I have been using ring video doorbell for quite a few years now but I didn’t have any issue with it. But recently I saw people complaining on Ring doorbell support forum that it is not water resistant and have stopped working when exposed to rain.

So, Is ring doorbell waterproof ? Yes, Ring doorbell is water resistant and can withstand a temperature ranging from -5 to 120°F. It is designed in resist water for safety but at the same time can’t work if submerged in water.

Yes, it is true that people are complaining about its water resistant feature but it is only due to the poor placement of the Ring doorbell. So, is there any way to protect Ring doorbell from rain?

Surely, there are ways to keep your doorbell working even in extreme rainfalls. Go through the article below to find out all the ways.

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Can Ring Doorbell withstand elements: Rain, Snow, Extreme heat and cold

Ring doorbells are designed in a way to that it can withstand extreme weather conditions and therefore it advertises itself as the weatherproof. It can withstand extreme heat and cold ranging from -5 to 120°F.

If you go to Ring website, you can find yourself that they say that ring devices are resistant to water but it isn’t waterproof. It simply means that they can take splashes of water and rain but will get damaged when submerged in water.

One of the customers asked Ring, “If I purchased the ring doorbell 2, it would be subjected to heavy storms and hurricanes as the main entrance has nothing to shelter the doorbell from getting straight on pouring rain. I see it’s weather-resistant but see nothing about being totally waterproof. Thanks” on twitter and here is the official reply.

Official reply Ring doorbell is water resistant

But there is a misconception about the term waterproof and water resistant that both mean the same. So, what is the difference between water resistant and water proof? Also, what does the term weather proof and water repellent mean?

Whenever, we buy any electronic device, we come across these terms and therefore, knowing the exact meaning of all these terms are very necessary.

What does Water-resistant mean?

The term water resistant is defined as the something designed not to be easily harmed by water or not allow water to enter easily through it.

If your device is labelled a water resistant, then you should understand that it is the lowest level of protection of any device from water. The water resistant devices are just provided with a coat or layer so that the sensitive areas couldn’t get vulnerable to water.

The water resistant devices are good to use and work without any use unless you keep it in heavy rains or submerge in water. Some of the other water resistant devices that you can easily find are smart phones, watches, cameras etc.

What does water repellent mean?

The term water repellent is defined as anything that is not easily penetrated by water. You can say that water repellent is just a bit above than water resistant.

Water repellent products are given a chemical coating to make them repel water. These coating can withstand water and snow and keep your outside device safe from water.

You can buy this water repellent coating from Amazon and coat your outside gears yourself.

What does waterproof mean?

Waterproof is defined as anything which doesn’t get affected by water. But technically, there is no device that is 100 per cent waterproof. However, manufacturers claim their devices to be waterproof and nobody can stop them.

But exactly knowing the functional scale that shows what level of water a product can resist can help you figure out what to choose and what not to!

This scale is called as Ingress Protection Rating scale (IP code). The rating of this scale is only valid for electronic and mechanical casings.

The IP code is given to all the water proof devices and the code explains what level of water a product can withstand. The first two digits of the code is “IP” and the third letter is X, which represents the ability to withstand solid objects. The last digit can be anything between 0-9 and this shows the ability of the device to resist fluids.

Some of the IP codes that are used for electronic devices are as follows:

IPX0- This shows the device has no protection against water.

IPX1- This means that the device is protected from vertically falling water.

IPX2- This means that the device is protected even if the water is falling 15 degrees vertical.

IPX3- This means the device can withstand water sprays from any direction, if coming 60 degrees     from vertical.

IPX4- The device is protected from water splash.

IPX5- The device can withstand water coming from low pressure water jet.

IPX6- Protected from water even coming from high pressure water jets.

IPX7- Protected even if the device is submerged to water at a depth of 1 metre.

IPX8- Device is protected against continuous immersion in water for water depth more than 1 meter.

IPX9k- Protected against close range high pressure and temperature water jet.

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What does Weatherproof mean?

Weatherproof means that a product or device is protected from any weather change and can work without any issue due to change in weather temperature or condition.

Like waterproof, weatherproof also has its own measuring scale. Many products are made to work fine in typical weather conditions whereas there are some products which can even withstand natural disasters.

How to protect Ring doorbell from water damage?

The best method to protect ring video doorbell from water damage is to place in under shade or roof. Luckily, in most of the houses front porch have a protective structure built around the doorway.

If your house doesn’t have a shade around the front porch, you can use install silicon case cover on your Ring doorbell.

For 1st Generation Ring doorbell, you can have this silicon case and for Ring Video doorbell 2 get this case.

How to Install Ring Video Doorbell?

Check out the below video to know how to install Ring video doorbell.

Best Alternative to Ring Doorbell

DophiGo 960P Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Video Camera Wireless Doorbell Button Chime

Best alternative to Ring

DophiGo 960P Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Video Camera is the best alternative to Ring Video Doorbell. This doorbell features some of the great abilities like military grade night vision that enables user to see through anything even on darkest night.

The doobell is waterproof and doesn’t need a professional for installation. Apart from this, the doorbell also comes with 3 years of warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. You can get it on Amazon from here.

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Related Questions

Can Ring Doorbell be hacked? Yes, there are some of the cases where Ring doorbell has been hacked. But, it can happen with any doorbell as hackers find out the ways if you don’t secure your doorbell. Check out this post to secure your Ring doorbell.

Does Ring Doorbell work without subscription? Yes, Ring Doorbell work without subscription but to be able to save the recorded videos to cloud you need a subscription plan.

How much does Ring Video Doorbell Cost? The price of Ring Doorbell depends upon the model you purchase. The basic model cost $99 however, the Elite costs $499.

Can Ring Doorbell get stolen? Ring Doorbell can stolen but Ring offers a warranty program through which if you doorbell get stolen, the company replaces it with a new one free of charge.

Which Ring Doorbell is the best? It depends upon your affordability that which one you choose. You can get the Ring Video doorbell if you are looking for best value for money. However, in case you need Doorbell with more features like 1080p recording then you can choose from Ring Doorbell 2 or Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

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Are Ring Doorbells wireless? Yes, all the products from Ring are wireless. Even some of them supports both wire and wireless so you can either connect it to your existing doorbell or use it as a new one without running any wire through your walls.

Can you mount Ring Doorbell on glass? Yes, you can mount Ring Doorbell on Glass but the motion detector doesn’t work well on glass surface. Since, Ring doorbell starts video recording only when it detects motion, so it is better if you want it on a solid surface.

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