Reset blink sync module

Are you dealing with a Blink Sync Module that just doesn’t want to behave the way it is supposed to?

Have you noticed a slip in performance across your Blink system and believe that a poorly optimized Blink Sync Module is the reason for the degradation?

So, how can you reset blink sync module? To reset the module, press and hold the blink sync module reset button available close to the USB port for 10-15 secs until it turns red.

Are you not able to make or save the changes to the Blink Sync Module you are using to connect all of your security cameras to the internet and need to lockdown and secure your system once and for all?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those problems – or just want to be sure that you know how to reset Blink Sync Module hardware to be as prepared as possible going forward – you’re going to want to use the inside info included below.

Truth be told, the whole process for resetting a synchronization module from Blink is a pretty simple and straightforward kind of system.

There’s really not all whole lot of moving pieces to figuring this out, which is great news as you’ll be able to get your Sync Module back up and running in no time at all if it wasn’t behaving correctly.

Let’s get right into the nuts and bolts of tackling this issue, shall we?

Why Would I Need to Reset My Blink Sync Module?

A lot of people discover that they need to reset their Blink Sync Module after figuring out that some of the cameras in their Blink array aren’t working the way they are supposed to or are noticing sluggish performance across the board.

Most people will try and power cycle the cameras that aren’t behaving the way they should before they do anything else, but when that doesn’t work it’s time to reset the Sync Module itself.

The best thing about resetting the Sync Module is that it sort of soft reboots the whole Blink system. All the hardware connected through the Sync Module should see a performance increase and smoother operations after the reset has completed.

Step-By-Step Reset Guide – Reset Blink Sync Module

The very first thing you’re going to want to do is physically locate the Sync Module itself.

After that’s taken care of, flip the module on its side and locate the RESET button (it should be located near the USB port).

Grab a pen, a pencil, a small screwdriver or a straightened out paperclip and press the RESET and then hold it until the lights on the Sync Module start to turn red. Sometimes this whole process takes about 5 or 10 seconds, sometimes it takes 15 to 30 seconds, and sometimes it takes even longer than that!

No matter what, though, make sure that you continue holding down on that button until the light turns red.

After that, simply leave the module alone as it goes through its own internal reset process. You’ll know you’re ready to start work the Sync Module again when you see a single solid green light and a flashing blue light where the red light used to be.

Now it’s time to go into the Blink mobile application and then delete the Sync Module from that profile completely. Simply click and hold on the module you want to delete, select the DELETE option, and then wait for the system to finalize this decision.

Reinstall the Sync Module

The next piece of the puzzle is closing down the Blink application completely and then re-opening it up, looking for the (?) icon in the application.

Double check and confirm that the Sync Module has in fact been deleted and then click on the (+) icon in the mobile application.

From here you’ll be prompted to add a new piece of Blink wireless security hardware to this profile. Scan the system or entering the Sync Module serial number and then click the DISCOVER DEVICE button.

Click on the JOIN button after the application automatically detects the Sync Module from there. All you have to do now is click the DONE button and then reconfigure the module using the settings you were taking advantage of in the past.

Once that has all been taken care of you are good to go.

Your Blink Sync Module is going to work like it was brand-new again, which does mean that you’re going to have to reset up your wireless security system through this module – but at least everything’s going to work the way you expected it to again!

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