how to pair xfinity remote to TV

To pair an Xfinity remote to a television, aim the remote at the TV and use the appropriate code. If the remote has voice features, hold down the microphone button and say “program remote” to start the pairing process.

Xfinity remotes are often easier to pair than other remote controls, but there are a few specific ways to pair the remotes.

You can use Xfinity TV boxes, voice remotes, or the online lookup tool for a quick pairing process, easily solving any lost remote issues you may have.

Using an Xfinity TV Box to Pair Xfinity Remote to TV

An Xfinity TV box not only syncs effortlessly to an Xfinity remote, but it offers live TV controls, video recording, and on-demand features.

To use the Xfinity box, start by connecting it to your television. You can pair a Xfinity voice remove by:

  • Pointing the remote at the TV box
  • Holding down the voice button (indicated with a microphone)
  • Saying “program remote”
  • Following the subsequent instructions on screen

For other Xfinity remotes:

  • Aim the remote at the television and press ‘A’
  • Choose ‘remote setup
  • Answer ‘yes’ to using the voice to control the volume and power

You should receive a notification to indicate that the remote is paired for remote control. When asked if you want to use the remote to control the television, select ‘yes’ again.

You will be prompted to type the brand of the television using the letters and numbers on screen, and after submitting this you should adjust the TV volume to confirm success.

If this fails, the box will have you run through the process again.

Pairing Xfinity Voice Remote to TV

To pair the Xfinity Voice Remote directly to the television or an audio device, press and hold the microphone button and command “program remote”.

You can also go into your TV’s settings page, select ‘remote settings’, and navigate to ‘voice remote pairing’ (if available).

Voice remotes can also be paired using the Remote Code Lookup tool found on the Xfinity website, or Xfinity app Users can log into their account.

Using Code Lookup Tool to Pair Xfinity Remote to TV

The Xfinity Remote Code Lookup tool is straightforward to use, and it makes it much easier to locate the appropriate codes for your television.

To save you some time, popular codes include:

  • 10178 (LG)
  • 10051 (Panasonic)
  • 10812 (Samsung)
  • 10000 (Sony)
  • 10156 (Toshiba)

If these do not work, or if you have a different television, simply select the remote you have and perform the steps indicated by the lookup tool.

Xfinity Remotes with Setup Buttons

Check to see if your Xfinity remote features a ‘setup’ button.

Starting with your television powered on, hold down this button. When the light at the top of the Xfinity remote switches to green, enter the code ‘9 9 1’. This should cause the green light to flash twice.

From here, press the ‘Channel Up’ button until the television powers off, then press the ‘setup’ button to secure the pairing.

To check the connection, try to flip the television power using the remote. If it does not turn on, you need to start the process over or reach out to customer service.

Xfinity Remotes with Number Buttons

For Xfinity remotes that do not have ‘setup’ buttons, you instead need to use the number keys. 

Start with your television powered on, then hold the ‘Xfinity’ and ‘Mute’ buttons simultaneously. After about 5 seconds, the top light should switch to green.

Type in the television manufacturer’s five digit code. The remote should blink green twice; a red blink indicates an incorrect code.

After you succeed, point the remote to the television and attempt to turn it off. If this works, turn it back on and ensure you can control volume and muting.

If the television fails to turn off, try using a different code. Most manufacturers have numerous codes for you to try, so do not fret if the first one does not work.

Other Xfinity Remotes

Remotes that do not have setup or number buttons, and they require a different approach.

Ensure that the television and box are powered on, then pull the activate the remote by pulling the plastic tab. Then, point the remote at the box and hold the voice button down.

Your television will provide instructions for you to go through and finish voice pairing, but you need to follow additional instructions for remote control.

Hold the ‘microphone’ button again and say “program remote”. This will automatically program the remote to control the television without voice.

Using the Xfinity My Account App to Pair Remote to TV

You can use the Xfinity app on an Android or Apple device to pair the remote to the television. After downloading, open the application and log in. Move to your account, then tap the TV icon and pick your TV box.

Select ‘setup a remote’ and pass through the options until you find your specific remote control mode. Select ‘continue’, then pick whether you are pairing to a ‘TV’ or ‘Audio/Other’ device.

The application will provide instructions for your specific situation.

Factory Resetting Remote

If you still have issues pairing your Xfinity remote, you might need to perform a factory reset before trying again.

To do this, hold down the ‘info’ button and the ‘home’ button. The status light at the top of the remote will blink after about 5 seconds to indicate you can release the buttons.

Select the ‘power’ button, then the ‘last’ button, and finally ‘volume down’. This sequence communicates your need to factory reset the remote, and when it is done you can try to pair the remote again.

What are the codes for Xfinity remote?

Xfinity remote codes are 4 – 5 digit code, unique to every Tv manufacturer/brand.

These are responsible to allow your Tv to connect successfully with the xfinity remote.

Here are some codes for popular Tv brands.

LG – 10178

Panasonic – 10051

Samsung – 10812

Sony – 10000

Toshiba – 10156

Final Thoughts

Generic universal remotes are often difficult to pair. The Xfinity remotes streamline the process, creating online code lookup tools to help you pair your remote with ease. For any issues, you can always contact Xfinity customer support for help.

Whether you use a TV box, voice remote, or a simpler model, Xfinity remotes use the same basic processes for pairing.

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