Our mission is to deliver Affordable Solar Power to the World.”

Initially beginning with a few individuals who were passionate about solar power, Inergy Apex has now become a brand devoted to solar power. They have now become a leading company dedicated to the harnessing and widespread sale of energy products.

Inergy has set itself apart from the other leading competitors in this renewable energy field, which utilize a ‘top-down’ approach.

Why Inergy?

Inergy democratizes solar power with their portable solar products, and the Inergy apex solar generator is another example of their determination to make their mission possible.

Now, thanks to Inergy’s desire for lightweight power generation technology, much of their solar energy technology is reasonably lightweight in comparison to other power technologies and generator models which use non-renewable energy sources.

Now, Inergy has won the 2016 Idaho Innovation consumer product of the year finalist and won it again in 2018. In 2017, Inergy won the National Category Winner Energy Generation award, so they have a recognized and reputable brand.

Not only does Inergy help countries develop their energy infrastructures to support modern technology, and they also donate their products to charities selected by their backers and investors.

They also augment the already existing and aging U.S energy infrastructure to prevent blackouts with the aid of their Kodiak Solar Generator, one of the most well-known Inergy solar generators.

However, the Kodiak solar generator is not the only solar generator Inergy has. The Inergy Apex Solar Generator followed the Kodiak.

Summary of the Inergy Apex Solar Generator-Specifications and Features

The Inergy Kodiak solar generator was a classic, but it is not the subject of this article. The Inergy apex solar generator is. There are two main Inergy solar generators on the market at the moment; the Inergy Kodiak, and the Inergy Apex.

The Inergy apex is very similar to the Kodiak in several ways, not just its design, but there are many differences between the two models. See Further down for the differences.

Coming at 25 pounds in total weight, with a 1,500 pure sine wave AC inverter, the Inergy Apex solar generator can hold a full charge of electricity for a whole year.

However, it is recommended for the user of the generator to maintain the battery periodically to ensure a reliable output. The good news is the battery can be charging, but it’s possible to use it still.

The bad news with the Inergy Apex cannot be connected to lithium batteries unless Inergy themselves have supplied them. The solar generator cannot be personally carried on a plane, and the sheer size of it means it needs to be handled properly. But that should not be a problem in the long-term since the generator is still great value for money.

The biggest issue about the Inergy apex solar generator is it can’t run for 1,500 watts continuously, but despite that being able to deliver a stable output of 850 watts is still excellent and impressive. Best of all, the energy is clean and renewable, especially when connected to solar panels.

The use of solar panels is the best and most efficient way of charging the Inergy apex.

The addition of the MPPT controller does mean the panels would need to be of considerable quality. Still, with many solar panels leaving production being of high quality, this should not be a problem. However, it is a good idea to check if the panels you have available are capable of charging the generator.

The Apex allows 550 watts of electricity to be connected so long as it stays inside the range of 12 volts without going any higher than 30 amps. Five 100-watt solar panels would be the best way to achieve this, and connecting them in parallel will ensure an efficient charge. In perfect and ideal conditions where there is lots of light, the charging cycle shouldn’t take longer than just two hours or so.

So it is speedy and should be considered by buyers or those interested in purchasing this solar generator, and want to want the charging time to be efficient.

Running 550 watts of power, and even close to 850 before the charge fell…. That is one of the best defining qualities of the Inergy Apex solar generator, and it’s one of the most favorite things users of the generator have when it comes to using it.

The trouble is when it is fully drained, it would need to be recharged, but the good news is it can be recharged several times for powering multiple household appliances like your TV, DVD player, etc.

And 850 watts is a lot of power, and it can run a lot of things, and yet it can still be fully charged up and ready during the night so long as the solar panels have properly charged it up.

The battery is a lithium-ion battery, and it sits inside the Inergy apex, granting a capacity of 1,100 wh, thanks to being a 12 volt, 90 amp per hour battery. It’s a fair size given Inergy’s dedication to lightweight power technology. According to the user manual, any battery rated at 12 volts, using deep cycle lead, AGM or gel can be connected to the Apex.

However, Inergy advises it is not a good move for external lithium batteries to be connected to the solar generator unless Inergy supplies them, of course, due to the risk of severe damage or even a fire.

