Why is Firestick Flashing Blue?

Firestick blinking blue light

It’s kind of hard to imagine, but streaming sticks like the Amazon Firestick really didn’t exist even just 10 years ago, and even the ones that did had nowhere near the capabilities or power that today’s top options bring to the table at almost unbelievably low prices.

But, why is my firestick flashing blue? If you see your Firestick blinking blue light, it means that the Alexa voice command system has been triggered but isn’t actively listening to a command.

The Amazon Firestick is far and away one of the most popular media streaming solutions on the market right now.

It’s definitely up there in the top three as far as sales numbers are concerned, and shows absolutely no signs of losing popularity anytime soon.

Small, sleek, superpowered, and very easy to use thanks to an intelligently designed remote that makes the most of Alexa voice commands, it’s hard not to fall in love with this little stick the first time that you try it out.

Of course, like everything else man-made, Firesticks can sometimes “misbehave” and just not work the way we expect them to.

Luckily, though, Amazon accounted for these kinds of errors and issues and programmed little warning signs that something’s gone sideways with your Firestick.

Below we dig little bit deeper into the ins and outs of why Firestick flashing blue lights that you shouldn’t freak you out, what you need to do to remedy the issue, and what to do with you start to see other lights blinking at you, too.

Shall we begin?

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Why is My Firestick Remote Flashing Blue?

firestick flashing blue

Right out of the gate, if you see your Firestick remote control blinking a blue light at you (relatively rapidly, too) it means that the Alexa voice command system has been triggered but isn’t actively listening to a command.

The little microphone button at the top of new Firestick remotes gives you full control over the Alexa voice command system, and all it requires is a short button press until you see a solid blue light that lets you know that Alexa is actually listening.

Before that might go solid, though, a series of blinking blue lights will bubble out at you to let you know that the Alexa system is initializing but it isn’t quite ready for you yet.

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What Do I Need to Do to Get Rid of the Flashing Blue Light?

Well, straight out of the gate you need to figure out whether or not the flashing blue lights are coming at you because of normal activity on the remote (have you pressed the Alexa button recently) or that something abnormal is going on.

More often than not you can remedy this issue just by hitting the Alexa button again. Sometimes you have to press and hold the button until the lights go from blinking to solid, but that’s about the extent of things.

If, on the other hand, the blue light won’t stop blinking you’re going to need to try a couple of different approaches.

First, try unplugging the Firestick completely from your TV (HDMI and USB plug removed) to soft reset the system. Next, you’ll want to think about popping the batteries out of your Firestick remote for 30 seconds or so, too.

Plug the Firestick into your TV or monitor, reassemble your remote control, and then try and use your remote when the Firestick comes back to life.

If everything is good to go then you should be all set, but if you’re still having problems you might need to “reset” the Firestick.

Resetting the stick is simple and straightforward. Simply hold the middle button (the big circle button) and the play button of the remote at the same for a couple of seconds – usually just three or four – until the Firestick tells you that it’s resetting.

If after everything resets you’re still dealing with an issue it’s probably time to reach out to Amazon and see if they’ll send you out a replacement. 99 times out of 100 they will (and usually won’t charge you, either).

What About These Other Lights Blinking on My Firestick Remote?

Other linking lights you’ll want to be aware of include:

  • A blinking yellow/orange light – This means that your Firestick remote is currently in DISCOVERY MODE and is trying to pair with a Firestick
  • Blue lights that blink rapidly three times – This means that your Firestick remote has found a device to pair with from DISCOVERY MODE and is ready to be used
  • Yellow/orange lights that blink very slowly – This means that the DISCOVERY MODE was not a success
  • A glowing red light – This indicator lets you know that the batteries in your Firestick remote need to be swapped out ASAP

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