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Alexa is an excellent way of interacting hands-free with your smart devices through simple voice commands. The Alexa has a series of lights with different colors that let you know what the Alexa is doing and what process it’s working on, but it can be confusing to decode the colors when you are new to the device. 

Why is Alexa flashing blue light? The blue light will come on when you issue a voice command for your Alexa. The blue light will flash when your Alexa is processing the command and finding how it would respond or is in the process of responding to your request. 

Keep reading to learn what to do if the blue light continues to flash and how you can turn the light off. 

Why is your Alexa flashing blue light? 

Your Alexa will flash blue when processing your voice command and starting to process the proper response to the request.

It can take a few seconds for Alexa to go through this process, depending on how complex the request is and how good the connection is to a smart device it is interacting with. 

Why is your Alexa blue but not responding?

If your Alexa has its blue light signal then it should be processing your voice command, but if you aren’t getting a response, you might want to try changing the wake work or command phrase. Sometimes including punctuation into custom command phrases can interfere with Alexa’s ability to understand the voice command.

If the issue persists, then you should reset your device to factory conditions. There are steps on how to reset different devices later in this article. 

How to turn off the blue light?

If you find that the blue light continues to flash, but the voice command isn’t processing, or the light won’t turn off like it’s supposed to, then you can use the voice command “Alexa, stop.” If the voice command doesn’t work, you can unplug the device and plug it in again. As a last resort, you can reset the device if the issue persists. 

How to reset an Alexa?

When your Alexa continues to have issues processing voice commands or the lights aren’t changing or turning off when they are supposed to, then you can try resetting the device to its factory conditions. How you reset your Alexa will depend on which model you have and whether you are resetting through the device or the app.

To reset through the app:

  1. Open the “Devices” menu and click on the “Echo ; Alexa” icon near the top.
  2. Choose the device you want to reset and click on its name to open the “Device Settings.”
  3. Scroll down until you find the “Factory Reset” option and select it.
  4. A dialogue box will open, prompting you to confirm that you want to reset your device. Click on “Factory Reset” and wait for it to process.

To reset through the device:

  • First-generation Echo devices have a reset button that you can hold down with a paper clip until the ring light turns off. The reset button is on the bottom of the device. 
  • Second-generation Echo devices require you to simultaneously hold down the “Mute” and “Volume Down” buttons for about 20 seconds when the ring light turns orange.
  • Third and Fourth generation Echo devices require you to hold down the “Action” button for 25 seconds until the ring light pulses orange then turns off. 

If you have an Echo Show device that includes a screen, then reset:

  1. Go to settings either by saying “Alexa, go to settings” or swiping down the top screen and clicking Settings.
  2. Select “Device Options” and then click “Reset.”
  3. Select the option called “Factory Defaults.”

You can also reset an Echo Show device by simultaneously pressing and holding the “Mute” and “Volume Down” buttons for 15 seconds. The Amazon logo will flash on the display when the reset starts to process. 

You will need to set up any custom settings you had as the device will now be as if it were new. 

What does a constant blue light mean?

If the light on your Alexa is a constant blue or spinning blue light, then your Echo device is updating. You may not be able to use your device while it’s updating if it’s a firmware update.

A Constant blue light can also mean that your device is waiting for a voice command or a notification.

Why is the light coming on randomly?

You might find that your Alexa device is lighting up at random times, like in the middle of the night. This spontaneous response could be because you have scheduled a task without knowing it or the device has a notification that you need to clear.

You can go into the Alexa app to change your settings not to get notifications while sleeping or unscheduled tasks.

To unscheduled a task:

  1. Open the Alexa app and select Settings.
  2. Click on “Routines” and check to see if a scheduled task is set that shouldn’t be. 
  3. Change the settings for the routine, so there is no longer a scheduled task or schedule it during the day when it can’t disturb you.

To put your device on “Do Not Disturb,” all you need to do is say “Alexa, turn on do not disturb,” and you shouldn’t get any more notifications during the night. 

Final Thoughts

The Alexa is a great way to get the most out of your smart devices, but the number of lights and colors the device utilizes to communicate what it’s processing can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. If you see that your device has a flashing blue light, it just means that your device is processing a voice command and deciding how to respond to your request. 

If you find that the light continues to flash and your device isn’t correctly processing your request, then you can try unplugging the device or resetting to factory conditions.

Resetting is slightly different depending on which device you have, but it should only take 20 to 30 seconds for your device to start resetting. 

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