How To Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer?

When you have your above-ground pool, it is one of the most fun things you can assemble and disassemble whenever you need it. Most people have their Intex above-ground pools set up throughout the year, requiring constant care and maintenance to be done to them. 

You have to use a manual vacuum with most Intex pools, connected to a special adapter that connects to your pump. Using the vacuum and a connected pipe, you sweep across the bottom and the sides of the pool, cleaning the basket in the pump regularly to ensure proper pressure. 

There are several things about Intex pools that need to be considered when you start cleaning them, with the material requiring that you tread carefully. We have seen several people who assume that these pools are the same as normal pools; however, you need to know about cleaning them. 

How Do You Hook Up A Vacuum To An Intex Pool?

The thing about cleaning your Intex pool with a vacuum is that it is not nearly as simple as cleaning a normal pool. This is because Intex above ground pools do not have the same systems and weirs as normal pools, so you need to work on getting the suction just right.

Fortunately, a step-by-step process can be followed to have the pool pump connected to your vacuum. This will allow you to easily and comfortably clean your pool without losing water and control of the entire system you are using to clean the Intex pool. 

  • Unplug From Outlet: The first step is to unplug the pool pump from the outlets, disconnecting the power, ensuring that it is not running. We recommend unplugging it completely because there is a chance that water can go everywhere, and even a switched-off pump can get shorted. 
  • Unscrew House: Close all the valves to ensure water does not leak out, and then start unscrewing the pool pump house. The hose should stay connected to the pool but not connected to your pump, effectively leaving two pipes that are not connected. 
  • Connect Adapter: Most Intex vacuum systems come with adapters to ensure that the connection only needs to be added once. Connect the adapter that allows the vacuum hoses and the pool hose to be connected to the pool pump. 
  • Attach All The Hoses: Once all the adapters are connected, you need to add all the hoses. This will be a tangle of hoses that goes from the pool pump, the pool itself, the filter, and a connection that is a lot longer to connect to your vacuum and move around the pool.
  • Connect To Vacuum: Once you have the hoses, adapters, and extra valves connected, you need to connect the longest open hose to the vacuum. We recommend building the vacuum completely out of the water and connecting the hoses to the vacuum once you have everything set up. 
  • Submerge Vacuum: Once you have all the hoses ready and connected, you have to submerge the vacuum under the water, ensuring the pipe is filled with as much water as possible. We recommend submerging as much of the hose as possible before starting the pump. 
  • Limit Suction Of Air: You must remember to work out as much as possible air from the system before turning it on. Pool pumps are not made to handle air, which means that they will not work properly if too much air is stuck in the pipes and hoses. 
  • Start Cleaning: The last step is to start the pump, test the suction power, and slowly start cleaning the pool. You will notice that the suction power drops after a few minutes, which means that you need to clean the weird basket in the pump. 

Can You Hook The Pool Vacuum To The Pump?

Yes, you can hook the pool vacuum to the pool pump when starting to clean an Intex pool to ensure that you have the proper amount of suction. Intex pools do not have normal weirs, which means that the only way to connect the vacuum is to connect it to the pool pump. 

Your pool pump has been made to filter out the sand, rocks, leaves, and other debris you are working so hard to suck up. However, you will have to clean the basket to properly ensure that the pool pump does not get damaged, as it can have a problem working when too full. 

We recommend checking on the pump whenever you are sucking up a large pile of leaves or anything else, ensuring that the pump can work properly. Smaller things like sand and rocks will be less of a problem than leaves and twigs will eventually cause. 

What Kind Of Vacuum Do You Need For An Intex Pool?

There are several types of vacuums that you can find on the market, but for Intex pools, we recommend that you get a complete system. These usually have the pipe, vacuum, handle, fitments, and an inline weir that ensures that the pump is not working too hard.

These vacuums usually cost a bit more than the normal vacuum that works for other pools but will be able to easily and comfortably clean your Intex pool. We recommend spending a bit more to get something that works properly, no matter how large your Intex pool is. 

We have seen many people that try to take a shortcut by simply getting a vacuum meant for larger underground pools. However, these pool vacuums will not work with your Intex pool as it does not have all the right fitments and pipes to connect to a normal pool vacuum. 

Why Do Skimmers Not Work Well With Intex Pools?

The most common issue with pool skimmers not working well with Intex pools is that the pump does not provide enough suction or the floor is too uneven. Pool skimmers are usually not good at handling folds that usually appear in the Intex above-ground pools. 

Further, some can be too abrasive, causing the pool to be damaged as the skimmer moves through it repeatedly, eventually causing weak spots. The last reason that skimmers may not work with your Intex pool is that it is too small for the skimmer to work properly. 

We always recommend that you check this before doing anything else, as Intex pools are usually not that large, with the skimmer not working properly. We always recommend that you manually vacuum Intex pools to ensure that you are truly getting everything. 


Intex pools are not as complicated as other pools, but they still require some manual vacuuming when the leaves get too much. We recommend that you always ensure that the pool is clean and that leaves are not piling up, as they easily cause algae to grow. 

Always remember, your Intex pool will not magically stay clean and ready if you are never cleaning it! 


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