We require power while traveling, and goal zero Yeti 400 is a highly convenient power station that is all-in-one. It features a 33Ah capacity and 396 watts. However, sometimes we need to chain this power station to other batteries for extra power.

So, how to chain Goal Zero Yeti 400? You need to switch off the display and connect 6MM OUTPUT TO ANDERSON ADAPTER to the side of the Yeti 400 and connect it to 6MM MALE TO ALLIGATOR CLAMP. Now, connect the clamp to the battery, and voila! you have chained your Yeti.

It is capable of charging your laptop approximately five times, your phone more than 30 times, and it is ideal for running small devices for an extended period.

Moreover, a goal zero Yeti 400 is ideal for use throughout the year. You can use Yeti 400 during both cold and warm weather seasons. With that said, in this article, I will be sharing the process of how to chain goal zero Yeti 400.

How to chain goal zero Yeti 400?

By chaining your goal zero Yeti to another goal zero Yeti 400, you will be able to increase its running time. In order to chain a goal zero a Yeti 400 to another Yeti 400 you will have to;

· Ensure you have a goal zero Yeti chaining cable

· Insert the cable into ports on each Yeti 400.

· Ensure that the two Yetis are charged before chaining.

Whenever an additional battery is chained onto a goal zero Yeti 400, the charging time will be increased significantly.

Furthermore, you should note that a Yeti 400 cannot be chained with a Yeti 1250. This is because they feature different internal battery sizes.

However, you might chain a goal zero Yeti 400 to a discontinued extreme 350 power pack. When you perform a parallel connection, you will be able to increase current potential.

On the other hand, the series connection will aid in increasing voltage potential. When working with electricity, safety should be your top priority, and that is no different with chaining a goal zero Yeti 400.

Always wear essential rubber clothes to help in preventing the chances of electrocution.

How reliable is a goal zero Yeti 400?

Goal Zero Yeti 400 features high-powered outputs, various ways of recharging it, and high storage capacity; these features make it a highly reliable device.

With the Yeti 400, you will be able to keep your devices running, whether you are indoors or outdoors. The best part is that it does not feature any noise maintenance or fumes like the old-fashioned gasoline-powered generators.

Yeti 400 is silent and highly portable, making it perfect for basecamps, RVs, cabins, vans as well as off-grid homes.

All your devices such as laptops, cameras, and phones will be kept fully charged by the goal zero Yeti 400. Furthermore, this Yeti 400 collects energy from the sun when chained with solar panels.

The goal zero Yeti 400 features a replaceable lithium battery weighing approximately 17 pounds and a shelf life of 18 months.

This device features versatile powering options, which include two AC, three USB ports, and 12V output. There is an informative display equipped with a recharge/running time estimator, battery level as well as an input/output meter.

Why chain goal zero Yeti 400?

By daisy-chaining the goal zero Yeti 400, you will be able to increase its functionality. Furthermore, you will be able to share amp hours as well as simplifying charging speed.

When chaining your goal zero Yeti 400, it is best to use Anderson cable and connect it to the Anderson USB ports, both input, and output. This will aid to boost its functionality significantly.

Usually, the Anderson goal zero Yeti 400 cable is equipped with the Anderson power pole connectors on both ends and a single output.

Power on the palm of your hand

You can control the goal zero Yeti 400 virtually from anywhere using the goal zero Yeti application. With the app, you can check the level of your battery, power out as well as in, and turn the ports on and off on the palm of your hand. This makes it easy to control the Yeti 400.

You can keep your Yeti performance updated occasionally by the latest firmware updates that will make it perform at its best. You can do this using the Yeti application.

The best part is that the goal zero Yeti app is not only compatible with the goal zero Yeti 400 but also with the Yeti 1400 and 3000 lithium as well.

What devices can you charge with Goal Zero Yeti?

You require power during camping in an RV, tent, or trailer, or you are looking for a highly reliable emergency power supply, the goal zero Yeti 400 will be best for you. This portable power supply is ideal for keeping essential devices charged throughout.

This device can be recharged quickly using solar power, electricity, and a car 12V adapter; this makes it highly reliable.

With the Yeti 400, you will be able to charge various small devices such as;

· POV camera. It recharges more than 70 times.

· Smartphones can be recharged more than 20 times.

· Headlamp can as well be recharged more than 70 times.

· Laptops can be recharged more than 10 times.

· Tablets can be recharged more than 10 ties

· Mini fridges can be powered for more than 7 hours.

· Powers 32 inch LCD TV for 3 hours.

When compared to most portable power supplies, goal zero Yeti 400 features an incredible energy supply that makes it stand out from the rest, with this device, you will be able to run different small devices for an extended period of time.

When chained, a goal zero Yeti 400 power output increases significantly. As we come to a conclusion, we hope that you will be able to chain a goal zero Yeti 400 quickly and safely.

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