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I have been using Arlo cameras for years and because their picture quality is good I never thought on replacing it.

But, Cameras are often not enough to secure your house and therefore I wanted to get a doorbell at that time. Recently, Arlo released a Video doorbell and I wanted to get it but I thought on doing some research first so that I can know whether it supports Amazon’s Alexa or not!

The Arlo Video Doorbells comes with Alexa enabled with 180-degree wide angle view and 1:1 aspect ratio which enables you to see everything that is being delivered at your door.

Apart from the optimized front door view, you also get alerts for every motion detects, night vision and built in siren. The doorbell needs to be hardwired that you can do yourself or even contact a professional installer for any assistance required.

Since, the doorbell can be used by connecting with the existing doorbell wires, I thought of doing it myself. But, if you are new to this, go through the installation process below.

How to Install Arlo Video Doorbell?

You get instructions on how to install Arlo Video Doorbell with the device. But, that is not enough for a person who is doing this for the first time. I had the problem while installing and therefore I thought that you must be looking for the same things that I did during my Arlo doorbell installation.

There are certain things that you require and I would say to keep at handy. These are a screwdriver, a power drill, and all the inbox components like Arlo power kit, mountings and screws.

Before you install your actual video doorbell you would have to install the Power Kit. The Power kit is required to keep the constant flow of required voltage to the doorbell. However, you must know that sometimes your chime rings on its own which is also a reason of shortage of voltage that the chime keeps on receiving.

Is your chime compatible with Arlo Video Doorbell?

It is very necessary to check whether your existing chime is compatible with your doorbell or not. For this just locate your doorbell chime and check whether it is wired, wired and battery or only battery.

If your doorbell chime is wired or wired with battery, then it is compatible with your doorbell. However, the chime which only work on battery can’t be used with Arlo Video doorbell. Always make sure to keep the voltage of chime between 16v-24V.

Install the Power Kit

The first thing that you have to do is to power off the electric supply to your entire house.

  • Take out the power kit and go to the chime box location.
  • Open the Chime box cover and attach the wires of Power kit to the Chime box terminals.
  • Place the Power kit safely in your chime box but make that it does not interfere with the chime box other parts.

Now you are good to go with the installation with the doorbell. Reach out to the instruction below to install the doorbell.

Arlo Video doorbell installation

The installation of Arlo video Doorbell is quite easy and with just little electrical skills you can do it yourself comfortably.

  • If you have an existing doorbell, then you will have to remove the existing doorbell. So, open up the screws of the existing doorbell and take out the wires from the doorbell.
  • Make sure to tape both the wires to the wall so that they don’t go inside the wall.
  • Now, take out the mounting wedge that came with the doorbell and install it with the screws.
  • You can also install the doorbell without the mounting wedge but with mounting wedge you can angle your doorbell according to the view you need.
  • Now, it is the time to power on the supply to your entire house.
  • The LED on the Arlo Doorbell will be White now.
  • Open your Arlo App and connect your video doorbell to the WIFI with a 2.4 GHz speed.

You can go through this doorbell installation Video to make the installation easy for you.

The Arlo doorbell is installed successfully and you can start operating it the way you want.

Connecting Arlo doorbell to Alexa

Integration of Arlo doorbell with Alexa makes a lot of things easier. Who doesn’t like a smart home where he/she can control everything with his/her voice? I think everyone of us want this and therefore we keep on buying gadgets that makes our life easy.

But before connecting your Arlo doorbell to Alexa, you have to make sure that the doorbell is in silent mode. Don’t panic, if you have no idea about doing this, I am here for your help!

Enabling Silent mode on Arlo Video/Audio doorbell

The below method works for Arlo video doorbell, Audio doorbell and Arlo chime.

  • Open Arlo’s official website or just launch the App on your phone.
  • Login to your account.
  • You would see the devices that are connected to your account,
  • Now click on the Video Doorbell and move the slider from right to left.
  • Your device is now on silent mode.

If you want your chime to play sound even when the doorbell in silent mode, then you must move the sliders on your chime to right.

Once the Video doorbell goes to silent mode, now you can start connecting your doorbell to Alexa.

You can go through the below steps to connect Arlo video doorbell with Alexa:

  • Download the Alexa App and make sure that the Arlo skill is enabled. If Alexa skill is not enabled, then search for the “Arlo Skill” and click on to “Enable Skill” to connect Arlo with Alexa.
  • You can also ask Alexa by saying “Alexa, enable Arlo skill”. This will send instructions on your App to connect Arlo and Alexa.
  • Once the “Arlo Skill” is enabled, go to device settings and make sure that Don not Disturb is Off.
  • Now, to enable Arlo video doorbell on Alexa. Open the Alexa App and click on the Devices at the lower right screen.
  • Go to All devices and select the Arlo video doorbell from the device list.
  • Now the settings page will open. You have to move the slider of Doorbell press to the right which you will get under the very first Option DOORBELL ANNOUNCEMENTS.
  • Voila!! Your Arlo Video Doorbell is connected to Alexa now and you will hear the further announcements from your Alexa device when someone will press your doorbell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arlo Video Doorbell work with Apple Homekit?

The Arlo Video doorbell is currently working with Amazon’s Alexa only. However, all of Arlo cameras work with Apple HomeKit and therefore we believe that an update will come soon which will allow it to connect with Apple HomeKit.

Does Arlo Video Doorbell work with Google?

No, currently the Arlo video doorbell Is not working with Google Assistant. The Video doorbell only works with Amazon Alexa. Check out our post for more information on Arlo compatability with Google Home.

To know more about Arlo video doorbell, you can go through our published complete review of Arlo Video Doorbell and Nest hello here.

How long do Arlo cameras Battery last?

Arlo Wire free cameras battery lasts 3-6 months approximately whereas the batteries on Arlo Go cameras lasts for 2-3 months only. Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras don’t require batteries.

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