The doorbell’s installation process can seem complex to you, and you might be wondering whether you need to hardwire your SimpliSafe doorbell or not? Here is an essential guide that you should go through, giving you a clear idea regarding the installation and setup of your SimpliSafe doorbell. 

The SimpliSafe doorbell can be integrated in place of an existing doorbell and use existing doorbell hardware for the primary power and is a hardwired smart doorbell system, this doorbell comes with batteries to function uninterrupted even during power outages.

Before we proceed, you must have a basic understanding of how the SimpliSafe doorbell works?

There is a necessity to hardwire the SimpliSafe Doorbell, but the setup is not very complicated. Once you understand it, you can refer to the installation guide, which will help you get started.

Insight on the SimpliSafe Doorbell

The SimpliSafe Doorbell provides you with the ability to monitor the activity happening at your doorstep and helps you stay secure. Here are some of the best features the SimpliSafe doorbell has in store for its users-

➢ It provides you with live streaming capabilities.

➢ It allows you to communicate through the two-way audio.

➢ You can stream the video at a resolution of 1080p HD.

➢ If you have a paid subscription, you will be able to record the motion events and then keep it for reference in case of an emergency.

➢ In case of any motion detection, you will receive notifications right in your smartphone.

➢ You will also be able to monitor the movement during the night as it is equipped with night vision.

Apart from providing all these features, the Simplisafe doorbell is easier to install and provides the users with a variety of motion detection because of its powerful sensors.

You do not have to worry about receiving any false alarms as the readings will be accurate, and your SimpliSafe doorbell can easily distinguish between the heat signatures and the vehicle movements to provide you with correct information.

What are the requirements for setting up a SimpliSafe doorbell at your place?

It is necessary to check the compatibility before you decide to install a SimpliSafe doorbell at your place. You can start by ensuring that your existing doorbell has a proper connection, and all of the power requirements are met.

Before entering a new ecosystem, you should always ensure the compatibility because you should check for it before installing any smart home security devices.

Here are some of the technical information and the requirements for the installation-

➢ You will need an existing doorbell system as the power source. 

➢ The dimensions required are 4.35 x 1.35, which will fit most of the doorways.

➢ The voltage power required is around a 24-volt transformer.

➢ If you are planning on getting a new doorbell system, then you should use a 16-volt transformer.

➢ For streaming the video live to your device, you will need a decent WiFi network.

➢ For the initial setup of the device, you will need a smartphone with Android or IOS.

Before you begin the installation, make sure to turn off your doorbell’s power and ensure that it is compatible.

Once you ensure that all the necessary hardware requirements are in place, the installation will be quick and easy.

You do not have to follow a complex procedure for hours as you will only be replacing your old doorbell with a new one.

Installation of the SimpliSafe Doorbell

Installing new hardware does not seem to you like a work that you can do, but the truth is that the installation if the SimpliSafe doorbell is an easy task. You can set up your doorbell in less than 30 minutes, and all you need is compatibility and a screwdriver.

Unlike some of the hardware devices, the installation of the SimpliSafe Doorbell does not need a plethora of manuals and hard work.

You have to follow the instruction provided with the device, and you are good to go.

Here are the few steps that you can follow to install the SimpliSafe Doorbell at your place easily:-

➢ Before you start the installation, turn off the power to your doorbell at the circuit breaker.

➢ You will have to remove the existing doorbell hardware.

➢ You will have to thread the wires through the mounting brackets.

➢ Now you will have to slide the doorbell cover on

➢ Switch the power back at the circuit breaker, and your doorbell will start working.

More information on whether your SimpliSafe doorbell will integrate with your existing system

You have already seen some of the requirements the SimpliSafe Doorbell had to work properly and be set up perfectly. Still, you do not know whether it will integrate with the additional security devices at your home.

Here are some of the compatibilities the SimpliSafe ecosystem has to offer:-

Nest – This smart device can help in adjusting the temperature, which completely depends on whether the system is disarmed or armed

Amazon Alexa- you can use this smart device to arm the device

Google Home– you can use this smart device to arm the device.

You will notice that the SimpliSafe does not offer much smart home compatibility with the existing system, but it will not pose any problem when working with other smart devices.

If you do not have the proper hardware

You might be wondering that if your setup does not meet the requirements for power and installation, then what can you possibly do? It seems you do not have to worry about that either as there is a cost-effective solution available for you.

You can now install a hardwire transformer to your smart doorbells. These new transformers will solve all the compatibility issues you may face and provide you with a solution that can easily integrate with other smart devices such as the Google Home, Nest, and Amazon Alexa.

Wireless models for your smart home

You might want to look at all the options available in the market for you to explore in the smart doorbell section; you might also be wondering whether the SimpliSafe doorbell has a wireless version of it, which you can install easily.

Since you already know that the SimpliSafe Doorbell must be hardwired and requires an existing doorbell set up for it to work properly, the wireless option can come in handy.

One of the best options currently available is the Ring Video Doorbell 2, which gives you the choice to either hardwire it or use a rechargeable battery to make it work.

You might have a misconception that the hardwired connection is the best choice, but you’re mistaken because a rechargeable battery will help you a lot during the power outages.

You will not have to worry about the shutting down of your doorbell during power outages and stream the live video of what is happening at your front door in your smartphone.

Features provided by the Ring Video Doorbell 2

Here are some of the best features the Ring Video Doorbell has to offer to its users:-

➢ It comes with the on-demand live view.

➢ This doorbell is compatible with the Alexa Smart Home.

➢ It also notifies you of the motion alerts, and you can also communicate using the Two-way talk.

➢ The most important benefits of all are the removable rechargeable battery.

➢ You can also hardwire this doorbell to your existing doorbell system.

➢ It also supports a resolution of 1080p along with the night vision.

Final thoughts:

If you are ready to take your home security to another level, you can buy the smart home security solutions such as the SimpliSafe doorbells to enhance your home security.

But before you decide on leaping into the smart home security solution, you need to keep these points in your mind

  • Most smart home security solutions such as the SimpliSafe Doorbell require hardwired installation and an existing doorbell setup except a few.
  • You would need a smartphone that runs on either Android or IOS to set up the SimpliSafe doorbell.
  • To set up the SimpliSafe doorbell, you would also require a 24-volt transformer.
  • If you face any compatibility issues, you can install a hardwire transformer, which will help integrate with the smart home devices.
  • It would help if you had proper WiFi connectivity for the live streaming capabilities.

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