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Why is My Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning? (Causes & Fixes)

Shark vacuum is one of the top brands for years and 7 out of 10 homes must have used Shark Vacuum for cleaning their home. 3 of my friends use Shark Vacuum including me. One thing that I am a fan of this brand is its quality and the value that it offers. However, even they are the best ones and how good their build quality is, you can still find some annoying issues like shark vacuum brush stops spinning.

The primary reasons for the shark vacuum brush not spinning are disengaged nozzle, debris on the brush, broken belt, or the roller brush switch is off. Shark vacuum brush also doesn’t spin if the vacuum is set to floor mode.

But the good news is that you can easily fix this shark vacuum brush not spinning in minutes using this guide, keep reading to easily fix the issue.

Signs That Your Shark Vacuum Brush Has Stopped Working

We have already talked about the 3 main reasons for the shark vacuum brush not spinning or stopped working. But before we get into fixing this problem, let’s understand the signs first.

  • Most of the Shark Vacuum Cleaners come with a roll indicator light. If the light is red or there is no light at all, it is clearly a sign of an issue.
  • The shark vacuum is not picking up the dirt and debris.
  • The suction is not having the usual power it had earlier for sucking dirt and debris.
  • The brush has stopped spinning or working.
  • The shark vacuum has started spitting out dirt and debris on the floor, even when not in use.

All the above 5 signs are frustrating, especially when the shark vacuum starts spitting out dirt and debris on the floor.

But what are the reasons behind these signs and what causes these problems? Let’s go through them below.

Why is My Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning?

There are 5 possible reasons for shark vacuum brush not spinning. They are-

  1. Roller brush switch is Off
  2. Disengaged Floor Nozzle
  3. Roller Belt is Broken
  4. Blockage in the Hose
  5. Accumulation of debris or dirt on the brush

Roller brush switch is Off

Shark vacuums have a roller switch or carpet mode due to which the vacuum brush spin. When you need to spin the brush, you have to toggle this button. If your shark vacuum is not switched to power or brush roll mode, your vacuum brush will not spin.

When it is set to brush roll mode, the light indicator would show free color, otherwise, it will show red. You should ensure to make your shark vacuum a bit tilted for the brush movement.

Disengaged Floor Nozzle

Most of the time, the nozzle becomes loose or is not properly attached. In a situation like this, your shark vacuum brush would not spin even if the vacuum has power.

Press down the handle to ensure the nozzle is connected properly. If the nozzle is getting tighten up, unplug the vacuum. Disconnect the nozzle and take out any remaining debris from inside and reconnect the nozzle to the vacuum properly.

Roller Belt is Broken

If you are using an old shark vacuum, then the vacuum brush might not be spinning due to a broken belt that spins the brush. The new shark vacuum models use a “tripped” reset system and don’t contain a belt.

If you find that the roller belt is broken or worn out, replace it with a new one. You can check our guide on how to change the roller belt below.

Blockage in the Hose

You can check for the blockage in the hose or dust cap if you see low suction power. Therefore, look out for the blockages in the dust cap when you open it to empty the dust and debris.

You just need to press the quick-release foot pedal to remove the hose and check for the blockages in the hose. The blockages might not stop the suction fully but if this is the reason, you would hear some changed sound from your shark vacuum.

Accumulation of debris or dirt on the brush

Accumulation of debris is a common issue that you would find in your shark vacuum brush when used for a long time. Especially hair used to stuck in the brush and makes the brush stop spinning.

So, if you find hair accumulation in your brush, use a pair of scissors to cut it out. 

How to Clean the Shark Vacuum Brush Roll?

You need to clean your shark vacuum brush so that the accumulation of debris of hair couldn’t stop the brush spinning.

Here are the steps to clean the hair accumulation on the brush.

  • Unplug your shark vacuum.
  • Unlock the 3 plastic knobs on the roll plate.
  • Take out the roller belt.
  • Now, use a scissor to cut out the hair or you can use a razor to remove the hair from the brush.
  • Clean the bar thoroughly and make sure that the suction power is working properly.

How to Replace the Shark Roller Belt (Shark Rotator NV502)?

If the roller belt is broken or worn out, you need to replace it with a new roller belt. You can get a new roller belt from here.

You need 2 tolls to replace the roller belt – Metal spudger and Philips screwdriver.

  • Press the lift away button to remove the vacuum body.
  • Use metal spudger to remove the 2 small wheels located at the bottom of the base.
  • Now, it’s the time to use the screwdriver and remove the 9 16mm screws located at the panel. 
  • Once, you remove the panel, you will see 2 13.5mm screws, unscrew them too.
  • Remove the top cover and then remove the wire attached through a small pin. You just need to squeeze and pull it.
  • Again, you will see two 11mm screws, unscrew them and pull out the transparent cove.
  • Take the brush out.
  • Remove the roller belt from the side of the roller brush and replace that with a new one.
  • Now, screw all the removed screws and install all the parts removed one by one in descending order.

You can follow the above steps if you have a traditional shark vacuum with a belt drive.


The above guide is sufficient to help you fix all the brush-related problems that you could ever face with a shark vacuum cleaner.

We all want a perfect vacuum cleaner without any issue but believe me, whatever vacuum cleaner you would choose for your home there would have one or the other issues.

Shark is one of the best vacuum cleaners and you will get a lot of innovative features to choose from.

So, if your shark vacuum brush stops spinning, don’t worry. Just a few steps we have included above are enough to fix your vacuum brush issues.

Related Questions

Where Is the Brush Bar Reset Button on My Shark Vacuum? Shark Vacuum doesn’t come with a dedicated reset button. However, You can reset it by switching off the power button and then unplugging the vacuum.

Can I Clean My Shark Vacuum Felt Filter with water? If you use a Shark vacuum having a felt filter then make are not to wash it, as it can damage the filter. Therefore, just take it out and gently take out the dirt.


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