Home security Systems that work with Google Home?

Home security that works with Google Home

From music streaming through Google Play Music to controlling household devices, Google Home is designed to make home system operation and management more efficient.

The users of Google’s virtual assistant are glad that they can now control their homes’ smart security systems using the power of their voice through the Google’s smart assistant.

So, what are the home security systems that work with Google Home? Following extensive research, we’ve come up with the list of the most common and best home security systems that work with Google Home. Without much ado, let’s have a look at the list.

  • ADT
  • SimpliSafe
  • Nest
  • Frontpoint
  • Abode Iota
  • Vivint

The level of Google home security automation is revolutionary and arguably priceless for some people. But wait…! You might be disappointed upon hearing this, but it’s crucial that you know- not every home security system will work with Google Home.

Perhaps now you’d like to know if your existing home security system or the one you intend to install is compatible with Google Home security alarm, among other Home’s features. Well, we got you covered here.


With more than 140 years of experience in home security, ADT is truly a legend and among the most highly experienced companies in the industry. The series of prominent awards and accolades that the company has scoped serve as a proof of the company’s outstanding innovation and significant contribution to the industry and customer focus. Although their monitoring plans are a bit pricier as compared to some of the other home security systems, they provide enough value for your money.

What makes ADT different from others?

ADT comes with incredible incentives, for instance, a theft protection amounting to $500 if your things are stolen when your security system is armed. Another massive plus for ADT Pulse is its highly responsive customer service which is available 24/7.

Besides, ADT is designed to connect and control a wide range of smart home security components such as smart thermostats, smart locks, smart garage doors, switches lights, video doorbell cameras and plugs.

For even more efficiency and convenience, you can control any of the connected devices from your ADT mobile app-enabled device such as smartphone, laptop or tablet. The app enables you to connect to your home security system remotely to monitor and operate the security devices connected to the system.

 Better still, ADT Pulse is compatible with Google Home, the integration enables you to make different changes in your ADT security system using voice commands. Whether you want to turn your lights off/on, arm or disarm your home security or activate or deactivate your system’s thermostat, the compatibility of the two systems makes various aspects of your home security management pretty easy.

The application of ADT is not limited to home security only; it is also used in the automation of homes, disaster prevention and in the medical field.

 Why should you get ADT?

You don’t have to pay anything for professional installation.

There are high chances that the system will work well in your home because there are lots of monitoring centers spread across the country for maximum coverage.

You stand to enjoy various incentives such as theft protection amounting to $500, same-day installation and ultra-fast customer service round the clock.

You can also use it for medical response or home automation.


  • No trial period
  • A long contract period of three years, which if you cancel beyond six months of using the system, the cancellation will attract a penalty
  • The monitoring plans are a bit more expensive than of some of the other home security systems.


Simplisafe  Home security working with Google Home

Simplisafe is a flexible and popular security system that has covered more than two million people in America alone. Resembling a ceramic vase, SimpliSafe comes in nine different systems, each with a distinct set of devices. However, there are some devices that cut across these systems, and they include a wireless keypad, and a base system. Additionally, a system could contain sensors, security camera, panic button, siren, fobs and/or a yard sign.

What makes SimpliSafe different from others?

  • You don’t have to subscribe to their monitoring plan. You can choose to get the hardware only and do the monitoring on your own.
  • The monitoring plans are very affordable, the most expensive being priced at around $500.
  • You can choose monthly contracts.

You can cancel your contract with them at any time.

Contract cancellation doesn’t attract any penalty at all.

Why you should consider SimpliSafe?

It comes with reasonably priced packages. So, it could be a great option if you are on a low budget.

The C.O.P.S. Monitoring, armed with the finest monitoring technologies, offers the emergency monitoring of the system of SimpliSafe.

In case someone breaks into your house where SimpliSafe is installed, the base station signals the monitoring center of the system and alerts the police for intervention.

Upon receiving the alert, the monitoring center rings out the system’s 95-decibel siren.

On the other hand, the wireless keypad beeps upon the ringing of the alarm to disturb the intruders.

You should keep the base station in a hidden place so that even if the intruders destroy the keypad, you’ll still have a high chance of getting the help you need to address the security issue.

This is because the base signal will have notified the police.

Google Home compatibility: Perhaps you are wondering, “Does SimpliSafe work with G H?” The answer is yes- SimpliSafe is compatible with Google Home for ease of use and reliability.

