Solar power stations have become a great source of energy in past few years. The use of Solar Energy is increasing as it is safe and keeps nature free from pollution.

If you go camping or on holidays a solar power station can be of great use and here comes the use of Goal Zero Yeti. I am using Goal Zero Yeti 400 but before buying it, one of my great concerns was how long does it actually last and for what purposes I can use it?

So, how long does a Goal Zero Yeti battery last? Depending upon the Goal Zero Yeti variants and the amount of power being used, a goal zero Yeti can last up to 50+ hours and has a life expectancy of 500 charge cycles. A basic Goal zero yeti of 150 Watt can recharge your smartphone 10-15 times. You must recharge your power station once in three months to keep it working.

Below are the different Goal Zero Yeti Models and how long they last for different devices-

Models Phone TV Fridge
15 Recharges NA NA
40 Recharges 3 hours 7 hours
GOAL ZERO YETI 1000 LITHIUM PORTABLE POWER STATION 50+ Recharges 7 hours 17 hours
GOAL ZERO YETI 1250 PORTABLE POWER STATION 60+ Recharges 8 hours 20+ hours
GOAL ZERO YETI 1400 LITHIUM POWER STATION WITH WIFI 70+ Recharges 10 hours 23+ hours

How to charge Goal Zero Yeti 400?

The Goal Zero Yeti is very easy to charge and there are three different ways by which you can charge this portable power station.

You can charge it through Sunlight, electricity and a 12V outlet.

Sunlight – Goal Zero Yeti 400 can be easily recharged by connecting it to a solar panel. However, the duration of charge depends upon the solar plate power and their compatibility with the Yeti 400 Lithium.

The solar charger that Goal zero recommends is The Boulder 100 Briefcase. As per its name, the solar panel can be folded just like a briefcase.

I have personally used it and have observed that the panel is durable and rugged, made up of strong tempered glass with corner protection for installation. I got this in a canvas bag for easy carrying.

You can use this with Goal Zero portable power station and keep your gears charged always.

Power – The yeti 400 can also be charged through a power source. However, you can only plug it into your wall if you are home. The power station takes only 7 hours to get fully charged through this.

Vehicle’s Outlet – This is the best feature that is suitable and highly considerable. Charging your power station through your vehicle’s 12V outlet.

Yes, you can use YETI 12V CAR CHARGING CABLE and plug in into your car’s 12V battery outlet. Your Yeti 400 will get charged in 4-7 hours.

Go through the below video to understand how to charge Yeti 400 Lithium using a vehicle battery outlet.

Note: Make sure to use the above recommended charging cable only. Using another cable can cause damage to your Yeti power station.

“Just finished an 8,100 mile, 29-night car-camping road trip from east coast to Jasper, Ice fields Highway, Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Glacier, Yellowstone and Moab. Cable was connected to GZ Yeti 400 lithium which kept a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, camera, CPAP, and a plethora of batteries charged. Cable charged Yeti during driving, giving me a 100% charge to use overnight.”

Jim Moir , Expert in Camping for 2 Years
U.S. Navy – Military (Amazon Reviews)

Replacing Goal Zero Yeti battery

There are times when the battery of your Yeti completes its life and you need to change the battery. Replacing the battery in a Goal Zero Yeti is not a difficult task but you need to have an idea about how to do it perfectly.

You need to go through the below steps to replace the battery of your Goal Zero Yeti:

  • The first thing you have to do is to open the top cover of the power station. You will see four 4mm screws which you have to unscrew through a 4mm screwdriver. This Bondhus 74660 4mm screwdriver is compatible, long lasting and even fits into the pocket.
  • Once the top cover is removed, you will see the battery inside having a plate above it screwed to keep it in place. Unscrew and remove the plate.
  • Now you can take out the battery but be sure to unscrew and remove wires from the +ve and –ve terminals of the battery.
  • Now, put your new battery in place and screw the RED wires to the positive terminals and BLACK wires to the negative terminals.
  • Put the battery holder back in place and screw it as was before.
  • Now, put the top cover of Goal Zero Yeti back and tighten all the four screws.

You can watch the below video in which replacement of the battery is being done.

Can I charge my device directly from the solar panel?

Small devices like cameras and mp3 require just 1-2.5 Watt of constant power supply for charging. On the other hand, Smartphones and tablets require a constant supply of 5W for charging. These devices stop charging if they don’t get a constant power supply.

There are higher chances that clouds may be passing by and your panel stops providing the constant 5 Watt of power and your charging stops.

Most of the battery-powered devices need to be at normal temperature while charging. It could be better if you place the charging devices in the shade while charging and stop the chance of excessive heating.

You can place the charging device in the shade of the panel to keep the device protected from heat. Also, keeping the device nearer to solar panels may reduce the device’s battery life.

If you are charging your smartphone, then it is always possible that with a slight change in weather your phone stops charging even if it is connected to the solar panel.

However, if you are charging your power station then it would never stop charging even the sunlight becomes so dull. The power station doesn’t leave any opportunity to get charged.

It is better when you are out for camping to charge your power station during day time and use that to charge your device at night.

It might be a little problematic to use your device when you are charging it directly as you will also have to sit in the sun for using that.

Related Questions

What to do when Goal Zero Yeti 400 is not charging? If your Goal Zero Yeti is not charging, then first check the power cable and ensure it’s okay to use. If you find the power cable fine, then it must be the time of replacing the battery.

Can Goal Zero power a Refrigerator? Yes, all the models’ of Goal Zero Yeti can power the refrigerator except Goal Zero Yeti 150. The Yeti 150 can only be used for recharging smartphones, laptops, tablets, and cameras. The small refrigerators use at least 300 Watt whereas large refrigerators can need 750+ watts to run.

Can You use any solar panels with Yeti? No, you cannot use all the solar panels with Yeti power stations. You need solar panels that are compatible with Goal Zero power stations like Boulder 100 Briefcase.

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