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What is the best way to secure your home?

The moment home security comes to our mind, we think about a lot of gadgets like video doorbells, alarm systems, flood lights, cameras, motion sensors and some home defence weapons too. But still, the question remains the same. So,What is the best way to secure our home?

It is said that “Prevention is better than cure”.

This saying is not only true for our health or our relationships but the case is same with our home security. It is always better to keep everything normal than trying to fix them after they are broken apart.

Some think that they have learnt fighting skills and therefore they are safe, some think they have weapons like guns which can keep them safe. But, I think it’s better to keep intruders out, rather than going for fights or using weapons.

Recently, I read a news where the owner was murdered by his own gun. He was just trying to keep burglars away and in between shot by his own gun. If you are able to fight intruders, it’s good but it is far better to keep them away from your home.

Don’t let intruders In

Fighting the intruders should always be the last option left for you. It should not be in your plan to fight them off. When your life or any of your family member’s life is in danger then you must fight them off.

But, it is always better to lose some of your hard earned money than to lose your life.So, how would you defend your home?

The father of time management, Benjamin Franklin has said “Failing to plan is planning to fail’.

It means that you have a plan for your home security in advance so that you don’t have to do something when the time comes. But, your plan preparation depends upon a lot of other factors.

What surroundings you live in? Do you live in apartment or your own house? Are you in rented house? Do you live in farm land? How well your area has lighting?

All of these are the factors which can help you plan yourself on what things you might need for your home security.

Whatever precautions you take but you must think that “how you can prevent intruders from getting inside your house”.

Secure the Doors

Most of the burglars enter your home through front door. Making your front door strong enough to keep intruders out will send a message that your house is not a piece of cake which they can break into.

You can go through this article to get some tips on how to secure your front door. However, if you have sliding door then you can go through here to make that impenetrable.

Apart from making your front door stronger, you also need some of the gadgets like motion sensor light which would make your door riskier for intruders to try in.

I use this battery powered motion sensor light which powers on if someone comes near my front door. This one is easy to install and has brighter light.

More brighter the light would be, riskier your house would be to intruders.

The next thing that you can do is install a security camera at your front door. Install the camera at a height of at least 9 feet so that it can’t be reached easily.

Use a camera with a wide view angle that would make impossible for an intruder to reach at your front door without being caught up in the camera.

Check my favorite cameras that I use at my house here.

Installing a home security system and putting a yard sign board would let intruders know that your house is not a house to try break in.

You can also use one of the DIY systems that I have explained here.

However, subscription based security systems offer a ton of benefits but they are highly expensive as compared to DIY security systems.

Whenever someone try to enter your house, the alarm will go off and it will deter intruders.

But, it always takes time for policemen to come down to you, these systems help a lot but not as much as they make you believe. But if you put a yard sign, they would probably won’t even try.

Just make your doors secure and you would probably deter most of the intruders.

Secure Windows

With passing time, intruders are also being smart and started using windows to get into the house rather than using the front door. So, how would you stop them now?

The very first thing that we should do is to close them, either they are on ground floor or upstairs, they are always an easy break in point. Roofs also serves as an easy break in place.

You might think that your roof is hard to get onto but they are easier than you think. If you have a wood pile or a trash can nearby your house, then access to the first floor roof becomes a piece of cake for intruders.

Therefore, always keep your windows locked.

Now, most of the new home owners have started using double paned windows that are made of strong glass and even sounds stronger when they are broken.

But if you are concerned that intruders can get into the house by breaking the windows then you should try using security films.

This is a nice DIY to keep intruders away from your house. Once they try to break in and comes to know that they can’t, they won’t even try again.

I have seen apartments using iron bars on the first floor to make it secure. It really feels like prison, however sometimes they are very helpful.

Adding security films to those windows and doors will serve the same purpose and your house wouldn’t look like prison to anyone.

Secure your Garage

Garages have become an easy entry point for most of the intruders. Most of the garages have an entry point to the house and we really don’t ever put a deadlock on them.

We leave this door open many a times and even if we lock, it can be easily kicked in.

So, it is very important that we make our garage door hard to get in for any intruder.

Breaking into a garage is also very easy, the intruders have found out a way to do it with a cloth wire hanger. The hold down the garage door opener string with the hanger hook and pull it down.

Once the string is pulled the garage door opens. Check out the video below and decide whether you live in a secured house or not.

I never thought about this until I saw this video. I thought that it is impossible for an intruder to lift open my garage door and I was relaxed.

But, an incident happened in my neighbourhood where the burglars break into the house via opening the garage door.

I researched on how my garage door can be opened and the result was shocking to me as it only required a cloth hanger and my garage could have been opened in seconds.

So I tried to fix it and literally it takes some simple ways.

I use zip tie to secure the tab that is pulled in the video. The tab has a small hole from which I run the Zip tie and attach it to the bracket.

This makes it impossible for an intruder to get to the tab and pull it down on the other hand it is quite easy for me to detach it when I want.

Keeping Intruders Out is the Best way to Be Secured

The best method to keep you and your family safe is to keep intruders out. If they are able to get in, then none of you are safe.

If you make your entrances enough hard to get through or kicked in, there are minimal chances that you could even have to fight with the intruders.

If you let feel intruders that your house is too risky to get in and there are no chances that they can break in, then they would pass definitely.

So, take out some time and plan for it. Don’t make it too complex, simpler is always better.

Do what you think is best for your house so that when the day comes and intruders try to break into your house, you would be happy that you already took the security measures before.


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