Nest Hello is a full HD live streaming camera-buzzer combination that you may be familiar with. I am using this for years now and sometimes imagined whether I can change the color of my Nest Hello!

Nest Hello comes in two different colors white and Black. But if you want your Nest Hello to be in another color, you must use a colored Nest Hello Cover.

Before we get into the details, let’s check out some of the Features of Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

Some of the characteristics of this doorbell are:-

  • It allows you to view the video feed from either your personal computer or your mobile phone,
  • It receives emails as well as push alerts whenever the camera detects movement,
  • It sees the person at the door or hears a loud sound.

You can also find other great features in Nest Hello, such as scheduling and geofencing for those who want to control their camera.

The best thing about this doorbell is that it can scan faces and let you know who is at your door from your saved images and IDs in the app.

Nest Hello is the right place to get the smartest video doorbell for your home.

Nest Hello video doorbell

Nest Hello video doorbell comes in two colors i.e., white and black.

Most consumers complain about the color not matching with the interiors of their houses.

However, the black and white color used in the Nest camera plays the night vision feature’s role.

With these two colors, you can keep an eye on things going around both in low light and in the dark.

The night vision feature is really awesome and you can clearly see even in dark.

However, to satisfy the users who complain of the colors not matching with their interiors, there are a lot of Nest hello cases with different colors that you can use.

Nest Hello Doorbell color options

Elago Google nest hello cover

They are made of silicone material. You can find these in six different colors to add some fantastic features to your Nest Hello.

The good thing about this case is that it is UV resistant and can protect your doorbell from different sun and other dangerous elements.

It does not block the camera, the microphone, or other vital components of the video doorbell.

You can grab this amazing Red-colored cover price just at $12 on Amazon here.

Elago wall case for Nest Hello

This is another excellent case for your Nest Hello.

The cases come in four different colors.

They are durable and UV resistant to protect the video and camera from adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, with this case, you can cover any holes and marks in your Nest Hello.

Fintie case – Nest Hello

This case from Fintie is perfect silicone case for Nest hello.

The case is durable, with proper cutouts for the camera and microphone.

Also, to help protect your camera and bell from rain, the case is made such that it has a baseball cap style brim.

It offers the customers about five different colors to choose from.

Wasserstein case

Wasserstein case is made from silicone material.

Unlike the rest, this case can easily be put on the camera and taken off due to the slip-on mechanism’s availability.

The case is available in four colors, one of them being beige. It is UV and water-resistant, making it ideal for protecting the camera from weather changes.

Koroao case – Nest Hello Case

This is known for adding tilt to your video doorbell. This works best for people who think that the only place they have to put their Nest Hello is not ideal.

They need a tilt functionality to be able to capture the activities outside their doors well.

This case displays your video doorbell outside the wall and can turn about 35 degrees both left and right. It enhances a good view.

Moreover, you can add some color to your Nest Hello video doorbell with its variety of colors.

Bottom Line

The Nest Hello is one of the smartest video doorbells available today and by no means ugly with its black and white color.

However, there is no harm in covering it either since you do not only enjoy having your favorite color around but protect your device from inclement weather.

Elagos cases are always the best of all these cases because, apart from being durable, they are found in lovely colors.

Moreover, you will realize that Elagos are well-rated, meaning that the products are of good quality and liked by most consumers.

Another great feature of Nest Hello is that it is narrow and fits most door frames.

Choose Nest Hello and bring the smartest surveillance to your home.

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