Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Portable Solar Power Generator Review

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is not just another power station but the best and most powerful of all Yeti models.

The yeti 3000 can store 3075-watt hours of energy equipped with a replaceable lithium battery pack. The device is a great choice for home power backup and for large gatherings and outdoor events.

This power station can run multiple devices for days. Let’s have a look at the list of devices and their working hours.

DevicesBack up time/Recharges
Smartphone150+ Recharges
Camera500+ Recharges
Headlamp500+ Recharges
Tablet110+ Recharges
Laptop50+ Recharges
Fridge50+ Hours
TV (32’) LCD30+ Hours

However, the price of Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is around $3000 but the features and abilities that you get with this power station make it worth.

Features of Goal Zero Yeti 3000

  • Maximum power point tracker (MPPT)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enabled
  • 3-way charging  
  • Pure Sine wave for continuous power
  • LED display panel

Key Specification and Features of Goal Zero Yeti 3000 lithium

The specifications and features play the main role in deciding which solar generator can fulfil our needs.

So, here’s the key specifications and features of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 3000 that makes it better than others.

Output and Capacity

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium is the most powerful solar generator from Goal Zero.

The device features a pure sine wave AC inverter which produces a continuous 1500 watts of power and a surge power of 3000 watts.

So, you can use this portable power station for both sensitive devices as well as high power devices like sump pumps, refrigerators, power tools, grills, and other powerful devices.

The lithium battery that is placed inside the yeti 3000 is of 3075-watt hours and can power anything whether you are using it for home power back-up or for camping, RV’s, or lawn parties.

It can power up to 10 devices at the same time and even lasts longer than any other yeti power station.

The Yeti 3000 can power all your lights and keep your smartphones and other devices charged for days in case of emergency.

If any member of your family has a breathing problem and uses CPAP then you can use Yeti 3000 for it and it would last for days.

State of the Art Advanced Battery Management System

Lithium batteries are more powerful and efficient than regular batteries but at the same time carry some risk.

The excess heat, overcharge and short circuit carry a risk of fire and therefore the power station is equipped with State of an art battery management system. This system prevents the battery from overheating, overcharging, short-circuiting

The battery placed inside the Yeti 3000 is made from quality lithium cells that provide stability.

Another feature is the auto turn-off that only happens when the connected devices start drawing more than 1500 watts of continuous power supply.

You would see in most of the other generators the battery is sealed in such a way that it becomes impossible to replace it. But, all the power stations from Goal Zero are enclosed in a water-tight enclosure but still, you can easily replace the battery yourself.

Three ways charging

All the Yeti power stations can be charged in three ways when the battery drains out.

The first method that is easy to do when you are at home is plugging it into the AC wall socket. When you recharge the Yeti 3000 with the two included wall chargers it takes 25 hours. However, Yeti Fast Charge 25 Amp Power Supply fully recharges the battery in 10 hours only.

Another method through which you can recharge Yeti 3000 is Sunlight. You can easily pair it with a compatible solar panel, the charge time depends on the solar panel size. The Boulder 200 Briefcase can recharge the solar generator in 18-36 hours.

The third method to recharge the power station lithium battery is through the 12V car adapter. Connect the Yeti 3000 using Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 12V Car Charging Cable and keep it charged on the go.

Always remember to use the recommended cables as a regular cable may damage the whole unit.

3 ways Power output

power output yeti 3000

You have seen that Yeti 3000 is equipped with three different ways of charging despite its high capacity.

At the same time, with Yeti 3000 you get an option to power three different devices with different power requirements with two 12V AC outlets, One 12V DC output, and 4 USB ports with 5V output.

This allows you to power up your different electronic devices at the same time. For example, you can power up your fridge, laptop and even use your coffee maker at the same time.


Goal zero Yeti 3000

As far as the power capacity is concerned, this power station is too lightweight. But it is still heavy and it’s not easy to carry in one hand.

Therefore, the power station is provided with a mobility kit by Goal Zero. The mobility kit has wheels and a telescoping handle that makes the device easy to carry anywhere. You can remove the hand when required.

The durable and water-sealed casing improves portability and use.

