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Ring Video Doorbell is an absolute home security gadget for protecting oneself against trespassers, home-breakers and shady characters lingering in and around society.

A lot of Ring’s doorbell users have been claiming lately that their Ring video doorbell occasionally lags and causes issues like a delay in the doorbell chime, a lag in the video feed, and latency in alerts.

Why is my Ring Doorbell lagging? Poor Wi-Fi signal strength and sluggish internet speeds are the most common reasons for lagging. A bad Wi-Fi connection might be the result of a physical barrier between your router and your doorbell, as well as numerous devices using the network at once. Your internet provider and plan determine your internet speeds.

This article covers our complete research on the reasons for Ring Doorbell latency and fixes them easily.

Why is Ring Doorbell Delayed?

delayed notifications on ring doorbell

Figuring out what causes a delay in Ring doorbell notifications, alerts, and recordings are needed to what troubleshooting is going to help us fix this issue.

When we generally face Ring doorbell notification delays and video recording delays, we think that it’s because of the slow internet service provider but that’s not always true.

There could be other reasons too. Let’s go through them one by one in detail.

Poor internet connection and wi-fi signals

Lagging or delays typically result from a poor internet connection or slow Wi-Fi speeds.

If you receive the specified 2 Mbps within your home but less speed outside in the vicinity of your doorbell, it is useless.

Delays may result from the Doorbell’s inability to access an adequate internet speed. Old router amplifiers can occasionally have issues.

Use a router with antennae and built-in power amplifiers so that it can cover more ground and provide faster service.

Position your Wi-Fi router close to the doorbell to increase the wireless signal.

Too many devices connected to the same wi-fi

Check the number of gadgets you use that require a live internet connection as well. Use just the devices that are absolutely essential to limit the number of devices.

When not in use, you can easily disconnect or switch off the gadget. On the more sophisticated end, you can connect your Ring Video Doorbell to both a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz signal on other systems. Your home’s Wi-Fi speed will be improved as a result.

Despite how steady your internet speed is, lag might occur if several devices are connected to the same wifi and are simultaneously utilising a lot of bandwidth during online gaming on the computer, holding video calls and meetings on tablets, and downloading movies on the smartphone and so on.

Many more variables can contribute to lagging or delay. Later in this article, we give you a few ways to resolve the lagging problem with your Ring Doorbell.

Insufficient power supply

Your Ring doorbell might be having lagging issues because of insufficient power. Sometimes an electrical loosened wire might also cause these issues.

Ensure your doorbell receives enough voltage from your power supply. When they do not have enough electricity to operate, Ring doorbell occasionally has lag problems.

These are a few of the problems that inadequate power may cause such as lagging issues, turning off the screen, stalling and wi-fi disruption.

How to fix the delay in Ring Doorbell functioning?

fixing ring delayed notifications problem

When ring doorbell delays sending notifications to you, it really becomes annoying as you can’t have access to what is happening around your home at real time.

It becomes really important for us to fix this problem ASAP to be assured of our family and home is protected.

Use the below methods to fix ring doorbell delay problem. (1)

Restart the Ring doorbell

Your Ring Doorbell may have bugs, which might delay alerts and the doorbell’s functioning overall.

Luckily, you may eliminate any transient errors by simply rebooting the Doorbell to resolve the delays.

To restart the Ring doorbell, you need to simply open the Ring app, and then choose Menu. Now, Tap on Settings and press Restart. Select the Doorbell you want to reboot.

Within a few moments, the app will switch the device off and back on. Your Ring doorbell will be rebooted by this time and won’t be slugging.

Check wi-fi strength

Poor network performance is one of the primary causes of Ring Doorbell alerts and recording being delayed.

For seamless alerts, your phone and Ring Doorbell must establish a quick and reliable connection.

Therefore, you should make sure there are no network difficulties before considering any additional options.

First, make sure your phone is linked to a quick mobile network or has a strong Wi-Fi connection.

The strength of the internet connection on your Ring Doorbell should then be verified. Opening the Ring app and choosing the Device Health section will enable you to accomplish this or you can speed test your internet connection at

Users can attempt a few of the additional methods listed below if their connectivity is good but they’re still experiencing problems.

  1. Try relocating your router.
  2. Boost the signal using a Wi-Fi extender (use Ring Doorbell Chime) if the router is too far away.
  3. Move anything that might get in the way of your Wi-Fi router and your Ring Doorbell such as window, door, glass, or furniture.
  4. Ensure that fewer devices should be linked to your router.

Turn off the Ring app’s battery optimization

If You are using the Ring app on an android smartphone, then turning off the battery optimization feature might do the job for you.

When you’re using the Ring app, you may activate a battery optimization function on some Android phones to save power use.

When it’s not in use, the function puts the application to sleep to preserve battery life.

On certain smartphones, putting the Ring app to sleep can adversely disrupt notifications, particularly if the screen enters sleep mode.

The alerts won’t work until you physically wake up your phone or open the app.

Consequently, to start receiving alerts as quickly as feasible, you should stop it if you activated this option and are having issues.

