With the change in technology and advancement in recent years, the AUX inputs have been replaced by either Bluetooth or WiFi. But there are some companies that are still providing the old school ways of AUX input in their devices.

Amazon Echo (first generation) still provides the AUX input option for users who are good at old school ways and not familiar with the new gen. technological advancements. Other newer models of Echo doesn’t have AUX input.

It is really great to have an AUX input even at this time where most of the audio devices have replaced the audio connectivity option.

There are people out there, specially the old age people, who are still not familiar with the new technological advancements and for them the old school ways are the best option to have.

What are AUX inputs?

Before we dive deeper into the article, lets first know what are AUX in cables and what does they do?

I know most of you have a car at your home and you might have seen the small 3.5mm input hole near your radio, that’s the AUX input. You can connect and play whatever music you want from whichever device you want and turn your damn car speakers into a music vessel.

You can use any device that has a 3.5mm input cable like mp3 players and smartphone to connect through AUX cables.

But, the new advancement in technology, you might have seen in Apple iphones which permanently removed the AUX in cables from their new phones and left the option to connect via Bluetooth or wifi only. So, it is nearly certain that AUX inputs are going to be extinct from devices in near future.

Features of AUX inputs

The AUX inputs have three main benefits over the wireless ones-

  • AUX can be used to connect two or more audio devices to boost of the sound.
  • Most mp3 players, smartphones and iPods still have this option.
  • You can listen to your own music tracks when you are driving.

So, when you connect Amazon Echo through an AUX, you get the same benefits of listening to your own music tracks available on your phone, mp3 or iPods. 

Basically, you convert the Echo into the speaker of the device you connect it with!

What Amazon Echo is!

Now that you know that Echo comes with an AUX input, you might be wondering about what exactly this device is “Amazon Echo”?

You must have seen Alexa Ads on your TV or while watching videos on YouTube, isn’t it true? The Echo line of devices were the first products that Amazon introduced with Alexa technology.

Some of the models of Echo include Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Echo Look, and Amazon Echo Show. All these devices use Alexa technology and make life much simpler at home and office.

The Echo has a compact design but at the same time it is integrated with lot of abilities and features that you won’t find in all smart devices.

This smart device just needs your voice command to start and work. The moment you connect it with the working internet connection, you can command whatever you want on the internet and Alexa Voice Assistant will provide you with a very quick response from Echo.

What are the Features of Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo dot

As far as the features of Amazon Echo is concerned, you won’t be searching for what features Echo has? On the contrary, you should search for what features Echo doesn’t have?

With a small speaker and just a power cable, you are really going to get a big surprise after knowing what all a small speaker can do!

So, here are some of the features of Echo, you must know

  • Awesome Voice and sound quality
  • Timer set up for different work
  • Sync speakers of all over the house
  • Play music from any music library available on the internet
  • Can answer all your questions

Voice and Sound Quality- Different models of Alexa Eco have different sound quality output and you would be surprised to see the compact designed speaker with such a great quality of sound.

You can’t really connect your cell phone to your Echo but it can be used to call in United States, Mexico and Canada.

Timer set-up- With the timer setup feature, your work becomes easy and you don’t even miss any of your calendar events. You can set up timers, alarms and create events and you just need to say, Alexa, “Set an alarm at 8 p.m”. Isn’t it as easy as you can even think of!

Play music – It is my habit to hear good soulful music when I get up in the morning but since I have Echo with built-in Alexa, I just give the command to my Echo to wake me up at 6 a.m. with soulful music and it does the what I say!

It also provided me a recommended list of music based on my recent listened music albums. Overall, you can play from a wide collection of music available on various online music platforms.

Sync speakers – When it comes to synchronizing other smart devices or music players such as Pandora, Sirius XM, or even radio stations, you won’t find any other smart device like Echo. It takes care of what you do and what music you really love?  The feature I love most is just saying, Alexa, “Play music in my bedroom” and even if I am in another room my wife easily understands my message.

It can also sync with other smart devices like ring doorbells, Philips hue smart light, smart locks, and smart thermostats to keep you monitor things easily with voice control.

Answer all your questions- Who don’t want a person or a device that can answer all your queries even when you are doing some work? I really want to know what’s happening in my state when I am cooking and Alexa does it work well.

The Alexa is a smart learning technology and it keeps making itself better when you start using it. Echo can learn your accent, the words you use, the music you prefer to listen to at a particular time and keeps updating itself according to your habit to become better service to you.

How can you use the Amazon Echo AUX input?

Connecting your device to Amazon Echo is not a very difficult task and the moment you know the actual ways to connect Echo to another device through AUX, you can make your Amazon Echo as your device speaker or audio output unit.

So, let’s know how to use Amazon Echo AUX input.

  • Use an AUX cable to connect your device to Echo.
  • Now, Open the Alexa App on your smartphone and open “Devices”.
  • Tap on the connected device and click on “AUX Audio”.
  • Select from the two options “Line in or Line Out”. Here you have to select “Line out”.
  • Play music on your device and you will hear it from your Echo speaker.

You can easily find the compatible AUX cable on any electronic shop or at Amazon. The size of the AUX cable is 3.5mm which is the same for most of the mp3 and a smartphone headset jack.

The process of connecting the Echo with a laptop or PC is the same as discussed above but the only difference is that you have to select the “Line in” option in place of the Line out option.

Overall, with just a simple process you can connect your mp3, smartphone, or other compatible devices having 3.5mm jack to the Amazon Echo and use it as your device speaker.

Devices that work with Amazon Echo

There are a range of devices that are compatible with Echo and can be used to play music through AUX input present on Amazon Echo.

They are-

  • iphone6 and earlier
  • smartphones
  • mp3 players
  • iPods
  • Tablets

Apart from the AUX cable connectivity, you can also connect your devices to Echo through Bluetooth and play the music available in your music device.

However, in case you want to connect your Amazon Echo with your PC or laptop, you can it through the micro USB port.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I connect Amazon Echo to an external speaker?

For connecting Echo to an external speaker, you need a 3.5mm male audio connector. Connect one end of the cable to the “AUX In” port in speaker and the other end to the Echo AUX Out port.

You can grab this compatible AUX male to male cable on Amazon.

Does Amazon Echo have a rechargeable battery?

It is really sad to say that there is no rechargeable battery present in the amazon Echo and therefore, you need to plug it to the power source at all the times. But, with its compact design and abilities even a rechargeable would have been useless and would keep draining soon.

Does Amazon Echo have a monthly subscription plan?

There is no external cost for the Amazon Echo once you buy it. All the pre-installed apps and features are free to use but in case you install third-party applications or software then you might have to pay for that.

Do you need smartphone to use AUX input feature on Echo?

No, you don’t need a smartphone to use AUX feature on Echo. Any device that has a 3.5mm jack can be connected to the Echo through AUX.

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