Nobody appreciates bad audio or no audio at all when they are on an entertainment haul to enjoy their favorite content on a streaming app. However, you might frequently face these unpleasant scenarios if you are using a fire stick to connect your big screen TV to the internet.

So, how to fix no sound on Fire Stick?

You can start with these quick solutions to get your audio back:

  • Try restarting your device first. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the device or the power outlet for 30 seconds and plug it back in.
  • Make sure your TV audio isn’t muted.
  • If your device is connected to an AV receiver, make sure the receiver is on.
  • From the Home screen, go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Dolby Digital Output and make sure Dolby Digital Plus is set to OFF.
  • Unplug and reconnect the HDMI cable connecting the Fire TV device to your TV. You may need to try a different HDMI cable.

Wondering why isn’t the audio functioning right in the first place?

If you are also struggling with audio problems on your Fire Stick device, stay with me on this guide to help regain your sound back on Fire Stick.

Why Do I Have No Sound On My Fire Stick?

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Your Fire Stick could have not sound due to several reasons. Here are the main reasons behind this:

Incorrect TV settings

Verify that your TV’s audio is not muted. Make sure the A/V receiver is turned on if your Fire TV device is linked to one. Follow these steps to ensure:

  • Choose Settings
  • Visit Display & Sounds.
  • Choose the Audio option on the Fire TV menu.
  • Make sure Dolby Digital Plus is turned off.

Defective hardware

Try disconnecting and re-plugging your HDMI cable if you’re using one to link your Fire TV device to your TV.

You might also have to completely replace the HDMI cable. Even worse, a defective Amazon Fire Stick might cause problems.

An unstable Internet connection

Your Internet speed might potentially be a problem because most multimedia needs at least 3 Mbps to run properly. As a result, if a better Internet subscription is available, think about upgrading.

Low voltage or recurring power outages

Poor electricity supply makes the Fire Stick slower than usual and increases the chance of reboots when it attempts extensive processing.

This implies you should think about checking your home’s electrical system or at the very least the power outlets that power your TV.

If you have this issue, you may also think about lowering the video’s screen resolution so that the Fire Stick can handle it more easily on low power.

Outdated content streaming apps

Sometimes the issue is not with your fire stick or your TV, it simply is that the software of the particular streaming app you are using is outdated.

In such cases, you might want to look for updates and uninstall them. By following these steps, you will be able to solve app-specific Fire Stick sound issues.

Navigate to the Fire TV Home Screen > Choose Settings > Select Applications > Go to Manage Installed Applications > Select the app that’s not working > Press Uninstall.

Finally, reinstall the app from the Fire Stick Home Screen.

How To Fix No Sound on Fire Stick?

fire stick no audio on Tv

If there is no sound on your Fire Stick, it doesn’t always mean that your firestick has a hardware issue. This could be due to several other reasons and once you identify the cause you can be easily solved firestick audio problems.

Connect the device to the direct power supply

Be careful to check the power supply socket or source output if you notice that your Fire Stick has no sound. Many people connect their TV to the Fire Stick via a USB wire.

However, a USB port can’t deliver the required audio output in this case since TV is not receiving enough power to run the program because of the USB power cable, which causes the no sound problem on the Fire Stick.

Therefore, make sure the power source is plugged in correctly, and always create a straight electrical connection.

Move on to the next step or try disconnecting the power outlet and re-plugging it if you were still unable to get the sound.

Make sure the TV’s audio is not muted

Many users unintentionally hit the mute button and thus don’t get the sound and don’t notice it simply. Make sure your device’s audio isn’t muted before moving to the next solution.

Connect the Amazon Fire Stick-plugged-in device and fiddle with the remote’s volume and mute/unmute option to confirm that you aren’t muted.

Restart the Fire Stick

After resolving the plugin-related difficulties, restart the firestick device. You may fix issues like connection faults, file uploading troubles, and many other difficulties just by restarting the software.

If it works, you’ll be able to effectively fix Fire Stick sound problems as well.

Check the Amazon Fire Stick’s HDMI connection

Very often it happens that people keep whining about the lost audio but fail to the check HDMI extension cord connection.

A loosely connected HDMI extension wire to the Fire Stick can very well be the reason you are hearing no audio when you are expecting so.

You should do the following actions to regain your sound in this case: –

  • Turn your system around.
  • Disconnect the HDMI extension cable.
  • Wait for some time, now, firmly affix the HDMI extension cord.
  • Your Amazon fire stick should be powered on and connected properly.

Check to see if your device’s HDMI port is audio compatible

If even after following all the aforementioned instructions, your Fire Stick’s sound hasn’t come back, it can be a result of your HDMI port being non-compatible with sound system audio.

Take the following action in this case:

  • Right-click the sound volume icon.
  • Click on the playback device.
  • Select the option of a digital output device or HDMI.
  • Set default.

Set the audio receiver to on

Check the AV receiver if you’re using an external sound system to improve the audio quality. Turn on the audio receiver and make the required adjustments for improved sound quality.

Check to see if your television is compatible with the Dolby Digital soundbar before using it to improve the sound quality if you want to use an external Dolby Digital sound system.

Follow the methods below if your device is compatible

  • Visit the home screen.
  • Find the Settings icon and tap on it.
  • Choose the‘ Display & Sounds’ tab.
  • Visit the Dolby Digital Output option and select it.

 How Can You Fix the Sound Delay on Fire Stick?

There can be numerous causes for audio-video non-synchronization on your Fire Stick. They may vary from a basic glitch to a non-compatibility of the content format or outdated software. Based on the most common reasons, we have given this effective list of fixes which should resolve your problem most certainly. Follow the steps:

Restart Fire TV Stick

Navigate to Settings > My Fire TV > Restart to restart your Fire TV Stick.

You can also restart your Fire TV Stick using the remote. Hold the Select button and the Play/Pause button simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Clear The App Cache

Navigate to Settings and select Applications>Select ‘Manage Installed Applications’>Locate the affected app and select it.

Finally, select Clear cache.

Disable Dolby Digital Plus

This feature could cause audio-video lag issues if your HDMI devices don’t support Dolby Digital. Follow the given steps to sort out the issue:

Launch the Fire TV Stick Settings menu and select ‘Display & Sounds’> select Audio> select ‘Dolby Digital Output’> select ‘Dolby Digital Plus OFF’.

Update Fire TV Stick Software

To update your Fire TV Stick, go to Settings > My Fire TV > About. If there’s an update available for your Fire TV Stick, you should see an Install Update option on the page. Press Install.


 Generally, Fire Stick Audio problems is solved by using the above solutions. But if you have tried all the above solutions and still you are facing the issue, it is due to some serious problem with your Fire Stick. Contact Amazon Technical Customer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Fire Stick audio keeps flickering; it comes and goes. How to fix it?

The potential cause might be that your Internet speed is too sluggish. The majority of content needs roughly 3mbps to operate correctly. So, switch to a more stable internet connection that supports uninterrupted streaming.

My Fire Stick produces no audio when connected to the TV but with a laptop it does? What to do?

Try changing the audio output in the settings menu of the fire stick. Go to input, select input 1, then go to tools, and re-name the HDMI Input to DVD. Go back to check your amazon stick and the sound should return.

My Fire Stick isn’t working with the surround sound system? Help!

Try connecting an HDMI cable from the HDMI socket on the TV to the HDMI socket on the surround sound receiver.

If it still doesn’t work, on the Amazon Fire TV under “Display and Sound settings”, set Dolby output to Dolby Digital Plus Automatic.

Now anything connected to the TV should send the audio to the receiver.

If you have a buffering issue, check our guide on how to fix buffering on Firestick?

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