Nowadays, solar panels are not just for businesses and homes; portable solar panels are designed to be useful for almost all situations. Furthermore, there are several portable solar products available in today’s market, from a solar phone chargers to solar generators and portable solar panels.

On an average, a solar panel produces around 250-500 Watts of power per year. The power that a portable solar panel can produce depends upon three factors – 1) efficiency 2) size of the Solar panel and 3) exposure to sunlight.

And how sufficient is the energy from a portable solar panel? These are questions most individuals tend to ask themselves before purchasing a portable solar panel.

Fortunately, I am here to help answer these essential questions related to portable solar panels.

Overview of a portable solar panel

First of all, you should note that the amount of power produced by a portable solar panel differs significantly. These often are determined by the size of the solar panel, amount of sunlight, and effectiveness of the solar panel, among other aspects.

A portable solar panel is an essential source of power when far from home. Often, portable solar panels are used as a backup source of power during RV trips or camping.

Portable solar panels are similar to the common ground or rooftop solar panels, which often produce 250 to 365 watts of power per panel. On the other hand, portable solar panels generate approximately 100 watts per panel.

The other version of the portable solar is a solar charger. These solar chargers are small and easy to move around with; they are often used in charging small electronic devices such as a smartphone.

Most of these portable solar chargers generate approximately 5 to 20 watts of power.

Due to their small sizes, portable solar panels feature several unique features that are essential such as foldable or kickstand designs, which makes them easy to transport.

However, if you are planning a solar panel for your home then you should go through this article by the US Department of Energy.

How much energy can you produce from a portable solar panel generator?

The amounts of power that can be generated from a portable solar panel highly depend on the following factors;

  1. Panel’s efficiency
  2. Sunlight exposure
  3. Size of the solar panel

These three aspects are highly essential when it comes to the amount of power generated by a solar panel. Usually, solar panels that produce 210 to 320 watts correspond to what the panel can produce in Standard Test Conditions.

You will require understanding the number of hours in which your solar panel will need to be exposed to sunlight. Furthermore, shade, along with few clouds, will profoundly affect the amount of power a solar panel will generate.

An average household uses 30 kilowatts of power an hour per day. However, portable solar panels can meet approximately 5% to 10% of your electricity needs back at home.

When relying on a battery or an array of batteries for storage, it will depend highly on the efficiency of charging as well as discharging cycle.

For a small 45-watt portable solar panel will be ideal for charging small electrical devices and lighting up some LED light.

On the other hand, a 120 watts portable solar panel will be suitable for light-up LEDs, charging phones, and lighting mini-fridge.

What is the most appropriate way to use a portable solar panel?

Usually, portable solar panels are essential for carrying out small projects; however, they are not ideal for lighting up your home.

If you are an individual who is always on the move and would require a reliable source of power, then a solar panel will be best for you.

Here are some situations in which portable solar panels have proved to be effective;

Camping and RV trips

Are you a camping or RV trip enthusiast? If yes, then you should consider giving portable solar panels a try. These incredible sources of power are considered to be the most excellent option for RV owners who often spend most of their time on the road.

As an RV owner, having few portable solar panels will aid in recharging your solar generator during the day when the sun is shunning.

It is considered an essential source of power, which will support running some appliances during your trip.

With a portable solar panel, you will be able to get rid of noise pollution that is often associated with generators; this will give you an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful night and trip as you enjoy nature.

Just like any ground or roof-mounted solar panel, the portable solar panel requires various accessories in order to store and generate energy.

You will need cables, a solar generator, or a battery, an inverter, and tools that will aid your panel securely mounted while in use.

It is no doubt that portable solar panels are essential; however, you will have to set them correctly in order to enjoy all the benefits.

You can go through the DIY installation of solar panels on RV video to better understand the process.

However, if you don’t want to do it yourself then hire a professional to install solar panels on your RV’s roof.

Things to consider when purchasing a portable solar panel

Before buying a portable solar panel here are some essential things to consider;


Will you be using your solar panel while backpacking or in your RV? This is a crucial question that you will need to answer before purchasing a portable solar panel.

If you are backpacking, a 1.7 kilograms portable solar panel will be best for you. They are easy to use and are perfect for use during an emergency situation. On the other hand, a 3.2-kilogram solar panel will be best for an RV.


The amount of money you are willing to spend on a portable solar panel should always be among the top priority. Usually, the size and capacity of a solar will affect its price.

When looking for a highly efficient portable solar panel, you should be prepared to spend a few bucks.

Devices and appliance

The type of devices and tools that will be relying on your portable solar panel will profoundly affect its capacity and power output.

Therefore, you should always check on the type of devices you will be using and figure out the amount of power consumption you will require.

This will help you choose the right size of a portable solar panel.

Final verdict

I hope that this article will be of the essence to you on your quest for a portable solar panel. You should try and implement the above aspects in order to get a solar panel that will best suit your needs.

Related Questions

Can a house run on solar power alone? Yes, a house can run fully on solar power but at the same time, you need something that big to store that much energy. Solar walls can be made but they are highly expensive can store a maximum of 3-5 days of power.

Can you run an air conditioner with solar power? It is possible to run the air conditioner on the solar panel but you must ensure the amount of power that is used by your air conditioner and the power that your solar panel produces.

For example, if your air conditioner uses 1.3 Kw of energy then your solar panel should be able to produce around 2-5 kwh. So, either you need a solar panel with more power or an air conditioner that uses less solar power.

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