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Are you interested in locking down your home safely? Because you should be. What can be more important than ensuring that all your own plus your family is secure? When looking for a DIY home security system, two brand names appear dominantly at the forefront: Ring and Nest.

Ring is owned by Amazon, while Nest is owned by Goggle, meaning that both the companies have a backup of the most renowned tech companies in the world.

Ring and Nest both are smart choices for making your home secured. However, Ring is the better choice when we look out for lighting and budget. On the other hand, Nest is costlier but you get some extra smart stuff like temperature control system and smart door locks.

Ring and Nest security systems provide the same excellent protection that will keep your home secure at the most basic level.

However, getting into the various features that each has to offer will influence your decision on your best choice.

This is according to what you consider more important for you. Below is an exclusive comparison of Ring Vs. Nest security system to help you understand where both of them shine and where they fall short.

Ring vs Nest : Price

Ring security system is far ahead of the Nest when it comes to price and subscription options. You can buy the Ring Alarm security kit at the cost of $199, which includes; keypad, contact sensor, a motion detector, the base station, and range extender.

Ring provides free access to the entire Alarm suite. If you want professional monitoring services, it costs as low as $10 per month or $100 annually. There are no moving costs, no long-term contracts, or cancellation fees.

A similar package from Nest goes for $399 with an extra $19 per month for monitoring facilities if you are willing to agree on a three-year contract. But if you can avoid the contract and pay $29 month to month.

In this concept, Ring offers similar features at about a third the price of Nest.

Ring Vs Nest: Home Automation

Both Ring and Nest have great home automation features that will improve your home security. Nest provides a video doorbell, smart thermostats, and smart lock.

Nest Thermostat automatically learns and programs itself for temperature control according to your habits, giving you a comfortable home environment. It also enhances energy saving for a lower energy bill.

Ring offers smart lighting for lighting your way and video doorbells for increased security at the front door. You can use Ring Video Doorbell to answer the door from your smartphone without getting up, and you can use Alexa to see who is outside.

Ring Vs Nest: Video Recording

ring doorbell vs nest doorbell

Both Nest and Ring provides a video recording security feature. However, they also have some differences.

Nest offers a 24/7 nonstop video recording via the Nest Aware plan, and one can examine the video antiquity for the past 30 days.

This 24/7 video recording subscription costs from $5.00 monthly or $50.00 annually.

On the contrary, Ring video recording only occurs when activated by an occurrence or while you access the live video via the Ring app.

Ring video recordings are reviewable for 60 days, and viewing them beyond these days will require you to download them first.

The Nest is hence better in video recording as it allows you to review unbroken video footage versus reviewing activity captured when Ring detected the motion.

Ring Camera vs Nest Camera: Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras

When it comes to the security cameras, Neck vs. Ring are neck-to-neck as they both provide excellent outdoor and indoor cameras.

The Ring Cam usually is powered by battery or wired and has aspects that include; night vision, HD video, and two-way talk. The two-way talk allows you to see and talk with visitors via your smartphone.

Similarly, Nest offers Nest Cam IQ that has motion-activated alerts, HD video, and two-way talk for both indoor and outdoor use.

Internet Connection : Ring Vs Nest

While both security systems provide a support feature for wireless connections, Ring Alarm system goes a notch higher to give you a chance of connecting up through Ethernet.

The availability of this hardwired option is vital if any chance you don’t have a Wifi connection or if your security hub is near the router, and you want a more reliable connection.

Though most people will use a WIFI network, supporting Ethernet is an added advantage.

Smart Lighting Options

Ring is more recommendable for you if you require multiple smart lighting for your household. Ring comes with a wide range of smart solutions that include path lights, floodlights, spotlights, and stoplights that are all configurable via the Ring app.

On the other hand, the Nest does not provide a wide range of smart lighting options. However, it provides some products that have automatic night light settings, and you can still buy smart lighting which operates with Nest.

Ring Security System vs Nest Security System: Installation

Ring and Nest both have DIY alarm security systems that allow you to install them by yourself.

The installation instructions are easy to follow, making it possible to install and setup in less than one hour.

DIY systems are one of the reasons why they stand out in the industry as it saves customers from unnecessary appointment and scheduling hassle while giving you more flexibility with the equipment.

However, Nest has an option for you to hire a Nest Pro to ensure that your system is installed correctly and is operating properly.

Our Verdict- Which Home Security system is the Best?

Overall, both Ring Vs. Nest contains standout features, and both are an excellent choice as DIY home security providers.

However, in terms of budget and smart lighting options, Ring is the better option. On the other hand, although Nest is costlier, it is an outstanding option if you require extra smart home features for door locks and temperature control.

Ring provides incorporation with Amazon Alexa while Nest offers integration with Google Assistant; hence it’s down to your smart assistant preference.

You can check our article about Best Home Security Systems 2020 where we have provided a well researched article on which one is the best and why?

Related Questions

Do Nest and Ring both require contract?

No, Ring does not require a contract, however, if you need a professional monitoring feature then you will have to pay a monthly service fee. On the other hand you need to get into contract with Nest to use its services.

Can Ring Cameras work with Nest Secure?

No, Ring cameras cannot work with Nest Secure.

Does Nest Hello work with Ring Alarm?

It is not possible for any of the Home security system to work with one another. Precisely, Nest Hello doesn’t work with Ring alarm.

Do Ring alarm and Nest seure both require a working internet connection?

Ring and Nest both can work without internet connection but there are many features that only works with an active internet connection and those features only makes both of them smart security systems.

Does Nest doorbell have 2 way audio?

Yes, Nest doorbell comes with two way audio and it is only usable while someone is at your doorstep. However, in case of video recording it only captures the audio of the video being recorded.

Can Ring be used on two phones?

Ring can be used with multiple smartphone. You just have to download the Ring App and login through the same credentials. You can also add someone to the shared users. However, shared users can’t Delete videos , share with another users, change settings or device name and delete the device.

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