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Google owned, home security doorbell, Nest Hello has become one of the popular choices in home security in just a couple of years. The device can be connected to your smartphones or Tabs so that you can see who is at the door or if some security breach happens then you could find a video evidence. You get a ton of other cool features apart from watching the video footage on your phone.

So, Does Nest Hello need power? Nest Hello need power but unlike other doorbells that runs on battery, Nest Hello needs electric power to function. So, you can power it by using the old doorbell power socket or else have to run wiring for this.

If you are a concerned about your family security that it could be the best choice to add up for your home security.

Nest Hello can never run out of battery and so there are no chances that would miss a single video recording and never have to worry about replacing the battery.

So, how can you set this powerful, reliable doorbell at your front house?

Nest Hello Power Options

Nest Hello comes with a single power source option, i.e. power through electricity. This means you will have to run wires or use the same plug ins that you were using for your previous doorbell. There is no option for battery power.

Even if it comes with a hardwired, you get a lot of cool stuffs and features that you wouldn’t have got in your old doorbell.

Note: – Always remember to power off the doorbell power source before you get to replace your doorbell.

Therefore, while installing Nest Hello as your doorbell, first take out the previous old doorbell and remove the electrical wires attached to it carefully.

Once your old doorbell is removed, use the same wiring and connect the wires to Nest Hello. Now, turn on the power, you will see that your Nest Doorbell is ready to protect your house with its amazing features.

Note: If you are not Okay to do the electrical work yourself then please get a professional help to install Nest, this will save you from injury.

Do your Home meet the requirements for Nest Installation?

wiring for Nest Hello

If there is no doorbell installed at your home and you are installing Nest doorbell for the first time, then you must get the help of a professional electrician.

He/she will install the Nest transformer for you and do the wirings needed to install the Nest Hello Video Doorbell.


The very first thing that you should do is to check your old installed doorbell and see whether that is installed with wirings or not. To check this, unscrew the doorbell plates and see behind it.

But if your doorbell is an intercom or a control system for front gate or any other similar thing then you Nest Video Doorbell may not work with the same wires. You will have to install a new transformer and then install the Nest hello.

However, if you already have wires installed then check the labels of the wires, they are labelled as “T” for transformer, “F” for front and “R” for rear. These wires can be used for your Nest installation.


If you want your Nest Video doorbell to work properly then your doorbell wiring should have a constant voltage supply at a certain amount. The wires need to deliver the voltage between 16-24 voltage AC and at least 10 VA.

If the supply of voltage becomes more than 24 Voltage AC then your Nest will get fried and any voltage supply less than 16 V would not let Nest video doorbell work properly.

So, if there is no voltage indicator on the transformer then you should check the voltage yourself. Take a mutimeter to check the voltage and if you find it between 14-30 V, then you don’t have to worry about working of your Nest Doorbell.

If your voltage reader shows anything below 14V or above 30V, then a new transformer is needed to make your nest hello video doorbell working.

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How to Install Nest Doorbell?

The video video shows the exact steps to install Nest Doorbell.

Why professional help for Nest Installation?

When you start working yourself for installation of Nest Video Doorbell, there are chances that you may get severe electrical injury if you are doing it for the first time. Seeking a professional help will help you in avoiding such mistakes.

It is better to ask your electrician to check the wirings and the voltage and install the Nest Hello Doorbell. Working with electricity is dangerous and an uneducated person in this field can get himself killed just by a small mistake.

Therefore, seeking professional help will save you from hospital charges and injuries. Your job is done correctly and safely at the very time by a professional.

So, good luck and stay safe, don’t try to do it yourself if you are not well experienced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nest Hello works on battery?

No, nest hello doesn’t work on battery. It is directly connected to the power source. However, if you need a doorbell with a battery power source then I would recommend you to go for Ring Video Doorbells. These doorbells have awesome features as that of Nest and also comes with a battery power source.

How many volts does Nest Hello need?

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell needs a transformer with a supply of 16-24 volts of AC. Anything greater or less than that will either fry the doorbell or won’t allow the doorbell to work properly.

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