Fast Charging Technology

“Maximum Power Point Tracker” often called MPPT is a technology that comes pre-installed with Yeti 3000 and makes the charging faster by 40%. When you charge it with a solar panel, you can see the surge in efficiency yourself.

I have tried and seen that when I use a standard port with one charger I get around 60 watts. However, When I tried using it with MPPT, I got nearly 70 Watts.

This power output also depends upon the time of the day; at noon you would see a high gain in the efficiency with Boulder 200 solar panel.

The MPPT technology also increases the charging efficiency by 20-25 percent when you charge the solar power station through the wall outlet.


Durability is the most important feature that you would look for in a device with a price tag of around $3000. Only a lot of connectivity features cannot make it worth the price, so needs to be quite durable.

The placement of the battery is really simple and the casing is made up of highly durable and strong plastic reinforced by the same material on the round edges.

The handle is strong enough to carry up the weight and the base of the solar generator has 4 rubber stoppers to keep it in place.

The weight of Yeti 3000 is 68lbs and therefore, it is not meant for falls. However, the device can take some low-height falls.

The power station is waterproof and is one of the most essential features we look at when we check for the device’s durability and portability. The device can work normally in up to 40 degrees of temperature and this is an additional feature that you don’t find in other smaller Yeti series. In North America, the temperature crosses 40 degrees in summers.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Goal Zero App is simple and doesn’t take much space in your phone as the size of the App is only 11 MB. The user interface is simple and qualifies the saying “Simplicity is the biggest beauty”.

Once you install and open the app, you will find a similar Homepage as shown below.

On the App homepage, you can see the battery charging status and level and power in and power outs of the current. The App also shows the Time it would take to discharge if being used as a similar power output.

Another thing that you can do with your App is “Turn on’ and “Turn Off” the ports.

Whenever an update comes, you would see the notification in the App screen, so you don’t have to bother for checking the updates regularly.

Recommended Solar Panels

Boulder 100 Briefcase

It is the solar panel with the ability that can charge your Yeti 3000 in 6 hours to 36 hours. Therefore, while choosing the solar panel for Goal Zero Yeti 3000, you need to be a little conscious about its usage.

If you use your solar generator for light usage, then you can go for Boulder 200 Briefcase solar panel which can charge your Yeti in between 18-36 hours.

If you use your device frequently for small devices and tools, then you should use two Boulder 200 Briefcase. It will charge the solar generator in 9-18 hours.

However, you use your devices heavily then you need three Boulder 200 Briefcases to keep it charged always. It takes only 6-12 hours for three Boulder solar panels to charge Yeti 3000.

What I Like

I agree with the fact that Yeti 3000 is a huge solar power station and weighs around 70lbs. At the same time, it is costly and even burns a hole in your pocket.

But believe me, if you are a person who goes outings, camping and likes adventures then this Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is worth it for you!

The WiFi and charge controller features standouts this device from other ones with the same capacity. Even the sine wave inverter and 10 output ports always impressed everyone.

Since the device is heavy, you get a rolling cart as part of the in-box contents and don’t have to buy this separately from outside.

Overall, Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is highly powerful, simply a beast.


  • High capacity
  • No maintenance cost
  • No noise and fumes
  • WiFi connectivity and App control
  • Built in Charge controller (MPPT)
  • Multiple input and output
  • Quick Charging option

What I Don’t like

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is an awesome solar power station and comes with high capacity and durability. The device can power most of the power tools but only up to 13 amps.

But, if you look at using it as an emergency power application or job site, you won’t find any better product than Goal Zero yeti 3000 unless you move to gas generators.

The power station exceeds expectations and provides high battery capacity, power capability, safety, and durability. All these features come at a cost that makes it a bit expensive.


  • Expensive
  • Limited to power 13 amp tools


Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is a beast and therefore it is called as ‘epitome of on-demand power’ by its makers. The massive battery capacity can run all your appliances whether it is your TV or your fridge.

The device has already impressed us with its capacity and some of the features like MPPT, sine wave inverter output, WiFi connectivity, and its weight (though heavy but less than other generators with the same power).

Therefore, if you really need a generator that is green and doesn’t produce noise and fumes then Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is a great choice. You can check the current price of Yeti 3000 at Amazon.


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