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Electrical lawnmowers have always been the first choice in the town that I stayed in. Still, since I am going to stay on a farm now, I will have to either buy a lot of extra extension cords or I need to invest in a gasoline lawnmower to keep my lawn in shape; this is making me wonder: “How much oil does a lawnmower take.

Lawnmowers come in different sizes and have various engine capacities. Electrical lawnmowers do not take any oil. Gasoline push lawnmowers take between 405ml and 605ml of oil inside their engines. Ride-on lawnmowers, in turn, take between 900ml and 2.1 liters of oil inside the engine.

Gasoline-powered lawnmowers are made worldwide by various manufacturers; the manufacturers use engines with power capacities to match the purpose of the lawnmower.

This article aims to share the research on how much different oil lawnmowers take.

The Amount Of Oil That Different Lawnmowers Take

Oil is a critical component to the safe operation of any lawnmower; without oil, the engine of a lawnmower can get damaged, or it can even seize up.

Here is more information on different models of lawnmowers and the amount of oil that they take, each lawnmower will have its own heading and section to make it easier to follow.

Honda HRX217 Push Lawnmower Range

Honda’s HRX series of push lawnmowers includes the following models: HRX217HXA, HRX217HMA, and HRX217TDA; they are equipped with Honda’s GCV190 engine. This engine holds 0.58 quarts of oil.

Honda and Briggs and Stratton are the most popular engines manufacturers use inside lawnmowers. Most of the John Deere lawnmowers run with Briggs and Stratton engines.

John Deere 125 Lawnmower

The John Deere 125 Lawnmower is a ride-on lawnmower that takes 2 quarts of oil inside its engine.

John Deere 102 Lawnmower

The John Deere 102 Lawnmower is also a ride-on lawnmower that takes 1.5 quarts of oil inside its engine.

Craftsman 550 Series Lawnmower

Craftsman is a brand available at Sears, and they take 20 ounces of oil inside their engines.

Lawnboy 6.5 Lawnmower

The Lawnboy 6.5 lawnmower has an engine size of 149cc, and it takes 20 ounces of oil in its engine.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when filling the engine of a lawnmower with oil.

When a lawnmower is overfilled or under-filled with oil, it can cause severe damage to the engine. Now that we know how much oil lawnmowers take, we have more questions.

What Oil Do Lawn Mowers Need?

The amount of oil that a lawnmower takes is essential, but the type of oil is another critical point to consider when it comes to how long a lawnmower will last; here is more information on the types of oil that a lawnmower can take:

  • SAE 10W30– this oil is a popular choice for lawnmowers that needs to work in varying temperatures. This oil helps an engine with the startup in cold weather.
  • SAE 5W30– this type of oil is designed for you to use inside the lawnmowers in very cold conditions because this type of oil helps prevent stalling.
  • Vanguard 15W50– This oil is the choice for commercial lawnmowers. Most professionals choose this oil because it is suitable for cold and hot weather.
  • Synthetic 5W30– this oil has the same properties as the SAE type, but it does not burn up very fast because it is synthetic.

You must use the correct type and quantity of oil inside a lawnmower to prolong the life of the lawnmower.

If you use the wrong kind or amount of oil, it will cause wear to the mechanical components of your lawnmower.

When Should I Change My Lawn Mower’s Oil?

A lawnmower’s oil must be changed after 50 hours of operation.

However, if your lawn mower is not being used continuously, change the oil every season once as the oil gets contaminated by fuel and deposits produced by combustion and metal friction.

How To Check Oil In Lawn Mower?

  1. Remove the dipstick cap, take out the dipstick and wipe it clean for accurate reading.
  2. Now reinstall the dipstick and twist clockwise to reinstall the dipstick cap.
  3. Again Remove the cap and check the oil level.
  4. If oil level low, add some ounces at a time to avoid overfilling.
  5. Wait for few minutes and let the oil settle down and recheck the oil if needed.

You can also go through the below video on checking lawn mower’s oil level.

Tips For Filling A Lawnmower With The Oil It Takes

Professionals suggest that lawnmowers run with the correct amount and type of oil to guarantee the best results and make the lawnmower more reliable.

Here are some expert tips to fill a lawnmower with the right amount and type of oil:

  • The experts suggest that all users should study the manufacturers’ guidelines (users manual) carefully to ensure that the lawnmower can be kept in optimum operating condition.
  • The manufacturers’ guide will advise the user on the amount and the grade of oil that they should use for the specific lawnmower.
  • Before filling a lawnmower with the correct amount of oil, the user needs to position it on a solid and level surface.
  • Ensure that the appropriate amount of the correct grade of oil is available to fill the lawnmower.
  • Remove the oil filler cap and store it in a safe place to prevent losing it or even causing it to become dirty, wipe the edge of the filler neck first to stop dust from falling into the tank.
  • Use a funnel to transfer the right amount of oil into the lawnmower; this prevents oil from spilling. It is advisable to transfer the appropriate amount of oil into a pourable container first.
  • Manufacturers suggest this to prevent the user from overfilling the lawnmower. Overfilling the lawnmower can cause damage to its engine and other working parts.

By using the correct type and amount of oil, you will prolong the usefulness of a lawnmower regardless of its type or size.

It is essential to maintain the lawnmower by servicing it regularly according to the guidelines.

The scheduled maintenance of a lawnmower includes an oil change after every 25 to 30 hours of using a lawnmower. Read the guidelines to make sure about the intervals.


Reaching the end of the article, we can conclude that a lawnmower takes between 400ml and 2.1L of oil inside their engines; manufacturers give specific guidelines for the amount and type of oil you need to use in the machines that they manufacture. When people do not follow these guidelines, it may void the warranty of the lawnmower.

In this article, we looked at some lawnmower models and the amount of oil they take; we also looked at different oil grades and some tips for filling a lawnmower with oil. These expert tips helped me not overfill and damage my new lawnmower, and I hope it helps you too.

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