Titan Portable Solar Powered Generator Review: Best Generator I’ve Ever Got!

Are you searching for a generator that you can take camping or use in your RV? Perhaps you live in a rural location and suffer from regular power outages? If so, you may be considering getting a Titan solar-powered generator.

There are many advantages of investing in a solar-powered generator, rather than choosing a gas-powered generator. Titan Solar-powered generators are very powerful and effective and are also more environmentally friendly. 

Some people think that solar generators aren’t powerful enough to supply a large amount of energy, but this is no longer the case. The solar power industry has been a considerable improvement in its technologies in recent years. This has led to an increase in consumer interest in solar-powered products. Nowadays, there are several different brands of solar-powered generators on the market. 

This article will review the Titan solar-powered generator and will also compare it to other similar generators to help you decide which product is right for your needs. 

Titan Solar Generator – Everything you need to know

The Titan solar generator is fantastic as it can be used in several situations. It would be great to have as a backup in case of a power outage, especially if you’re running a business such as a cafe, office, hotel, or campsite. Having a generator will allow your business to carry on without any interruptions or loss of earnings. 

The Titan solar-powered generator is also a great product if you have an RV or camper van and want to be able to generate your own power as you travel.

If you’re searching for a large solar generator that’s powerful, you won’t go wrong with the Titan solar generator. It’s very versatile and can be relied upon to provide power. It’s also straightforward to set up and use.

Features of the Titan Solar Power Generator

The Titan solar generator comes complete with a rechargeable 2000W lithium battery, which is incorporated into the generator’s framework. The battery is long-lasting and has a lifespan of between ten and twenty years. This generator also has a 3000-Watt pure sine wave inverter. It is straightforward to use and control as it has a dual MPPT charge controller.

As well as being chargeable by solar power, this generator can also be charged using your car by attaching the SAE port to your vehicle’s cigarette charger.

It also comes with an additional MC4 to SAE port, which allows you to recharge the generator with a solar panel and an MC4 to Anderson adapter. It takes about four hours to charge the generator’s battery fully.

It also has a removable and expandable battery which allows you to increase the battery efficacy. You can do this by adding more batteries, up to a total of six. You’ll also be able to remove some of the cells to save fully charged batteries for future use.

The Titan solar-powered generator has a dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge control, which means that you’ll be able to produce up to 2000 Watts of power at any given time. This feature allows the Titans solar generator to stand out from its competitors as it’s far more powerful.

Many similar products on the market are only able to produce an output of 500 watts. The titan can also surge up to 6000 watts. It’s a very durable machine that has been well designed and is built to last. It can also withstand all types of weather conditions and isn’t affected by the sun’s UV rays or by harsh weather.

The Point Zero Titan Solar Generator has six power outlets and 6 USB outlets, which will allow you to provide power for several appliances at once while also charging your devices.

Here are some facts which show you just how powerful Titan portable Solar generator really is! You’ll be able to power a 50” LCD TV, which uses 65 watts of power for approximately 30 hours. If you’re using a laptop that needs between 25 and 40 watts, it can be powered for 66 hours. This generator can also power the average refrigerator for 36 hours, a smartphone for a staggering 330 hours, and a tablet for over 66+ hours. 

The Titan solar generator also has a solar panel that’s cool to the touch, unlike some similar products that can become very hot due to the sun’s energy. It also comes with a two-year money-back guarantee. If your generator has any issues or if it malfunctions, you’ll be able to ask for a refund or a new generator on the market only provides a one-year warranty. 

Related Portable Solar Generators

There are many similar solar-powered generators available on the market, including the Yeti 3000 and the Inergy Apex. This product all has similar features but is also unique. It’s important to carefully compare these products before making a decision about which generator is right for you. 

Titan Solar Generator Vs. YETI 3000

When compared to the Yeti 3000, the Titan Solar powered Generator is more powerful as it can produce 3000-watts and can surge up to 6000 watts. The Yeto 3000 can produce 1500 Watts of power and can surge up to 3000 Watts. The Yeti generator has the added benefit of being able to be controlled by a Wi-Fi mobile app. It also has a lithium rechargeable battery.

The Titan solar powered generator can expand its battery capacity by adding battery packs, which will increase its power capacity. The Yeti 3000 solar powered generator has good quality batteries that also have a high capacity. If you want to extend its battery capabilities, you’ll need to purchase a Yeti Tank Expansion Battery pack, which are external lead-acid batteries.

The Titan solar-powered generator has rechargeable batteries that are durable and long-lasting. They have a lifespan of between ten and twenty years. 

There are three different ways to charge the batteries of both the Titan and the Yeti 3000 solar generators. They can both be recharged from the sun with the solar panels, or using the AC outlet or from a car with the external charger cable.

The Titan solar powered generator is more effective than the yeti when being charged by the sun, it can handle up to 2000 Watts from solar panels at a time. This is four times higher than the Yeti 3000. 

The  Yeti 3000 solar powered generator has the added advantage of being portable. It comes with a cart that allows it to be moved easily on hard surfaces. If you’re trying to move the cart on any uneven or softer surface, it’s a lot harder, and it may get stuck. This seems to defeat the purpose of creating a portable generator. 

The Titan solar generator, on the other hand, definitely isn’t portable. It’s quite large as it’s been designed with power in mind and can provide enough energy for a whole household. This makes it very heavy, and you won’t be able to move it easily. 

Both the Yeti 3000 and the Titan are quite expensive. They are similar prices, but the Titan is generally sold for slightly less.

Titan Solar Generator Vs. Inergy Apex

Unlike the Titan generator, which has been designed to be situated in one place, the Inergy Apex is very portable and lightweight. This allows you to use the generator for a selection of different situations, including camping or for if there’s a power outage in your home.

The Inergy Apex has a smaller Lithium-ion battery than the Titan, and as a result, it’s able to create less power. You won’t be able to power too many appliances at the same time with the Inergy Apex as you can with the Titan generator that can be used as the main source of electricity for your home.

In fact, the Inergy Apex can produce about half the power output of the Titan. Like the Yeti 3000, the Inergy Apex solar generator can produce 1500-Watts and can surge to 3000 watts. 

Like the Titan solar generator, the Inergy Apex allows three different charges, either from the sun, a car battery, or the AC grid power. When charged by solar energy, the inergy Apex’s panels are likely to get hot as it doesn’t have temperature compensation as the Titan does.

The Titan generator can produce a lot more power than the inergy Apex, and the price reflects this. The inergy Apex is an excellent product if you are looking for a smaller, lightweight, and portable solar-powered generator. The Titan can power a whole house, and while it costs more, if you use it regularly, you can save a lot of money on your utility bills.


The Titan solar generator is very efficient, durable, and easy to use. It’s been well designed and is manufactured using good quality Components. It’s also able to save power while running, which helps increase the longevity of usage. 

Many similar solar powered generators only allow you to create enough energy to power small electrical items or appliances and aren’t able to power energy-consuming products such as fridges or microwaves.

On the other hand, the Titan solar-powered generator is very powerful and has six power outages, which allows you to power a wide selection of appliances simultaneously. This is due to the internal system construction that will enable it to produce extra power. 


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