There is very little that can be more annoying than an insistent alarm going off without any particular reason.

If your ADT alarm is going off then it must be due to an interrupted power supply or battery fault or wiring fault.

Not only does the demanding sound throw one-off in a tizzy, but it often becomes a disturber of the peace, especially when it goes off at unexpected times such as in the middle of the night. 

If you’re one of those people who have been suffering the inconvenient sounds of an uncalled ADT alarm, here are some troubleshooting ways to help you solve this problem.

Excited? Let’s go and check it out! 

What is an ADT Alarm?

An ADT is a security system designed to protect your home from burglaries, fires, subsequently helping one monitor homes and businesses more efficiently.

An ADT alarm is triggered if the assigned zone has been violated in any way, such as the opening of a window.

Violations are detected if there are any interruptions in the electricity circuit flow of the monitored region. 

The alarm system then transmits signals through either a landline or a mobile device and alerts owners, a security company, or the indicated authorities. 

How To troubleshoot an ADT alarm?

There’s very little that is worse than an alarm going off, except of course an unplanned alarm which is worse. Here are some ways that you can quickly troubleshoot and tackle a rogue ADT alarm.

  • Check the Battery or Power Supply: ADT alarms typically go off if there is an interruption or breakage in the electrical current of the monitored region. If your alarm goes off unexpectedly, it may be due to an interrupted power supply or battery fault. Thus, it is a good idea to take a look at both to ensure it won’t happen again.
  • Check Wirings: Some issues with the ADT alarm system can often cause rogue alarms. If such an incident happens, it is a good idea to recheck the sensors, as well as the wiring of the whole system in an attempt to troubleshoot the problem. 
  • Bypass the Zone: Sometimes a temporary fix such as bypassing a zone can help solve the problem long enough to conduct a thorough search on what caused the issue.
  • Check the Sensors: One of the most important things to evaluate is the sensors themselves. There is a large range of sensors that are used to provide your home with the security it needs. 

Sensors range from Carbon monoxide detectors to those checking for smoke, glass break-ins, and even motion sensors.

If your alarm is going off for no reason, it is likely that you would have to troubleshoot all the sensors to discover the issue. 

Potential Reasons why your ADT alarm is going off!

Sometimes in order to stop an ADT alarm from going off unwarranted, it can be helpful to evaluate some possible reasons that might cause it to go off. The reason easily is one of these options. 

  • Power instability: one of the most common reasons for an ADT alarm to go off is a fluctuation or sudden loss of power. If the monitoring electric circuit is interrupted in any way, an alarm signal will go off. 
  • Moving Pets: pets, particularly large dogs or cats moving erratically in a monitored zone run a high risk of triggering an ADT alarm. 
  • Random Object Intervention: sometimes alarms are triggered by moving objects, particularly in places of work. An ADT alarm in a store or a warehouse may be more likely to be triggered by large objects such as displays or even pieces of packaging. Sometimes something as simple as an open window can trigger an alarm. 

What are False Alarms on ADT?

As their name suggests, false alarms are often triggered by accident, which means that if you trigger one immediate action on your part can help dismantle the alert before it goes too far.

False alarms can be diffused by your punching in the security code and overriding the alert itself. Of course, to diffuse an alarm successfully, you must act fast. 

You can prevent false alarms by ensuing your setting fits your requirements, for example if you have large and active pets it is a good idea to keep the setting on as ‘Stay’.

However, if you are not home for longer periods of time, you can switch the setting to ‘Away’. 

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As you have seen, an ADT alarm doesn’t really go off for “no” reason, rather, it goes off when it detects something out of the ordinary through its sensors.

If your ADT alarm is going off it is a good idea to troubleshoot the sensors and find out what happened to trigger the alarm. 

Keep in mind that incidents such as false alarms are more common than you think.

If you accidentally trigger an ADT alarm, swift action on your part will diffuse the alarm before it alerts many other people.

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