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Does ADT have Floodlight Cameras?

Floodlight cameras are a brilliant way to help protect your home from intruders. A floodlight camera is equipped with motion sensors and built-in floodlights. As soon as motion is detected, this camera lights up the area and starts recording a video. Usually, floodlight cameras are also associated with a smartphone app.

Although ADT is one of the top-tier security service companies in America, it doesn’t have floodlight cameras. This company does manage to install some of the best home security systems indoor and outdoor. Sadly, those security cameras don’t have floodlights built-in. 

The sole purpose of a floodlight camera is to give you peace of mind and a feeling of safety in your personal space.

These cameras intimidate trespassers before they reach doors and windows.

There are several companies out there that have floodlight cameras and offer their installation services.

However, it’s not really a big problem because you can easily purchase and install floodlights to enhance your home security system.

If you’re a person who can’t manage to put things together, you can always look for other home security services that offer floodlight camera installation.

This article will help you enhance your home security system and guide you on how to install floodlights. It will also help you find a legit way to simplify how you access the floodlights with your ADT camera.

Is ADT a good option for Home Security System installation?

ADT offers some high-quality and advanced home security cameras, but right now, they don’t offer any product that is equipped with floodlight technology.

So, if you are looking for a floodlight camera in your home security system, you can have it in two ways.

1. You can install the floodlights separately on your previously installed ADT camera.

If you already have an ADT camera in your home security system, you can separately purchase a floodlight and a smart switch.

Combining these two items with your previously installed ADT camera will allow you to control the floodlight independently from your ADT Control App.

If you also connect a smart switch with the floodlights, you will be able to control the lights by turning them on and off manually.

The best part about having a smart switch connected to the floodlights and your camera is that you can control everything from your smartphone.

2. You can look for a company that offers legitimate floodlight camera options

If you don’t want to get into the fuss of installing the floodlights separately, you can go for other companies that offer floodlight cameras.

This option is pretty easy and time-saving. All you will have to do is purchase the floodlight camera and install it in your home to experience the best home security system.

Should I install floodlights with my existing ADT Camera?

If your home security system is already equipped with ADT cameras, they won’t have floodlights in it.

So, if you want to install the floodlights on top of your ADT cameras to illuminate the area surrounding the camera, you will have to buy the floodlights separately and install them manually.

The installation process of floodlights in any camera is pretty much the same. You can read the users’ manual of your floodlights to understand the installation process. 

However, if you still face trouble installing it, you can hire a technician to precisely get your work done. Y

ou can guide the technician on where to install the floodlight to make sure that it is installed at the right angle to provide sufficient light in the camera’s field-of-view.

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What additional items do I need to integrate floodlights with ADT?

To make your life easier and more comfortable, you can buy a smart switch and a smart plug.

These additional items will keep you from the trouble of turning on and off the lights every day.

They will limit your manual work and are definitely worth the money.

The smart switch acts like a regular switch and is linked with your ADT camera’s interface.

It schedules the turning on and off of the lights whenever you want and all through your smartphone.

The smart plug acts as a standard plug and is connected to the floodlights through your ADT camera. It controls the supply of electricity to the floodlights.

Although smart switches and smart plugs are not crucial for your home security system, they make your life less chaotic.

So, if you are willing to make your home security system a little more advanced, you should definitely buy them!


ADT cameras may not be categorized as leading-edge technology for floodlight cameras because ADT doesn’t have floodlight cameras.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find an alternative approach. 

To experience the perks of a floodlight camera, you can easily install floodlights on your existing ADT camera and connect them to your ADT interface.

The resulting product ties nicely together and can be controlled directly with your smartphone to give you an added layer of security!


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