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What can you do with Home Automation?

Home automation has entirely changed our lives. It gives us easy access to control any home device just with a simple touch on the screen. And this automation is what makes our homes smart.

What can you do with Home Automation? You can do a lot of wonderful things with Home Automation – control your home lights, temperature and play music from any room. The advanced security offered by it includes alarm sets, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, motion sensor system etc.

To give you clear insight, here are five great things that home automation can do-


Mood lights are one of the best innovation in the era of automation. These magical lights can be adjusted according to your mood, setting or the ambience level.

They can lighten you up on a sad day, rock the party atmosphere and at times, even help you sleep better. You can switch the shades according to your requirement.

Flash a light blue hue on a bright sunny afternoon or dim down the lights on a harsh rainy evening. These lights work on your mood and emotion.

While going to bed, choose a color that might help you sleep better and wake up with the morning freshness.


Another brilliant automation to make your life super easy. The brilliant control is a smart wall device that uses Wi-fi to control other home devices.

It has a 5-inch touch screen that helps you to manage your house light, allows you to play music, set temperature, and even works as an intercom doorbell.

It comes with an inbuilt Alexa voice controller to coordinate and also supports in-home video chats. It’s a bit pricey but totally worth the investment.


A device that has completely revolutionized the automation zone. Alexa, a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, is capable of voice interaction, setting alarms, making a to-do list, playing audiobooks, providing accurate information about the weather, sports, traffic and much more.

Alexa has become a centerpiece for many smart homes. It can also help you find different recipes, narrate a kindle book, order food, track your amazon packages, pay bills, etc.

This smart speaker can also manage your home lights and can shut the doors when asked. Amazon keeps on adding new features to Alexa almost every day. It is compatible and very user-friendly.

Alexa for your home


No more complex music systems or hefty wire work to enjoy your favorite track at home. With multi-room audio, you can centralize all your favorite music and listen to it from any part of your house.

This automated system enables you to add one or more wireless speakers or devices at your home. You can then control it using a smartphone app, tablet or computer.

You can also play different music in each room, controlling it via smartphone.


Smart homes come with a smart security backup. Keep your homes safe with automated motion sensors that trigger an alarm every time it suspects an unexpected moment.

This smart device tracks down all the random movements happening around your home and quickly notify the user if it senses something suspicious.

They immediately double-check the house doors and switch on the house lights to confuse the trespasser. You can monitor it from your phone even when you are away from it.

Learn more ways to secure your front door from our this blog.

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Related Questions

What are the benefits of home automation?

Home automation has completely changed our way of living. With the latest devices and technologies, everything can be managed and controlled with a simple click. With home automation, you have the benefit of managing and controlling all your house devices from one place, advanced high security, flexibility for new tools and appliances, the ease of controlling lights and music from one place, increased energy efficiency, etc.

Today, even kitchens are automated. With the growing technology, automation has entirely changed our lifestyle.

What exactly is Google home?

Google home is a smart speaker device developed by Google. This device enables the user to voice command in order to interact with Google services through google assistant. The smart device can help you with a variety of tasks such as smart control all over the house; you can watch or listen to audio-visual media whenever and wherever you want, control home speakers and TV sets, play music from your phone to google home, play Youtube videos on TV, multi-room audio, listen to radio and audiobooks, get a local guide, plan your day, get a real-time update on weather and traffic, set the alarm, etc. It’s an all-rounder for your everyday tasks.

How does automation work with Alexa?

Alexa, the smart home speaker, works with voice control. Alexa gives you voice control over almost every device or product in your house. You can integrate any device with Alexa and then operate it with your voice. You can ask Alexa to turn on/ off the lights,  change the TV channel, set the room temperature, home intercom, play music, set a timer or reminder, get an update on the weather, traffic, sports, etc.

Is home automation safe?

How to do home automation and whether it’s safe is a common concern.

Home automation makes your home smarter, cooler, and efficient. Home automation allows you to control your entire household with a single remote.

It is always advisable to create multiple networks if you have a lot of smart devices in your house. The single network makes it difficult to control the entire system and may affect the working efficiency. Home automation has made our homes smarter and safer.

They are entirely safe to use as you have control over the whole system. Home automation devices work only through your commands. In fact, with the variety of home security, our homes are now more efficient and functional.

Why is home automation needed?

First things first, home automation makes your life a lot easier and safer. It makes your everyday tasks convenient plus increase your home security.

Home automation allows you to control your entire household even when you are away from it. You can change the lights, play music, operate household appliances, etc. everything just with a simple touch.

Is your home a smart home with automation? What all smart devices do you have?


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