If you live in a home without a doorbell or one that’s broken, things can get very infuriating when it comes to receiving packages or getting important mail. 

Ring Chime Pro can expand your Wi-Fi signal. It allows you to hear real-time notifications for both motion alerts and doorbell rings.

Sometimes people don’t knock loud enough and sometimes, delivery services won’t even bother knocking.

The best way to combat these annoyances is by investing in a Wi-Fi doorbell.  But, is it worth it? 

Ring, a company that offers products like chimes and cameras, has a newer release aimed at making their line of home security products work even better. 

If you have experience with Ring and their products, then you will know the improvements and advancements put into Ring Chime Pro are nothing to scoff at.  It’s louder, stronger and more reliable than previous models.

What is Ring Chime Pro?

Ring Chime Pro is a companion device with a sleek design that’s engineered to work with all their products. 

It can expand your Wi-Fi signal to these devices while allowing you to hear real-time notifications anywhere in your house. 

It incorporates reliability, convenience, and flexibility with a cozy little LED nightlight.

What Does Ring Chime Pro Look Like?

The device itself is unobtrusive with asthetics resembling home-like elements.  It’s only an inch thick, so it will fit just about anywhere. 

It plugs into all standard outlets, yet it’s small enough so that it doesn’t overtake the entire fixture.  So long as you put it in the top part of a double-wall outlet, you can use the bottom for anything else.

The gray mesh stripe on the front of the device is soft and adorns the sleek, white plastic casing. 

There is a blue circular light that sits atop the device’s right corner.  The bottom LED strip is where the nightlight is.  It has the capacity to cast light over a wide area, offering an extra layer of security.

What are the Benefits of Ring Chime Pro?

The Wi-Fi is stronger than previous models and features louder alerts complete with motion detection for security cameras. 

It can amplify all your Ring devices while proving extra coverage around your home. 

It keeps all your devices online and reduces the possibility of dead zones.

Using several Chime Pro devices means you can always hear what’s happening outside and will amp up your network to all Ring devices. 

This means no matter where you are in your home you’ll never miss a thing, even if your phone is out of reach.

Is it difficult to Setup Ring Chime Pro?

Setting it up is quick and easy.  Plug it into any wall outlet and download the app onto your iOs or Android smart phone or tablet. 

Wait for the settings interface to appear, follow the prompts, and in less than 30 minutes, you’ll be able to hear your doorbell with crystal clear quality.

Ring’s wireless chimes allow for the setup of as many devices and gadgets as needed. 

You will get a notification for every occurrence the system picks up from every device placed around the premises. 

But, even without your smart device, you’ll be able to hear the doorbell anywhere in your house.  

What bell sounds does Ring Chime Pro have?

You can choose from a wide array of ell sounds.  Stick to the classic doorbell sound or select one of the more modern chimes for a high-tech experience. 

The alerts are very loud and sound off whenever a doorbell or camera senses any motion. (Here’s how you can adjust volume on Ring Chime Pro?)

It’s twice as loud as and less compressed than previous versions of Ring’s Chime. 

The mesh covering allows for this buffer.  The fact that it features more holes means you’ll hear the bell better and it will project optimal sound.

What if the Chime goes Offline?

Ring’s Chime Pro will not go offline on a whim. 

The engineering and connectivity prevent it from doing this because it extends the signal from your Wi-Fi router to all Ring-made devices. 

It creates a secure network that’s not likely to fail at random.

Go through our post “Troubleshooting Ring Chime” to solve the problem, if the chime goes offline.

Reliability, Flexibility, Security

The Ring Chime Pro offers not only a way to add a reliable doorbell to your home but also a sound security system you can depend on. 

Always at your fingertips, Ring’s technology will make your life easier so you can focus on more important things. 

The Ring Chime Pro can improve the Wi-Fi going to your doorbells and cameras that pack a loud punch complete with all the benefits of a nightlight. 

The signal boost will be solid, secure, private and dependable. 

It will also give needed assistance to loved ones who have difficulty seeing at night and to children who are afraid of the dark. 

And you can’t put a price on peace of mind when you know your family will be safe and comfortable.

Do you need a Ring Chime Pro?

Ring Chime pro is a wonderful device and extends your WiFi signal. At the same time, the chime keeps you posted for all the doorbell presses and notifications. However, it is not mandatory to install it with the Ring Doorbells.

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