It is just 10 days since I purchased a video doorbell from Ring. From that very point of time, I was wondering about the company and how it became the No. 1 bestselling video doorbells in the United States. I did a lot of research and then come to know a lot of interesting facts about the company. Therefore, I decided to share it with you all.

Who owns Ring doorbell company? The Ring Doorbell is owned by Amazon now. Originally, the company was owned by Jamie Siminoff but in 2018 Amazon bought Ring doorbell. Ring doorbell supports both Alexa and Echo Dot products from Amazon and provides a safer smart home. The company has helped Amazon in expanding their business to Smart Home Security.

There would be several questions, you would be keen to whose answers like How Ring Doorbell Company started?

How it protects your home? You could have even some fear that how it can even affect our community?

So, here is the answer to all your questions. Keep reading you would get all your answers below.

Who Owns Ring Right Now?

Amazon purchased Ring in 2018 at a valuation of around 1.8 billion US dollars. This was for the first time Amazon step into home security industry and since then ring went through a lot of innovations and addition of features.

Today, it is one of the most popular home security systems in the world.

History Of Ring

ring history

In 2013, when Ring was founded by Jamie Siminoff, it was known as Doorbot. The company was crowdfunded and got around $370 million.

The same year Jamie went for a TV show Shark Tank to raise new funds for the company but sharks rejected his proposal and again Jamie has to return without any new investor.

But, he had no idea that Amazon, a company known to everybody around the world, kept an eye on his company. Later in 2018, Amazon bought Ring Doorbell for $ 1.1 Billion. This changed all the structure of the ring and now it’s the no. 1 best-selling doorbell company in the United States.

Even after selling his small company at such huge money, Jamie Siminoff didn’t just sit. He kept working and inventing some other amazing products. Some of his products like floodlights, alarms, Ring TV and ring cameras which can stick up became a hit in the home security system category.

According to Jamie, Ring was not invented to fight against criminals and protect the house. Originally, Jamie just invented Ring Doorbell to watch the delivery person at the door.

He always used to work in the garage and could not be able to listen to the doorbell. Therefore, he came up with an idea of creating a Wi-Fi compatible doorbell. This was the time when it all started.

Jamie also said in an interview that all he wanted was a safer house for his wife. The Ring Video Doorbell became a safer option for her to see who is at the door and then open it. This made her feel safe and comfortable in the house even when Jamie was not at home.

Really, this product has helped the community a lot. And now, with collaboration with products are Amazon’s Alexa and Echo Dot, it has become much safer as you can even be notified. Your home devices can be controlled by your voice and none of the intruders can sneak into your house without being seen.

Till now Ring has caught many intruders stealing packages from the door and few of them are available at YouTube too. No doubt that it is helping to build a new safer community.

Yes, starting with the Doorbot and becoming something which is most trusted for security was not an easy journey. Ring has a policy which says that if your Ring Doorbell is stolen and you report it to police then the company will send you news ring Doorbell free.

Ring has already become a part of almost every home in the United States. You get your desired comfort at your home at a low cost, even add more devices to make your home more secure. You just have to be sure that each and every entrance of your house is well secured by Ring.

How Ring Makes a safer community?

Ring by Amazon

The Ring doorbell was made by Jamie as a preventive measure to keep intruders out when his wife is alone at home. That’s why we can say that the main motto behind its creation is to make a safer community.

Ring Doorbell comes with an App, known as Ring App. Using this App you can see what is causing motion at your front door or at your back door.

Not only this but you can also see what is happening around your surroundings.

For this, you just have to log in to “Neighbours” Tab where you can see, what’s happening in your community and the possible threat that it can cause to you.

According to LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), after the introduction of Ring doorbells, there has been a reduction in the crimes in those community where people use Ring Doorbell or any of their home security products. The ring video doorbell has help local law enforcement agencies in controlling crimes a lot.

Many picking up from doorsteps have been caught and ring doorbell has even recorded the time and date when it had happened.

This has literally changed the overall security needed for a home. You can get a lot of videos on YouTube in which people identified those who were picking up items from their door.

The best thing is that you can even look after your neighbor house who have gone out for a holiday outside the town. You can even keep an eye on their house from home or office. There is no way that anyone can stop your house from being watched.

Moreover, you can also help out your community and provide video evidence to police if some intruder tries to break into your house or your neighbor’s house. A piece of video evidence can help identify the culprit.

And if you a mother like me or even a father, you can make sure that your children are safe. Did they come to the home on time or not?

Even if they coming with their friends you can be able to identify their friends. In this crazy world, it is the best thing that gives a parent peace of mind.

Even your children are alone at home and someone comes to the door, they can give a message to them without opening the door. In the case of any emergency, you can even ring an alarm for help.

What are the benefits of Using Ring Doorbell?

The simple and the best benefit of using Ring Doorbell is to keep your family and house protected. You can even protect your surrounding and see the happenings around and this is the main reason why Jamie created this doorbell.

If you use Alexa, then it becomes more easy to monitor. If someone is at your door Alexa can give you notification alert for the doorbell. The device has been designed so that not only your remains safe but your loved ones can also be safe.

Another benefit of using Ring Doorbell is that even if you are not at home you can have a record of it by just using the Ring App or its website.

It gives a strong feeling of security so that you lead a secure and comfortable life without fearing of any unfortunate events.

You can check the latest price of Ring Video Doorbell on Amazon from here. Let’s make your Home Safer for you and your family today.

Related Questions

Did Shark Tank invest in Ring? 

No, none of the sharks invested in Ring. However, Kevin O’Leary offered to invest but the amount offered to Jamie was not what is wanted.

Is Ring Doobell Owned by Google?

Google did not buy Ring Doorbell. The Ring Doorbell is owned by Amazon. However, Google has another doorbell company named as Nest and is the biggest competitor of Ring.

Does Ring Doorbell Record? 

Yes, a Ring Doorbell can record any motion that happens up to 30 feet from the device. All the motion triggers and doorbell actions are automatically recorded and kept in the Ring account for 60 days.

Does Ring Doorbell have a monthly fee? 

There are two types of services offered by Ring. One is a basic service which comes with a fee of $3 per month or $30 per year. Another one is Protect Service which would cost you $10 per month or $100 per year with unlimited Ring devices.

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