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Shiplap is a favorite with the DIYers.

Yes, it is okay to fix the shiplap to the bathroom wall. To say so, Shiplap is ideal for the bathroom. This design adds uniqueness to the bathroom wall. It gives a kind of countryside charm to the bathroom. It is alluring and gives the bathroom a rich ambiance.

Lol! A farmhouse bathroom! Such is the transformation you can create to the bathroom walls.

With this wood cladding shiplap, one can create lazy and alluring bathroom interiors. Normally, the wood cladding is prone to moisture or humidity.  A coat of wood sealer gives the necessary protection to the shiplap.

There are several designs of shiplap wood claddings. You may select what is most suitable for your homes. Creating spaces is the hallmark of modern construction. The Shiplap usually lasts long. The cost of wood is economical.   

It has low maintenance costs when compared to other materials. It gives an aesthetic appeal. However, all things that are beautiful, have some drawbacks. Installing Shiplap in the bathroom is okay.  However, it needs protection against moisture.

Several types of wood are suitable for backsplashes and bathroom walls. They need maintenance to withstand the moisture. The application of a protective coating with a wood sealer is an ideal solution to this problem.

The Effects of Shiplap Design in the Bathroom

can you use Shiplap in Bathroom
  • It is usually warm during winter and chilly weather. One can use the bathroom without wearing slippers. You can feel warmth and comfort. The natural finish of wood gives a feeling of a countryside farmhouse.
  • Especially the bathroom is appealing with shiplap design.  It is a kind of design that touches your heart. Your bathroom looks classy and unique.

Choose the best wood for installing shiplap. This can withstand moisture and humidity in the bathroom. Take advice from the professional designers and shiplap installers.

Maintenance & Care

Shiplap in the bathroom needs constant maintenance and care. The following are the issues that you should take care of for the proper maintenance of shiplap.


One of the main issues of Shiplap in your bathroom is moisture.  Take care that the bathroom has proper ventilation. Proper ventilation keeps your bathroom dry without moisture.

Spills & Splash

Water splashes around when showering or bathing. Water spills while rinsing the hands or washing your face. One should wipe out the water immediately this protects your shiplap.

Ensure that proper protection is done to the wood. Use a good wood sealer for protection.

Uneven Floor

The uneven bathroom floor is a big issue.  Here, the water is accumulated in low areas and sides of the bathroom. This causes the wood to get moist and damaged.

When this happens the shiplap structure also weakens. Hence, take proper care to ensure the floor is even and at one level.

High Humidity

Warm air due to steam from the shower or hot bath tends to seep into the shiplap gaps. Take care and clean the walls promptly.

Installation of Shiplap in the Bathroom

Installation of Shiplap in the Bathroom

One can create a variety of shiplap designs for bathrooms. Keep in mind the suggestions given here.

  • Sink Backsplash is an important place where you can install Shiplap. This gives a unique and luxurious countryside allure to the bathroom. Use a combination of stains to enhance the ambiance of the bathroom.
  • Go for the black and white combination of wood cladding to give it a superb look. The bathroom wall accent gives a luxurious feel. Shiplap gives that effect.
  • One can add a white shiplap wall accent to make the bathroom look bigger and illuminated.        

The Shiplap Wall Accent Finish

Giving protective layers of paint or stain is very important for shiplap. Use wood sealer as a base coat. Then go for either paint or stain depending on your choice. Both options look good for implementing shiplap design.

Workmanship should be of the highest order. Importantly, DIYers should focus on the quality of the finishing material. Using a Urethane sealer is beneficial before installing a shiplap. This prevents the water leaking from penetrating into the wood.

Use all weatherproof wood for Shiplap wall cladding. Ensure that you give maximum protection to the Shiplap.

To prevent moisture damage, a coat of Urethane is advisable at regular intervals. As this is a DIY project, it does not cost you much.

Type of Wood for Shiplap Installation

There are many types of wood in the market for Shiplap installations. Look for the ones that are best suited to your bathrooms. It should be all weatherproof wood.

Do not choose softwood like pine and fir, as they are prone to water damage. Go for oak, maple, teak, and walnut, as they are hardwood and are less prone to moisture damage. Hardwood is ideal for this purpose.

Steps to Take for Shiplap Maintenance

It is always advisable to prevent moisture damage. To do this you should take proper care of the Shiplap.

The following steps are guidelines for protection against moisture damage.

Periodic Maintenance

As it is a DIY Shiplap, it is better if you can periodically give a refinish to it.

This will help to keep the Shiplap intact from moisture damage.  Moreover, the shiplap will look fresh and clean.

Close any cracks on the wood immediately and give a refinish. This way the shiplap will be well protected.

Bathroom Mats

You may place bathroom mats near the bathtub, at the sink, and at the door or doorway. These will absorb any splash or spill. Periodically, dry these mats in the sun and reuse them.

The mats are necessary to absorb any moisture present.

Periodic Check

Periodic checking of the bathroom fittings and plumbing for leakage and fix them.

This ensures that there will be no leakage. This gives Shiplap a longer endurance.


There is a level of maintenance and care involved if you want to install Shiplap for your bathroom. Considering Shiplap for your bathroom is okay but you have to take due care of the installation.

Bathrooms are generally wet areas.  

Moreover, due to moisture in the bathroom, the shiplap needs to be taken care of for the prevention of damage.  If you have the patience, then installing shiplap is no problem.

Go for hardwood like oak, teak, maple, and walnut. These are hard and natural. You can stain them to give the perfect finish.

You can coat Urethane sealer for best protection. This will give a natural and alluring look to the bathroom interiors. Give some time on your weekends for maintenance of shiplap.

Shiplap gives a superb look to your bathroom. However, it is in your hands how you maintain and protect it.

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