Home security that works with Google Home

Most ADT systems work with Google Home. However, you will need a few pieces of equipment and software in order to allow the system to work. If you have everything that you need, then Google Home will give you a huge amount of control over how your ADT system works.

This includes being able to set alarms and temperatures when you are not at home. 

What ADT Systems Connect to Google Home?

If you have been told that your ADT system connects up to the ADT Pulse app, then you will likely be able to control your system via Google Home.

While there may still be a few systems that do not connect up fully, all of the alarm systems provided by ADT should work perfectly fine with the app.

If you are unsure whether your ADT system can connect up to ADT Pulse, then check the manual on the ADT website.

This will tell you everything that you need to know. Generally speaking, anything installed over the last few years should be compatible with ADT Pulse.

If your system is not compatible with ADT Pulse, then you can get in touch with ADT and, for a fee, they will be able to upgrade your system for you. It is suggested that you do this.

Once your system has been properly connected up to Google Home, you will have a huge amount of control over your system.

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What commands can be given through Google Home?

This depends on the ADT system that you have installed in your home.

When everything is connected up properly, and assuming you have the right equipment in place, the following can likely be controlled through the Google Home system:

  • Arming your alarm system.
  • Locking up doors.
  • Changing the air conditioner temperature.
  • Changing the temperature of a heater.
  • Turning on lights.
  • Dimming lights.

This is just scratching the surface of what you are able to control via Google Home.

ADT, by all accounts, is constantly working with Google in a bid to add more commands to the system.

Obviously, you will only be able to use these commands if you have a system that is compatible with ADT Pulse.

If it isn’t, then you can say these commands as much as you want, but they aren’t going to work.

How do you set up Google Home to work with ADT?

In order to get Google Home working with your ADT system, you will need the following:

  • Google Home hardware.
  • Google Assistant app on your phone or tablet.
  • ADT Pulse app on your phone or tablet.

Before you proceed, you will need to have the Google Assistant app paired up with the Google Home hardware. This is something that you would have done when you first received your Google Home system.

If you can already control Google Home from your smartphone or tablet computer, then you will know that the two have been successfully paired up. 

You will need to add ADT Pulse to your Google Home system. This means that you will need to open up the Google Assistant app and add the ADT Pulse app under ‘add devices’.

You will then be given a quick step-by-step to pair up the two. It should be fairly self-.explanatory here.

Once everything has been paired up, you can test the system. For example, try these commands:

  • OK Google, “Turn on my lights.”
  • OK Google, “what is the temperature of my thermostat?”

If these two commands work, then you know that the system has been properly paired up.

It is worth noting that the ADT Pulse app will not show that Google Home is connected up to it. This means that it will not be listed as a paired device. This is completely fine. It doesn’t need to.

As long as Google Assistant says that everything is paired up properly, then you are completely fine.

Once everything has been hooked up properly, you will be able to control your ADT system from the Google Assistant app when you are not at home.

You can also start experimenting with some of the more complex, but amazing, controls such as being able to determine whether lights are on in certain rooms, or controlling the lighting for specific parts of the home.

The Google Assistant app should list all of the controls that you will have available to you. 

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As long as you have ADT Pulse compatible devices and a proper Google Home set-up, then the two of them can be paired up properly.

In fact, when the two have been paired up, you never have to touch that ADT Pulse system again.

Everything can be controlled via voice commands in your home or, if you are out and about, you will be able to control everything from Google Assistant on your smartphone. 

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