There are a range of potential curtain ideas for 3 windows side by side. Several of these could work well, with final results depending on the dimensions of your room, the style and dimensions of the curtain fabric, and the type of fitting and hanging accessories used for your window treatment. 

If you’re searching for curtain ideas for 3 windows side by side then our clear and simple article is a great place to start.

Read on to find out the pros and cons and dos and don’ts to help you get the result you want…

What are the main curtain ideas for 3 side by side windows?

When you have a room with three windows side by side, there are several approaches you could take to dressing those windows.

One is simply to put aside the idea of curtains and opt for a separate blind at each window.

Best curtain ideas for 3 side by side windows are-

  • Ethereal Curtains
  • Fashionable Valances
  • Bamboo Curtains (My Best Choice)

How to hand curtains for 3 side by side windows?

curtains in side by side windows

Choosing curtains for 3 side by side windows is not an easy task.

However, if you’re reading this article, we’ll assume you’ve already decided that you would prefer to install some form of curtains. 

Here are the main curtain ideas we would consider for three windows side by side:

One large pair of curtains

The first option is to install one pair of large curtains on a single pole or rail which runs the length of all three windows.

For three narrow windows side by side, this approach could work well and might require less effort than others.

If you have very wide windows, their sheer size may add difficulties to this approach. A sufficiently long pole will require additional bracket/s for support and the positioning of these supports could limit the extent to which the curtain can be drawn.

Three pairs of curtains on a single pole

The second option would be to install three separate pairs of curtains on a single pole, with each set of curtains framing one window when fully drawn back.

Tie-backs or hold-back arms could be installed on the walls between the window frames so that the curtains could be positioned neatly to either side of each window.

This approach might be better than the first idea if your windows are very wide. The individual curtains would not need to be drawn as far along the pole and may sit more comfortably between the additional bracket/s.   

Three pairs of curtains on separate poles

A third basic option is to install separate poles or rails above each window and hang individual sets of curtains.

This reduces the chance of needing extra long poles and additional bracket supports but will create slightly more work at the first stage of installation in terms of drilling more holes for brackets and putting up each of the poles.

Visually, three separate sets of curtains may work best on wider windows than narrow ones. You might also consider the effect of using a contrasting color for the curtains of the central window.

Sheer curtain panels

If you do not need to regularly draw the curtains to shut out light (e.g. in a bedroom) and want some window coverage more for privacy and decoration, sheer curtain panels can be a good solution, especially in combination with more modern room decor.

One or more identical sheer panels could meet your needs and could be installed on one pole or three separate poles as you prefer. You could create an interesting effect by using a different color for the central panel.

What curtain ideas won’t work for 3 windows side by side?

There are some curtain ideas that would not fit well or be aesthetically pleasing in this situation.

For example, two pairs of curtains on a single rod could result in the middle window being blocked by curtains when drawn back, reducing light in the room. It could also create an odd framing for the central window and displeasing the overall impression.    

You should also consider what type of windows you have in your room and ensure you choose curtains that match their opening and closing patterns and general style.

Can I fit and hang curtains for 3 windows side by side by myself?

To hang any sort of curtains across three windows is likely to be a task requiring significant effort and preparation. Make sure that you have measured window dimensions carefully in advance of buying and installing curtains, poles, brackets, and finials.

If you are putting up very long poles or very heavy curtains, you may need someone to assist you to avoid the risk of overreaching or falling from your ladder or stepladder.

Depending on your DIY skills and the type of curtains you plan to install, you may alternatively wish to hire a professional to complete this job quickly and safely to your specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are curtains out of style?

Every type of window treatment can be given a modern spin, including curtains. From minimalist sheer panels to bold geometric prints, curtains don’t need to be old fashioned or traditional in appearance.

There are a range of curtain colors, patterns and styles available which match more modern decor and mood perfectly.

Is it OK if curtains don’t touch the floor for 3 windows side by side?

It is not necessary for curtains to touch the floor. You will want to consider the proportions of the windows, the room and any relevant fixtures in deciding what curtain length works best.

In a large room with a romantic decor, you may want the curtains to hang long and ‘puddle’ slightly on the floor. In a smaller room, a home with minimalist decor, a kitchen or bathroom, or with small children around you may want the smart curtains to finish higher and further from the floor.

In some situations you might want curtains which finish at a window sill, or hang just above a radiator under the sill.

Look on the internet for inspiration and advice. You can also online room modeling tools to mock up a virtual version of how your finished curtain effect might look with different lengths.

Can you use long curtains on 3 short windows side by side?

This will depend on the overall size and shape of the windows, the dimensions and layout of the room, and the look you’re trying to create. We recommend that you sketch out how long curtains on your short windows might look, or mock it up using an online planner before buying curtains.

A final word…

We hope we’ve given you plenty of initial curtain ideas for 3 windows side by side. There are curtains and fittings available in many colors, styles and budgets and you should be able to find something to suit your room and tastes.

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