Does Blink work with Google Home?

Smart home integration is one of the many benefits brought about by modern technological advancements. As a result, people now have more ecosystem options to choose from with Google Home being at the top of many people’s considerations. These home automation options provide convenience and easy automation to multiple devices in your house.

So, does blink work with Google Home? Blink security cameras are not compatible with Google Home or Google Assistant because they don’t have native integration. However, many alternatives can allow Blink to communicate with Google Home.

Here, we’ll look at why Blink isn’t compatible with Google Home and other ways you can use to connect the two together.

Why Blink Cameras are not compatible with Google Assistant?

As you may know, Blink is a series of cameras owned by Amazon.

Therefore, Blink is built to be compatible with Amazon’s AI voice assistant, which is commonly known as Alexa.

Moreover, Google also has their series of cameras known as Nest, a close competitor of Amazon’s series of cameras, Blink.

This explains why Google Home devices aren’t compatible with Blink.

However, there are alternative devices that are compatible with the Blink devices.

Some of these devices include the Echo Dot and the Echo Show.

But as you may know, these two are also Amazon smart devices as well.

So, what cameras can you use with Google Home? Well, this needs to be answered as many people have asked me the same question. Certainly, there are alternatives to Blink cameras that can be used with Google Home like Arlo and Ring.

Alternative Cameras to use with Google Home

Because Blink can’t be natively integrated with Google Home, you should focus on finding other alternatives.

Thus, the following are some of the best Blink alternative cameras that are compatible with Google Home.

1. Google Nest

The Google Nest Home IQ is a top-rated security camera.

Since it’s Google’s product, the Nest is seamlessly compatible with Google Home with no hitches at all.

With the Google Nest Home IQ connected with Google Home, you can easily watch the real-time live feed of your home once connected to devices such as the Google Nest Hub or the smartphone app.

2. Arlo

Arlo is highly ranked as the most efficient series of cameras for home security.

The brand offers a wide variety of options to choose from based on your preferences and budget as well.

Additionally, Arlo is compatible with Google Home and you can view the live feed from the smartphone application or the Google Nest Hub.

Arlo comes in several packs to offer you comprehensive coverage of your home, giving you full protection of every corner.

3. Ring

Floodlight security camera from Ring
Image Source- Amazon

Last on the list is Ring, which is a series of cameras recognized by their dual-purpose doorbell function and wide-lens view.

Ring cameras allow you to see and hear whenever someone is in front of your door.

Additionally, Ring cameras also come with an audio feature that allows you to speak or hear the outside audio through the cameras.

The good news is that Ring is also compatible with Google Home.

Each of the three different cameras deliver optimal and efficient 24/7 live feeds and you can always access the data using your Google Home.

That aside, you can also use IFTTT services to connect Blink with your Google Home.

However, you will need to go through a few steps to accomplish this function.

How to Connect Blink with Google Home using IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for ‘If This, Then That’. It’s a web-based service that allows you to create conditions brought by particular changes that occur from other web services.

Using IFTTT services, you can connect Blink to Google Home within only a few minutes.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • · Ensure that Google Assistant and Blink are authenticated
  • · Select a trigger for your system that will initiate automation, maybe a service or an applet
  • · Choose the action to occur immediately the service gets triggered
  • · Finally, you can now select the information you would like to be passed between the connected devices

There you have it, IFTTT gives you the Blink Google Home connection by following only a few and easy steps.

It might seem challenging at first but you will see that it gets easier with practice.

If you aren’t into this type of connection, then you can simply stick to the alternatives explained above.

All of them work just as fine and you get to secure your home efficiently, regardless of your location.

Our Verdict

Blink cameras are known to be most portable home security camera and easily adjustable to whatever angle you want it to look at.

What really matters is which camera is best suitable and comfortable for you. If you already have a Google Home then go for Nest Cam as it can be integrated with the Google Home well.

However, if you own or likely to get a Blink camera, Alexa devices are best suited for you.


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