Upon the integration of Google Assistant in the home security system, SimpliSafe users are able to control the operation of their home security systems using any device that can access Google security system, including Google Home.

Upon linking your SimpliSafe account to a Google account and subscribing to SimpliSafe professional monitoring plan, you can arm, or check the status of your home security system using voice commands.

You’ll be able to do all that remotely and at any time through your SimpliSafe app-enabled smartphone.


  • At the moment, you can’t disarm your SimpliSafe security system using Google Home’s voice command feature.


Security work with Google Home

Nest is one of the best Home security system that works with Google Home as well as Amazon’s Alexa.

What makes Nest different from others?

Nest comes with a lot of different features and equipment. The sensors are really good and has a lot of featured programs that you won’t find in other systems.

For example- Smoke detector can detect any smoke and warn you, these detectors checks itself once every month to see its working properly.

Another feature that I like is Thermostat that used to remember the temperature changes that happens all over the week. My Nest Thermostat knows me well and maintains the temperature that I need in my house, I don’t have to set it again an again.

The Energy history shows me how long I used my ac’s and TV and how much energy I used.

Nest security system work in correlation with all their different equipment and learn our behavior easily and very quickly.

Why You should buy Nest for your home?

I had a lot of different home security devices and I needed a security system that can connect with almost everyone.

I researched a bit and found Nest, it works with many different home security systems such as Google Home, Chromecast, Smart Lock Pro, Amazon Echo, and Sleep Number’s SleepIQ app!

You don’t have to sign a contract with Nest for its services and the monthly subscription ranges from $20 to $30.


High Cost— The upfront cost for Nest is quite high, $400. However, you get a lot of new and latest features that you won’t find in other brands kit.

Subscription Plans— You need video surveillance! You will have to get the subscription plan. You need cloud video recording! Again you need another subscription. The standard plan of Nest is affordable but when you need other subscriptions, your monthly cost goes up.


Frontpoint prides its stellar customer service as well as innovative products such as Frontpoint Security System.

Out of the box, Frontpoint Security System comes with an array of hardware which may include a hub, a sensor (widow/door), a security camera, a smart lock, a video door bell, a keypad as well as a keychain remote.

However, the components in a system depends on its respective package. Some packages have more elements than others.

Frontpoint Security System is a simple, smart and safe security system that takes care of the well-being of your pocket, thanks to its affordable pricing. For timely and remote monitoring, Frontpoint comes with a corresponding app that has a very user-friendly interface.

The system’s security camera gives you a near-real surveillance of your home regardless of your location and time, thanks to 1080p HD video display.

Use the control panels featuring Smash and Crash protection to connect the sensors, indoor detectors panic buttons and security cameras, among other devices to your Frontpoint security system safely and hassle-free.

The panels will alert an emergency dispatches as soon as they detect tampering of any of the connected devices.

What makes Frontpoint different from others?

  • You have a wide range of packages to choose from depending on your needs.
  • The security packages are reasonably priced.
  • Stellar customer service.
  • Tamper-proof security control panels.

Why you should consider Front Point?

  • It is quite affordable. So even if you have a tight budget, you might afford to get it.
  • It comes with a corresponding app with a very user-friendly interface to help you monitor your home easily wherever you are and at any time. 
  • The system has a 1080p HD video surveillance which provides clear images even at night.
  • 24/7 professional monitoring services.

Additionally, Frontpoint offers 24/7 professional monitoring services to provide you with the help with timely help whenever your system senses an issue.

For further efficiency and ease of monitoring your home and managing your security system, Frontpoint is compatible with Google Home and has voice-activated commands.

As such, you can use voice commands by speaking out your disarming PIN loudly to disarm your Frontpoint system.


  • Long contracts ranging from one to three years.
  • If you want their cheapest equipment, you must be a homeowner and your credit score should be 600 at minimum.

Abode Iota

security with Google Home

Over the years, Abode has enjoyed a great reputation, thanks to its innovative and high-quality home security components.

Among their latest launches is Abode Iota, a simple DIY smart home hub with nearly everything you need to closely monitor your home even when you are away.

Iota, an upgrade of its predecessor, Abode Starter Kit, is loaded with smart home protocols including an inbuilt high-definition 1080p camera, Wi-Fi, a motion sensor, a two-way voice, Abode’s SecureRF radio and a siren with 93-decibel sound level.

As such, the network gateway can control a wide range of third-party home security devices. In fact, you can connect up to 160 devices, including Google Home, to this smart home hub.

