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Design, features, performance, and accessories; this is what Dyson vacuums are known for and why they are a bit heavy-priced. If you already own a Dyson vacuum, I can understand how you feel when suddenly Dyson Vacuum won’t turn on. I have seen this problem in my Dyson V11 and therefore researched every bit of it to understand and fix the problem.

So, why does my Dyson vacuum not turn on? The Dyson Vacuum won’t turn on if the battery is empty, the dust container is open, or the filters are clogged. The problem can even arise if there is a blockage in the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

If you are using a cordless vacuum and the Dyson is not turning on recharge the vacuum battery. If your Dyson is not working even after charging, you might have to buy a new Dyson battery.

However, the vacuum could also not turn on if the parts and attachments of the vacuum cleaner are not attached properly.

Lets deep dive into the reasons why Dyson vacuum not turning on even after charging and how could you solve this problem easily.

Reasons Dyson Stopped Working

If your Dyson has stopped working it could be due to any of these two reasons – safety concerns and not getting enough power.

For example, if the dust container of the vacuum is not closed properly, it can cause serious issues and therefore your Dyson vacuum will not turn on.

Here are some common reasons for Dyson not turning on.

  • The battery of your Dyson is drained or not paced properly.
  • Dust container is not closed properly.
  • The filters are clogged. (Here’s how you can clean your Dyson filter)
  • Airway Blockage in your Dyson vacuum.

Handy Checklist To Find The Problem

Now that you know there could be several reasons why your Dyson no longer turns on, you have to find out exactly where the problem is!

To find and fix the problem, here’s my checklist that you can use.

  • Check if your Dyson’s vacuum filters are clean.
  • Check the dust container, if not closed properly, open and close it properly.
  • See if the Dyson is charging properly. (Dyson will show a flashing blue light)
  • Check for the blockages in air dust and other parts of the vacuum.

If you have checked all the above things and still Dyson won’t turn on? You need to go through the below solution.

How To Fix Dyson That Won’t Turn On?

fix Dyson That Won't turn on

If you want to fix your Dyson, you must know the problem before you start fixing it. If you have a cordless Dyson vacuum, press and hold the trigger for 10 seconds and see what’s showing.

Light Turns On

If you see a blue light your Dyson has a blockage. Cleaning the Dyson filters solves the issue but also looks for blockages in the rod and other parts. Clear all the blockages and then turn on your vacuum.

If your Dyson is flashing red light, there is a problem with the battery and you need to replace the old battery with a new one.

Dyson Making Noise

If your Dyson is pulsing and making a strange noise, there is definitely a problem. You should check the clogging in the air duct.

If you have a Dyson new series like V11 or V15, you can see the message on the LCD screen, probably it will show message “Air duct Blockage”.

Dyson is Not Responding At All

If your Dyson is Not responding at all even after pressing and holding down the power button for 10 seconds, the problem is with the battery. You should buy a new Dyson battery.

Before you buy a new Dyson battery, check for the possible reasons for Dyson Vacuum not Charging.

When To Buy a New Battery For Your Dyson Vacuum?

I would recommend buying a new battery if you find out the problem is with the battery. Worn out battery is always a reason Dyson not turning on when you use a cordless Dyson vacuum.

But before you go for a new battery, you must pay attention to these.

  • Battery is compatible with your Dyson model. (Check which Dyson you Use)
  • Always buy Dyson branded battery.
  • Replacement of battery should be done properly.

Also, check for the warranty you get on your Dyson battery. Maybe your Dyson battery is in warranty period and if it’s the case you can save money.

If you have a problem replacing your battery, check out the step-by-step guide on replacing Dyson battery.

Using Corded Dyson Vacuum and Dyson Won’t Turn On

There are several reasons Why Your Dyson vacuum refuses to work. To fix the problem, you will have to inspect your, Dyson, carefully.

Here are some potential causes for Dyson’s Stopped Working.

Loose or Broken Cord

This is the situation you always come through when you use a corded vacuum cleaner. Inspect for the damage in the cord, and check if it has any wear or tear signs.

If you see any wear signs, change the power cord immediately as this could cause a serious hazard.

If you don’t find any damage in the cord or plug, take the power cord out and put it back again to check for any looseness. A loose power cord can stop the electricity from reaching to your vacuum and your vacuum won’t start.

Fuse is Blown

Dyson vacuum uses a 13A fuse and when high voltage electricity passes through the vacuum, the fuse gets blown out to protect your vacuum from severe damage.

In a situation like this, you should raise a ticket to Dyson support or take it for manual inspection.

Remember not to open the Dyson if it is in the warranty, opening the vacuum will void your warranty.

Motor Getting Overheated

If your Dyson vacuum stops during vacuuming and won’t start, check for the heating on the outer case of the motor. If it is hot, the motor has overheated and therefore it has stopped to protect the vacuum from damage.

This is not a serious issue, it’s rather common.

Just let your vacuum cool down for 30 minutes and then you can start vacuuming again.


If your Dyson does not turn on even if it is fully charged and you looked for all the possible fixes, the battery is worn out, and replacing Dyson battery is the only solution.


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