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Fire Stick Keeps Restarting? Quick Fixes And Solutions With Video

There is no doubt that Amazon Fire Stick is an amazing ting gadget that lets you watch your favorite online streaming App on your TV like NetFlix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and many more over your Wifi. But, what should you do when your firestick restarts again and again? Is it a hardware problem or something else that can be fixed easily?

So, why does my firestick keep restarting? If your Fire Stick keep restarting, here are the ways to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Make sure you are using official cable and there is no wear and tear signs on the micro USB cable. Also, check for the software updates on your Fire TV Stick.
  • You can also check the malfunctioning of the cable, inadequate power supply or HDMI port issue (testing the Fire TV Stick on different TV).

Most of the reasons for firestick keeps restarting can be solved easily at home.

In this post, I will be explaining exact 10 ways to fix this problem which I have personally used.

10 Ways To Solve FireStick Keeps Restarting Problem-Troubleshoot your Fire TV Stick

ways to solve firestick restarting problem

Most of the electronic devices go into a problem due to glitches to its software or hardware and the same what goes with Amazon’s Fire stick.

Generally, it happens due to the inconsistent power supply but there are certain ways to find out what causing restart in Firestick and easily be fixed with just some simple tweaks and tricks.

So, how could you find the problem and sole this at home?

Below are the simple hacks that you can use to solve this problem.

Always use original/official accessories

I have two children at my home and most of the times they either misplace or keep the accessories at such a place that I couldn’t be able to find the original accessories. At times I use another spare USB cable or accessory and then the problem starts.

If you go through the same problem try to find the original fire tv stick accessories and your problem is solved within minutes.

Get a new USB cable

Every USB cable has its own life and gets old and starts malfunctioning or completely stops functioning. Try using a new USB cable to solve the issue.

 Replace or change the power adapter

The original FireStick comes with a Power Adapter of 1 Amp and most of the times just using a new adapter or replacing the adapter with a 2 Amp adapter solves the restarting problem.

Does your Fire Stick not Loading? If yes, check out our detailed guide on how to fix Fire Stick not loading?

Using power supply directly instead of TV USB cable

All the USB port doesn’t provide the required power supply needed for the FireStick to operate normal.

So, if your FireStick is connected to your TV via USB cable then try connecting it with the power supply. The adequate power supply can make the FireStick start normally.

You can go through this post to troubleshoot the error if your Firestick flashing blue.

Don’t use extensions

Use of USB port and power extensions do connectivity easier where direct power supply is not available but at the same time they can lead to several problems with adequate power supply.

So, remove any extension if you are having the restart problem.

Remove other connected gadgets with HDMI port

Almost every TV comes with 2 or more HDMI ports and therefore, it makes it easier for us to connect two or more devices with the HDMI ports. 

Sometimes, the connection of two or more gadgets in a single TV doesn’t provide adequate power to all the attached gadgets.

Try removing other connected gadgets with the HDMI ports or plugging them one by one to check out which device is causing the problem.

Update your FireStick Firmware

FireStick runs on software and therefore, like other software it can also have some bugs but these bugs get fixed with the official updates. So, updating the firmware of the device can fix the problem.

To update the Firmware, use the following steps:-

  • Go to FireStick TV Settings.
  • Click on the My Fire TV > About.
  • Now, click on the “Check for system update” option.

Turn off HDMI CEC on your device

Hdmi fire stick

Now, you can find majority of the TV’s coming with the HDMI CEC feature. Do you know what exactly does this feature do?

This new feature on your device allows you to control the HDMI connected devices with one remote only. Since, every gadget has its own way of implementation of HDMI CEC, try switching it off to get rid of the problem.

Use the below steps to switch the HDMI CEC Off

  • Go to the Fire TV settings and choose Display and Sound.
  • Click on HDMI CEC device control and switch Off the feature.

Replace the Batteries from the Remote

While most of the times this issue does not happen due to remote battery but there are times when the glitch in the remote due to low battery can send restart signals.

So, if there could be a remove glitch then replacing the batteries would do the work.

Format Your Device

This is the last thing that I would suggest you to do as to resolve the restarting issue on your Fire TV stick.

There are different ways to factory reset or format the device but going through this uncomplicated way could be the best to do for everyone.

Open up the “Settings” and click on “My Fire TV”. Go to Factory Reset option and click on it. Once, the Factory reset is complete is complete you have to delete all the Apps from the Fire TV.

Here’s a Quick Video on How To Fix Firestick that Keeps Restarting

How To Restart Amazon Fire TV Stick Using Remote Button – A Quick Simple And Bonus Tip

fire tv stick remote

Now that you might have fixed the fire stick restarting issue with the Amazon’s FireStick, you might get some problem in future. Resetting the Fire Tv Stick can do wonderful jobs in fixing up a problem.

You have to unplug the device to do hard reset of Fire Stick but a soft reset can be done by just pressing and holding the Play and select button together.

The soft reset only reset your Fire Stick to the actual factory settings and doesn’t delete the Apps from the device.

Why Does My Fire Stick Keep Blinking Off and On?

If your fire stick is blinking on and off, then it might have problem with video signal, the HDMI connection, or the refresh rate or resolution.

You can fix this by using a new HDMI cable or by adjusting the resolution settings.

To adjust resolution, Go to the Settings > Display and Sounds > Display > Video Resolution.

Fire Stick also blinks when it is in setup mode, the lights stop flashing once the process ends.

Is there a hardware issue with your FireStick TV?

If none of the above mentioned fire tv remote fixes work for you then you are in a serious problem and now you need to connect with the Amazon customer service to repair or replace the device.

Protect your Fire TV Stick-Use a VPN

When you browse online you go through a lot of streaming sites and Apps and using a VPN protects you online. However, it all up to you whether you want to go through an extra step to be protected online.


So, if you are searching for an answer to why does amazon fire stick keep restarting? Fire Stick Keeps restarting due to use of unofficial cable, wear and tear of the micro USB cable, malfunctioning of the cable, inadequate power supply or there could be a hardware problem.

Since there are different reasons for your fire stick restarting so does the fixes. You can use the troubleshooting tips from this articles to fix this restarting problem on your fire stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Fire Stick keep restarting while using Spotify?

If you are facing difficulty in using Spotify on your fire tv stick, check whether spotify is working other devices properly. If its working perfectly on other devices, check your Wi-Fi connection. At last, check for the Spotify and the Fire Stick update.

Why does Hulu keep restarting on my Firestick?

if your Hulu keeps restarting on your Firestick, clear the cache and get rid of unwanted information using the space. To clear cache, Go to Settings > Applications and click on Manage Installed Applications. Find Hulu from the list and select Clear cache and Clear data.

Why does my firestick keep rebooting?

FireStick keeps rebooting if you use unofficial accessories. To fix this problem, look for damage in the USB cable. A damaged micro USB cable provide insufficient power supply and it could cause firestick to reboot.

Why does my firestick keep turning off?

If your Firestick keeps turning off, your device is not receiving consistent power supply and that’s causing your device to power cycle itself.

Why does my fire tv keep restarting?

The use of accessories that are not compatible with fire tv can cause restarting problem. You can easily fix this issue by using an official USB cable and looking for damage in the wires and hardware.


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