Whether you’d like Abode to monitor your security system when you are away or opt to do it in on your own, Iota gives you the flexibility of making the desired choice according to your needs and preference.

Nonetheless, you have to part with a few bucks for professional monitoring. Better still, you can set up for geofencing, an operation that this system performs seamlessly.

Once you set the necessary parameters and activate the feature, Iota will switch to Away Mode every time you move beyond a certain radius from its location. Conversely, the system will disarm whenever it senses you coming back home.

When it comes to the initial set up and installation of Iota, the processes are easy-peasy. Just link it to your router using an Ethernet cable and then place it at any point within your home Wi-Fi coverage, and it will be ready for device connections almost immediately.

When you connect Google Home to Abode Iota, you can use a wide range of voice commands, including Iota’s operation mode transition, door locking/unlocking, light control and power switching to operate and manage your home security system.

What makes Abode Iota different from the rest?

  • You are at liberty to choose between self-monitoring and professionally monitoring, depending on your budget.
  • It can connect to almost any smart home device.
  • It has a sharp 1080p camera with a 157-degree field of view.

Why should you consider getting Abode Iota?

  • Very easy setup and installation process. So, you are less likely to need a techie.
  • The 1080p camera will help you have a clear view of your home even at night.
  • You can connect nearly all your home smart security devices to the hub.


  • Some of the components of Iota can be very pricey.
  • Abode Iota is just a hub- it doesn’t come with much components, but you can add more to customize your home security system.

Vivint Smart Home Security

Vivint Home security

The compatibility of Vivint Smart Home Security with Google Home dates back in 2018. With Google Home integrated into your Vivint Smart Home system, you’ll be able to operate and manage your home devices easily.

You’ll be getting answers to your smart home inquiries faster than ever before.

What makes Vivint different from the rest?

Great reputation of the company: Having won numerous prestigious awards like The Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer and EH Product of the Year Winner, both in 2016, Vivint company is truly a game-changer in the home security sector.

The high quality of their work is evident on Vivint Smart Home Security, among their other products. That explains why they have a large customer base of about 1.3M users in the U.S and Canada.

In-house-made components: Unlike some of the other home security companies that outsource some of the devices they use in their systems, Vivint designs its entire equipment. No wonder their systems are great.

Full-range of security components: From outdoor and indoor cameras, door sensors, motion sensors and water sensors, among others, Vivint Smart Home Security has all the essential equipment you need to keep your home safe from burglars, floods and fires, among other security threats.

Besides coming with meticulously designed components, Vivint Smart Home Security is easy to install, change and adapt to.

Why should you consider Vivint?

  • Being a product of a reputable company, you are assured of high-quality value from the home system.
  • You can use it with various smart security devices including Amazon Echo and Google Home.


  • The system must be installed by a professional for it to work as expected.
  • Should you cancel your contract with them before its maturity and you haven’t been declared bankrupt, you’ll be required to pay the whole of the remaining amount of money.
  • Another downside of this home security system is monitoring plan pricing, which is higher than of the majority of security companies.

 In case you want to install a home security system that can work with Google Home, consider the options listed here.

However, you should establish the value you expect from the compatibility and ascertain if you’ll get it from the security system you intend to choose before you decide.

How to connect Google Home with other security system?

Connecting Google Home with your Security System is very easy. Here is the step by step process to connect your Google Home with your security system.

  • Open the Google Home App on your Smartphone.
  • Now, you will find the “Add +” button on the top of the left hand side of the screen. Click on Add+.
  • Click on “Set Up Device” and go to “have something already set up”.
  • Search for your device and select the location.
  • Now click on the “Next” button.
  • Now sign in through the system credentials.
  • Once signed in, select the devices and the rooms you want to control through your Google Home.

Now that you know the home security systems compatible with Google Home. Check out the list of Best Home Security Systems 2020 that can secure your house.

Related Questions

Can Google Home Work with any home security system? No, all home security systems are not compatible with Google Home. However, all the systems mentioned in this article work well with Google Home Security.

Am I supposed to use Google Home App with my Android smartphone or an iOS device? You can download and use Google Home app on both your android smartphone and iOS device.

Does Google Home work the same on all compatible devices? No, the functionality of Google’s series of smart speakers varies from one home security system to another. In some cases, it can disarm or arm a system while others only allow the arming or disarming, depending on the system to which it is integrated. It can even do more with some systems.

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