The trendy-looking Dyson Humidifier is not only a very futuristic-looking appliance but looks like it may be able to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Jokes aside, the British Dyson brand is very good at making household appliances that look like they belong in the modern home. The Dyson Humidifier can communicate with you via a smart app on your phone.

The Dyson Humidifier purifies and humidifies the air in your living rooms and bedrooms, providing healthier air to breathe. A monthly deep clean is required to keep the humidifier operating at peak performance and eliminate the risk of bacterial growth or scale formation.

The 1 gallon (4.56L) water reservoir is sufficient to provide 36 hours of operation. The 30 gallons(136.8L) of water consumed in a month requires that a deep clean is done every month to eliminate the buildup of hard water scale or kill any bacterial growth that may be present.

Let’s look at the step-by-step process of keeping your Dyson Humidifier at peak performance.

Dyson Humidifier Monthly Deep Cleaning Procedure

The tap water used in your Dyson Humidifier contains minerals and disinfectants agents such as Calcium and Chlorine that result in hard deposits on the inside of the device. Conditions in the humidifier are ideal for the growth of bacteria and pathogens that may be harmful if not treated monthly.

Connecting to your Dyson Humidifier via the Dyson Link mobile application will result in giving you a notification message to do the monthly deep cleaning cycle. If you are not using the mobile application, a reminder to do the deep lean cycle will appear on the LCD screen on the device.

The monthly deep cleaning procedure is essential to ensure that you maintain the significant health benefits from using the Dyson Humidifier in your home. You will require the following to perform the deep clean:

  • Safety glasses and surgical gloves
  • Citric Acid, available in powder form from drugstores
  • A 500ml measuring jug
  • Microfiber towels
  • A clean and dry work surface
  • Clean water

Step 1: Initiate Deep Clean Cycle

Keep the Dyson Humidifier plugged into the electrical outlet during the deep clean operation as the steps to follow will be visible on the digital LCD screen. Place the device on the clean, dry surface in front of you. The Deep Clean Cycle Button is located on the front of the machine directly under the loop.

Step 2: Disassembly

Push down on the shroud release buttons on the sides of the device. Place the shrouds to one side on the clean, dry surface. Now push down on the water tank release buttons on the side of the device, on the same level as the water tank.

Slide the water tank out of the machine and unclip the cap on the tank. Next, you will remove the evaporator unit from the device, place it inside the water tank, and refit the cap.

Step 3: Preparing the Citric Acid Cleaning Solution

Flush the water tank with fresh tap water and fill the tank to the halfway mark with cold, clean water. Carefully weigh-off 150g of citric acid powder and add it to the cold water tank. Gently agitate the water tank until all the citric acid crystals have been dissolved.

Place the evaporator back in the water tank and fill the tank up to the maximum level mark. Replace the cap on the water tank and secure the clips. Using a microfiber towel, wipe off any water from the outside of the water tank, ensuring that there are no water droplets on the outside surface of the tank.

Step 4. Starting the Deep Clean Cycle 

Slide the water tank back into the device until it clips into its normal position. A prompt on the LCD screen will tell you when to press the Deep Clean Cycle button. A countdown timer will appear on the LCD screen to count down to the end of the cleaning cycle.

Step 5. Removing the Water Tank

When the Deep Clean Cycle countdown is complete, a message will appear on the LCD screen, allowing you to continue with the cleaning process.

Depress the water tank release buttons on the side of the water tank to release the tank from the machine. Now slide the tank out of the machine.

Place the water tank in your kitchen sink for the next step in the cleaning process.

Step 6. Rinsing out the water tank and the evaporator

Remove the cap from the water tank and take the evaporator out of the water tank. Thoroughly rinse the evaporator, water tank, and cap under cold, clean running water in your kitchen sink.

Take the rinsed components back to the clean, dry working surface. Using the clean microfiber towels, wipe the tank dry inside and outside.

Step 7. Refilling and Assembly

Refill the water tank to the maximum level indicator on the tank and replace the cap. 

Step 8. Final Assembly

Now reinstall the evaporator and the water tank into the device. Close the inner door and replace the filter covers. The water tank can now be reinstalled in the machine.

Step 9. Deep Clean Cycle Complete

A message will appear on the LCD screen advising that the Deep Clean Cycle is complete and that your Dyson Humidifier can now resume normal operation again.

Wipe down the device with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove any dust from the loop and shroud of the device.

You have now completed the monthly Deep Clean Cycle and can unplug the device and reinstall it in the desired location.

Why does the Dyson humidifier need cleaning?

Dyson humidifier picks up mold, dirt, and grime while working. If these are not cleaned and removed from the humidifier, it can cause malfunctioning and several serious issues with the humidifier itself.

Further, it can also cause internal components to break down and lose efficiency.

Therefore, you must clean your humidifier regularly to keep its efficiency optimal.

Can you use tap water in Dyson humidifier?

According to Dyson, you can use tap water but I would not recommend using it.

The tap water contains minerals and disinfectants agents that can result in hard deposits on the inside of the device and result in the growth of bacteria and pathogens in it.


The Dyson Humidifier must be deep cleaned monthly, and the device will prompt you when this is due either via the mobile application or on the LCD screen on the device. The cleaning process requires the use of citric acid, which can be obtained from a drugstore.

The LCD screen will provide you with step-by-step prompts on how to perform the deep cleaning cycle on the device and will alert you when it is ready to commence with normal function again.

The Dyson website also contains very detailed schematics to assist you in performing the procedure. The website provides a video demonstrating the procedure in detail.

For getting the optimum benefit from this amazing device, it is imperative that the monthly cleaning procedure is followed.


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