Turn on your smartphone’s notifications

The default settings you have enabled on your phone may also cause a delayed notification from Ring Doorbell.

For instance, if you have the “Do Not Disturb” option activated, Ring doorbell alerts on your iPhone may take longer to arrive.

If you have notifications turned off in your system preferences, you can also notice delays.

Simply confirm that notifications are enabled in Settings on your phone to resolve the problem.

Additionally, make sure you haven’t turned on any other modes, such as silent or meeting modes, which might prevent you from receiving alerts from the Ring app.

Clear app cache and data for the Ring app

Sometimes faulty cache files or accumulated cache data on your Ring app may also have an impact on the notifications for your Ring Doorbell.

If you have attempted the aforementioned fixes but are still having problems, it would be a fine decision to clear the cache and data for your app.

By doing this, the damaged data is removed, reinstating the app’s seamless operation.

To remove the cache date from your Ring app, go over to Settings, then choose the Apps option on your phone. Inside the Apps menu, pick the Ring app to erase app data and cache.

Next, you need to hit the “Clear Cache” option finally. After that, quit the programme and open it again.

To delete cache on an iPhone, click “Manage Storage” under Settings, then General and then click Storage.

To delete cache and stored data, pick the Ring app and then hit the “Offload App” option.

Factory Reset the Ring doorbell

Resetting the device will resolve the Ring Doorbell delay issue if rebooting did not. Any faulty settings triggering notification latencies will be removed after the reset, which returns the settings to their original state.

To reset the Ring doorbell, you need to look for an orange-coloured hard reset button first before attempting to reset your Ring Doorbell. The button may be found on the rear panel of certain versions. 

Your doorbell will need to be removed from your door for this purpose. The orange button is located within the frontal faceplate on some variants’ front sides too.

To begin the reset procedure, press and hold the orange button for roughly 15 seconds.

The Ring Doorbell will glow multiple times when you release it, signalling that it is resetting.

Start the setup procedure again to start receiving notifications when the reset is finished. 

Contact Support

You should contact Ring support only when no one of the above fixing ways works for you. There could be some hardware problem or software issue that may be causing this problem with your doorbell.

Don’t stress out and just give them a contact customer support at 1 (800) 656-1918 and they will be happy to help.

Why Does My Ring Video doorbell take so long to activate?

Your Ring Doorbell might activate slowly due to your internet connection.

A weak or patchy internet signal could be the problem, as well as difficulty connecting the doorbell to your router.

The position of your router in proximity to the doorbell matters, too- if it’s located too far away, this will also affect activation time.

How long is the delay on the ring device?

There are two types of delays in Ring doorbells for homeowners safety, Entry and Exit delays.

Exit Delay: When you arm your ring device and go out of your house, your device will begin a time limit before arming itself. This is referred to as an Exit Delay, and it gives you additional time to leave your home before the system activates.

Entry Delay: When you open the door to your house, your Alarm system starts a timed countdown before it activates the alarm. This is known as an Entry Delay, and it allows you to enter your home and disable the alarm before it’s sounding.

  • Tap the Menu(☰) button > Settings. Select Modes. Away is one of the options. Systems can be accessed by tapping Sensors in this mode.
  • Choose which sensors you want to be monitored while in this mode by tapping the sensor and selecting On or Off.
  • Vacation is another option. In this mode, you can monitor your system from afar by setting up notifications for certain events, such as a window being opened while the system is armed.

The delay time of this system can be set anywhere between 0 and 180 seconds.

  • To change the delay, go to Settings and select “Modes.” Select the desired mode. Tap “Home” or “Away.” Set the entry delay for how long you want it to take.


If your Ring doorbell is facing lagging issues, as is the case with many users, you would not get motion sensors detection warnings in time, which can cause you to miss attending to the visitors or potential threats trying to break into your house. 

For many people, this latency in receiving notifications and alerts from Ring doorbell is an aggravating problem.

Thankfully, using the troubleshooting advice and fixes above, you may identify the issue and resolve it easily. I assure you that there won’t be a delay at all if you use the suggested strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Ring doorbell require so much time to connect?

If your Ring doorbell delays recording, sending notifications and other functions, then basically there are three root reasons this issue can be attributed to: sluggish upload and download speeds on the internet, a bad network connection across your router and your Ring device, a poor internet connection for your smartphone.

What’s the reason for my doorbell to record pink tinted video?

This is a very common problem reported by a whole lot of users. Your daylight video recording by the Ring doorbell might be having a pink, purple or green tint.

This is because your IR filter may be clogged. IR filter is a component that stops the daytime recording from appearing purple and green.

Your IR filter won’t be able to rise during the day if it becomes stuck, and as a result, the image sensor will be swamped with infrared radiation. This will cause every colour in your photographs to be off.

Why does my Ring camera record so slow?

Ring camera can record slow due to various reasons such as the range between your router and your Ring device, the design of your house, or influence from other electronics (TVs, gaming systems, etc.) or objects in your home, such as concrete, masonry, iron, huge reflective surfaces, or shutters, can all contribute to a weak or non-existent signal.

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