Features of Inergy Apex Solar Generator

  1. Very lightweight compared to other solar generators – it only weighs 25 lbs—perfect power source for holidays, road trips, and just as good in case of blackouts.
  2. Quieter compared to gas-driven power generators and cleaner, as it uses renewable energy, so there is no waste, and no pollution.
  3. The Inergy apex solar generator is perfect for charging electrical appliances; mobile phones/smartphones/android phones, laptops, refrigerators, microwaves, but also drill presses and other DIY machinery. Ideal for powering RPVs.
  4. Fast recharge time, when compared to other solar generators; when connected to multiple 100 watt rated solar panels, the recharge time can take as long as two hours.
  5. Can be hooked up to provide power to Inergy approved 12-volt batteries.
  6. The lithium-ion battery can be used for portable emergency power. It can provide power at blackouts.
  7. three position power switch which allows charging via the USB ports without needing to turn on the inverter.

Inergy Apex vs. Inergy Kodiak

  1. The Kodiak uses PWM controllers, whereas the Apex uses MPPT – MPPT is better but is more expensive. However, the MPPT compensates by making more power in places where it’s unavailable, making it ideal for camping.
  2. Weight – the Inergy Apex is much heavier than its predecessor. The reason? The MPPT controller, which means more power.
  3. The Kodiak has four USB-A ports compared to the Apex’s USB B- ports, of which there are two, and another two which connect to USB-C ports.
  4. Kodiak can deliver 900 watts of power, the Apex can deliver 550 watts, although it was capable of 850 watts before the battery ran down.

How can you buy Inergy Apex Solar Generator?

Inergy apex solar generators are sold on Amazon although not for a while. The availability does change, although there are other solar generators there in stock.

Inergy sells them directly from their website, however, there are other sources where the Inergy apex solar generator can be bought from.

One example is the Wild Oak Trail eCommerce site. They sell the Inergy apex, and they issue them with a wall charger, a carrying strap, a user guide with a warranty lasting one year. Another website selling the Inergy apex would be Shop Solar kits.

On Inergy itself it has something the other sites lack – a performance capabilities list, detailing how much different power pieces of technology; for instance, smartphones which take 5 to 7 watts, tablets for 25-40 watts.

As mentioned above, the Inergy apex requires special handling, and in some cases, it might take time for the generator to arrive, but it will arrive.

What do buyers think of the Inergy Apex?

Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, any solar generator sold recently has taken its time reaching its buyers. Those who have bought the generator, are satisfied with its performance.

In one case, a couple went out on a road trip, and the Inergy apex was the perfect power source. It kept their microwave going, and it ran the mini-fridge in the van while also providing more than enough energy for their laptop, their phones, and their Apple watches.

On Amazon, a reviewer claimed the Inergy Apex was far better than its competition, even putting off writing a review for a few weeks so they could see how the Apex performed. And they were delighted with the results. They compared the generator to a Goal Zero Yeti 1000, another power generator, and they discovered the Apex had the best output when connected to the solar panels. They were also impressed with the lightweight nature of the Inergy apex.

They were even more impressed when they drew 1,000 watts over half an hour, and it went without any problems. They also compared the Apex to eco flow and learned the Inergy apex still had a faster recharge time and a much longer lifespan. They also looked at the Bluetti solar power generator, but they were still impressed by the lightweight Inergy apex.

However, this reviewer wasn’t impressed by the pictures on Amazon, which showed the generator wasn’t portable, which it is.

One reviewer was more impressed with the Inergy apex solar generator at a campsite and was impressed with how quiet the generator was when compared to noisy gas generators.

The Inergy Apex is a popular generator to take on holiday. Another reviewer who had purchased one from Wild Oak Trails described taking their Inergy Apex on a 5000-mile long road trip, and it was used to cook, boil water while charging up tablets.

They had been concerned with the solar generator holding a charge while it wasn’t in use, but it didn’t disappoint. But before the road trip, the reviewer had tried the Inergy apex with other pieces of technology, such as a drill press and a saw besides a microwave, and found they all worked perfectly well.


The Inergy Apex Solar Generator has been superseded by the Inergy FLEX 1500 modular solar generator, coming with a battery compatible with the two previous models.

However, the Inergy Apex is still a serviceable model, and it’s always great for doing the job it was manufactured for.

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