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If you are looking for a streaming device that can let you watch all your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, and similar services, then Apple TV might be your best choice. But before you proceed to make the final decision, the first thing you want to know is whether there are any additional monthly charges that you may need to pay after you start using the Apple TV.

So, Is there a monthly fee for Apple TV? You can use the Apple TV as a streaming device as well as an all-in-one interface with no extra monthly charges. However, if you want to avail of some other subscription-based services, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue viewing the service. 

You might still have some doubts and misconceptions about the Apple TVs paid subscription.

So here is some more information about the services offered in the monthly subscription services as well as about the free channels available for you.

We will start by understanding what Apple TV+ is:

What is Apple TV+?

This information may help you in finding out what the Apple TV+ has to offer as the additional service, and if you are subscribed to multiple streaming services, then this information will be of help to you.

The Apple TV+ provides its user with the capability to access and watch multiple contents using only a single intuitive interface.

If you are someone who loves to watch the “original” TV shows, documentaries, or movies, then you will surely want to get your hands on the Apple TV+ subscription.

Apart from that, Apple TV allows you to stream channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and other popular channels.

Here are some of the original content the APPLE TV+ subscription offer you-

➢ Little America

➢ The Morning Show

➢ Mythic Quest

➢ Servant

You should also know that the Apple TV+ service does not offer any access to any licensed shows like the shows from Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Now we will look at the price structure of the Apple TV+.

Get a better understanding of the associated costs from the below table.

Apple TV+$4.99
Disney +$6.99

These are the costs associated with the subscription of the various services that you love binge-watching.

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Requirements before you get started on your Apple TV

If you have just bought an Apple TV, then you would have noticed that you do not need to install the Apple TV+ app as it comes preloaded, but you are still allowed to use Roku devices and other Smart TVs.

If you encounter any problem with the compatibility of other devices, then you can simply visit the official website of Apple to get the list of all the compatible devices.

You should also know that you do not need a high-end smart device; instead, you can just use the device with the capability to access and download applications and should be able to work with third-party applications or streaming services.

Using the Apple TV device without a paid subscription

If you are wondering whether you will be able to enjoy some of your favorite shows without a paid subscription, then you should continue reading.

One of the best advantages of the Apple TV app is that you can use it as an all in one interface to do various functions.

You will be able to access the purchases and see the recently watched shows irrespective of which streaming service was used without paying for the subscription.

Since the Apple TV is a standalone service, you should know that the integration of other paid services such as Hulu, Netflix, and other subscription-based services is not possible.

You will also be able to avail of some of the free channels that the Apple TV provides to its customers to stream; these are again standalone services provided by the Apple TV.

They allow the user’s to access hundreds of their favorite shows without having to look for subscription-based services for watching shows in your leisure times.

Here are some of the free channels he Apple TV provides to its users-

➢ Vudu

➢ Sony Crackle

➢ Tubi TV

➢ Pluto TV

➢ Popcornflix

You may not get the paid subscription services for free on Apple TV, but they sure provide you with a lot of free channels that are packed with lots of interesting content.

This is the main reason why Apple TV is still a budget-friendly choice when it comes to entertainment and watching new shows.

Getting a free year of Apple TV+

Apple TV Plus is associated with Apple ID, with the same login you can use for iCloud or download apps in its App Store. If you do not have an Apple ID, you can create one here.

If you already have the Apple TV app on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, you just need to open the app and go to any places where Apple highlights its original shows.

On newly purchased iPhones, for example, the app already knows you have purchased a new gadget to qualify for the contract.

Whether you start Apple TV Plus for a year for free or a standard one-week trial, shows start playing in the app after just a few taps. You can subscribe and watch online with a web browser on the Apple TV Plus site.

The free year agreement is reset at the end of the free year. And the service will shut down as soon as you cancel, even if you still have time left on the agreement.

You must wait until the day before the agreement expires to cancel or forfeit any remaining free viewing time.

Benefits of Buying an Apple TV

➢ One of the outstanding benefits of Apple TV is that it has access to tons of channels. These channels are actually small applications that launch Apple’s program to enable Apple TV; the design of the Apple TV is one of the simplest. The remote has a few buttons, and it is plug-and-play.

  • You may not need that simple three-button Remote if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use your smart devices to download an app that lets you use Apple TV right away.
  • You do not need a Pay TV subscription to enjoy the benefits of Apple TV. This device allows you to disassociate from your subscription and use the Internet to access many of the channels you’ve already watched, right on Apple TV.
  • There are many online streaming services that you can subscribe to, getting a lot of content is made directly available on your device. You no longer need Pay TV to watch movies, television programs, sports, or anything else that gives you value for entertainment. Apple TV has covered you.
  • You do not need to know much about the technical space to make Apple TV work. Install it on your TV with an HDMI cable and connect to wifi for all your Apple TV needs.
  • Once you’re up and running, just log in with your Apple ID or do it if you don’t, and go to the races. The simple design is something that Apple is known for, and has progressed through the Apple TV.
  • With a single tap on your iPhone, you can blast a photo or video directly to your TV screen via an Apple TV wireless connection. The connection is seamless and does not require setup. All you have to do is be on the same wifi network.

These are some of the benefits of Apple TV, which will convince you to buy one for your home and enjoy the various services it has to offer for you.

Should you buy the Apple TV+ subscription?

With this information in mind, you may be wondering if Apple TV + subscription is right for your needs.

If you look at using the Apple TV app as a visual connector for everything to watch different types of media, you will find that you have a lot of great options.

As an added bonus, the app is loaded with many free channels.

However, if you want access to original Apple movies, tv shows, and documentaries, you will need to choose their paid Apple TV + subscription.

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