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Fire Stick Black Screen: Fix Easily in Seconds [Solved]

With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can transform your old non-smart TV into a smart TV. But that doesn’t mean you are not going to face any problems with your Fire Stick. Many of the users have asked us about fire stick going black and how they can solve this issue?

Are you having a black screen problem with your Fire Stick?

If your fire stick is showing a black screen, it means that it’s not receiving enough power from the USB port, or there is a software issue or the internet connection is poor. Firestick requires 1A rated USB port to work properly.

In this article, we decided to put all our research which follows the causes behind the Fire TV going black and how this can be easily fixed.

What Are The Causes of Fire TV Stick Black Screen?

Fire Stick black screen is caused due to several reasons like problems with the TV or Fire Stick itself, connection, or bug in Fire Stick OS. The format of the video file being played on the TV could also be a reason.

Generally, we have seen that a black screen is not a serious issue and can easily be solved but make sure you go through all the below fixes. If nothing works for you, buy a new Fire Stick or get repaired Fire Stick, Contact Amazon Support.

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9 Proven Ways To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen

As mentioned above, there could be several causes of the Amazon Fire TV Stick black screen and therefore trying the below fixes one by one can help you find out the exact issue and solve that easily.

So, if you have been searching for how to fix the Amazon Fire Stick black screen problem, here are the 9 ways that you can use.

Connect To A Different HDMI port

If you frequently connect your Fire Stick on your TV to the same HDMI port, there are chances that the HDMI port can get damaged or have a connection issue.

So, take your Amazon Fire Stick and connect it through another HDMI port and the problem will be fixed in seconds.

Restart The Fire Stick

Like many other devices, a glitch or a minor bug in Firestick can be easily fixed by just restarting the device.

To restart your Fire Stick, Go to Settings and select My Fire TV. Now, select “Restart” and voila! your Amazon Fire TV will restart in a few seconds.

You can also use another method to restart the Fire Stick if the above method doesn’t work for you. Hold the “Select” and “Play” buttons together for 5 seconds and the device will restart.

However, if your Fire Stick has no power button, disconnect it from the power source, wait for around 30 secs and reconnect it back. This power cycles the devices and the temporary glitches are fixed in seconds.

Try Using Your Fire Stick on Another TV

There could be a technical issue with your TV or your TV is not supporting the Amazon Fire Stick. You can easily check this out by connecting your Fire Stick to a different TV. If it works, you know what to do next!

Remove the HDMI Cable Extender

cable extender

We have the option to connect Fire Stick directly to the TV but since we get the HDMI cable extender comes in the box and even Amazon recommends using the extended for improved wifi connectivity and remote performance, we use this.

But, with time the HDMI extender can get damaged and start having issues, to find out and resolve this issue, connect your Fire Stick directly to the TV HDMI slot. If the issue is resolved, buy a new HDMI extender.

Look for TV HDMI Port Compatibility

HDMI port compatible with fire stick

Amazon Fire Stick needs HDCP compatible TV. The resolution and refresh rate in the old TV sets are the major problem that leads to a black screen.

The majority of the new TVs support HDCP and Fire Stick works perfectly fine on that without any glitches. So, if you using an old TV, google your TV model and find out whether it supports this feature or not.

Fire Stick is Overheating

Do you use your TV sets continuously for hours? Or Do you live in a region with a hot climate? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your Fire Stick is getting overheated and therefore you are seeing a black screen or glitches while using your device.

To fix this issue, unplug the device and let your Fire Stick cool down.

Server is Down

Amazon uses its own server to let you stream videos online and like other servers, Amazon AWS can also get into this problem. If the servers are down, there is nothing you can do from your side. You just have to wait until the servers are back again.

To confirm it, just use downdetector to check for the problem.

Clear Cache

Are You having a black screen problem when you are using a particular App? If yes, you should clear the App cache and the black screen problem will go away instantly.

To clear an App cache, go to the “Settings” and select “Applications”. Click on “Manage Installed Applications” and select the App you are having a problem streaming. Now, clear cache >clear data.

Contact Support

Contacting Amazon Support is the last thing you have to do if nothing solves your Fire Stick black screen problem. There could be some issue with the Fire Stick and therefore nothing worked for you.

Contact the support team and let them know what you have already done to fix the problem so that they won’t tell you the repeat the same steps again.

If they find out the problem is with your Fire Stick and it is on warranty, they would either send you a new device or make it repaired at your doorstep.


The black screen on an Amazon Fire Stick is a general problem faced by many users. You can easily resolve this problem by following the above fixes and none of them work for your Fire Stick, probably you need a new Fire Stick.

Frequently Asked Question

How Can I Fix My Frozen Fire Stick?

The Fire Stick getting stuck on the Amazon logo is a minor glitch and can easily be resolved by restarting the Fire Stick or using a different HDMI port. However, if your firestick keeps restarting, follow our detailed guide.


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