbs all 3 generations:-

Philips Hue Bulb GenrationAverage YearsLifespan
1st Generation6-7 Years15000 Hours
2nd Generation11-13 Years25000 Hours
3rd Generation11-13 Years25000 Hours

If you want to buy a Philips hue lighting system but wondering how long these bulbs last, this article explains the Philips hue lifespan.

Philips markets most of its current Hue smart bulbs as having a lifespan of 25,000 hours.

The Philips hue bulb life is around 25,000 hours, but what does that mean?

Products from the Philips Hue product line should last quite a while.

While most incandescent light bulbs have a lifespan of around 1,000 to 3,000 hours, Philips hue bulbs last about 25,000 hours.

That means if you keep your bulbs on for 24 hours, they will last for about three years.

However, most people don’t light their homes 24/7, so you will not need to replace your Philips bulbs so often.

Let us assume, for example, that you have a standard hue color or white ambiance bulb. You will have your bulb on for a few hours on weekdays and more during weekends. That means that within one year, your bulbs will likely be on for about 1,000 to 16,00 hours (assuming that you will keep your bulbs on for three hours on weekdays and eight hours on each weekend day for 52 weeks a year).

If you follow such a routine, you have about fifteen years before you replace your Philips hue bulbs.

But this is not the routine for most people. Let us say, for instance, that at least one hue bulb in your home is lit for eight hours per day. Such bulbs would be on for about 3,000 hours a year.

That means they would last for more than eight years. If you keep your bulb on for 12 hours per day, the Philips hue lifespan would be about six years.

So, you should expect your Philips hue bulbs to last anywhere between six and 15 years, depending on your usage and other external factors. 

If your bulbs are not a new generation, their lifespan could be rated for 15,000 hours. Your bulbs should live for anywhere between three and thirteen years, depending on your use and external factors. 

External factors

The lifespan mentioned above does not consider any other external factors that can affect your bulb’s lifespan. These factors include:

Power Supply:

According to lighting professionals, operating hue bulbs above their recommended power requirements significantly reduces their lifespan. Philips hue bulbs need a reliable power supply that helps in maximizing life expectancy.

Ambient temperature:

The temperature of the location where you have installed your Philips hue bulbs largely influence their lifespan.

An enclosed lighting fixture can experience an increase in the ambient temperature that can affect your bulb.

Therefore, you should install your Philips hue bulbs in locations that have enough space for heat to disperse and enable proper cooling.

Drivers and Capacitors:

The drivers used in LED lights are largely affected by environmental factors like ambient temperature and heat.

However, manufacturers are using capacitors that have a higher tolerance against heat to ensure a longer lifespan.

Heat emission:

Heat sinks and chips in the hue bulbs are sensitive to high temperatures.

For example, if the temperature of an LED light goes beyond 85 degrees Celsius, the lifespan of the bulb is expected to decrease.

Apart from the above factors, consumers are strongly advised to purchase only high-quality Philips hue bulbs as the cheaper alternatives are vulnerable to early malfunctioning.


In summary, a Philips hue bulb is rated at 15,000 hours or 25,000 hours if you choose better versions.

These bulbs can work for 5 to 13 years on standard usage. Either way, they are a perfect investment as compared to standard incandescent bulbs.

They will make your illumination easily customizable, depending on your preferences.

Also, the bulbs will last longer than typical light bulbs, which will ultimately save you money. 

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