do blink cameras work with ring

Two of the top brands in home security, Ring and Blink, are both owned by Amazon. Many people are curious whether the two security systems can interact with each other since Amazon owns both. So, does blink work with Ring?

In short, Blink cameras cannot be used with Ring and will not function or connect with each other. However, they can work together using Alexa-enabled devices, Home Assistant, IFTTT, or other open-ended integrations.

In this article, we will look at three typical methods for connecting your Blink cameras to your Ring devices.

Are Blink and Ring Security Cameras Compatible with Each Other?

Can blink and ring work together

A Blink System can only employ Blink cameras and the Blink Sync Module. No other brands are permitted to be used with the Blink system.

You can connect Ring video doorbell to other devices, including Google Home Assistant and Alexa, but not to Blink devices. 

Although Blink and Ring devices are incompatible with one another, a few workarounds are available.

You can use Alexa to build up routines that ensure that the Blink and Ring devices function in concert with each other because both can be connected to Amazon Echo devices. You can also use the IFTTT service to link these devices to other “Home Assistants” like Google Home.

How To Set Up Blink and Ring With Alexa?

Integrating blink and ring using Alexa

 You must add skills to your Alexa app to get your Ring and Blink devices to work with Alexa. Use the below steps to make your Ring devices work with Alexa:

  1. Launch the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Click the “More” tab in the bottom right.
  3. Select “Skills & Games”.
  4. Search “Ring SmartHome” and Tap on “Skill.”
  5. To activate a skill, choose it and press “Enable to Use.”
  6. Use your email address and password to login to your Ring account.
  7. Create a four-digit code. You can use this code to voice control your Ring devices.
  8. Click “Sign in” and then “Close.” 
  9. Select “Discover Devices.” Your Ring devices will then link to your Alexa account.

By repeating these steps, but this time searching for and selecting the Blink skill, you can connect your Blink account to Alexa.

That’s how you set up Blink and Ring with Alexa. The second step is to create a routine.

Creating an Alexa Routine

alexa routine set up

Now, you must create an Alexa routine compatible with your Ring and Blink Cameras. Routines are what Amazon refers to as automation. 

When a specific event (or trigger) takes place, you can choose an action to be executed.

The trigger for Blink and Ring cameras would be whether or not a motion was detected. You can also program triggers to be activated when a Ring doorbell is pressed.

Remember that Alexa routines don’t work with Ring Alarms.

Use the below steps to create an Alexa routine.

  1. Launch the Alexa App on your smartphone.
  2. Go to Menu and Tap on “Routines.”
  3. You will find a ‘+’ (addition) symbol in the top-right corner. Tap on it. 
  4. Enter a routine name.
  5. Select “When this happens” by clicking the + symbol. What you enter will be a trigger for your Routine to begin.
  6. Click on “Smart Home.”
  7. Select the “Blink camera” you want to use as the trigger for the routine. You can specify the times and days when the Routine should start or when motion is detected.
  8. Provide an action that you want to take place whenever the Routine is triggered. You may change the sequence where the activities occur and add as many as you like.
  9. Click on “Save” to save the changes you made.

Linking Blink and Ring using IFTTT

connect ring and blink using IFTTT

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a third-party service provider platform enabling you to connect devices and software to one another which are not natively compatible. 

You can use the below steps to connect your Blink or Ring devices to IFTTT:

  1. To use the IFTTT dashboard, either install the App on your Android or iOS device or you can use your PC browser.
  2. If you don’t already have an account, you can use the App or website to create one.
  3. After logging in, close the “Get Started” page and select “Get more” from the options list on the screen’s bottom.
  4. Enter “Ring” or “Blink” in the search field based on the device you are configuring.
  5. Select the service you wish to use and press the “Connect” button.
  6. When prompted, you must sign in using that account to manage your “Blink” and “Ring” devices.
  7. You may access ready-made automation for your devices by clicking “Grant Access” once you have logged in and provided the verification code you received through email.

You must start from the very first step to set up the second device in case you use both.

Since there are unlimited alternatives, you can also learn how to create different automation and design your own.

Linking Blink and Ring Using Home Assistant

using Home Assistant for your smart home

 If you are using Home Assistant for your smart home, you can configure Ring and Blink devices. 

 Here’s how you can link Blink and Ring devices using Home Assistant.

  1. To add your “Blink account,” use the “Integrations” tab while configuring the system.
  2. Enter the information for your “Blink” account, and enter the pin if two-factor authentication is enabled.
  3. You will establish your integrations instantly, and your device list and information will get populated within minutes.

The following platforms should be accessible after Home Assistant is up and running.

  1. Alarm Control Panel to Arm and disarm your Blink security system.
  2. Camera connected to your sync module.
  3. Sensors for Temperature and wi-fi sensor.
  4. Binary sensor for battery status, camera status, and motion detection.

You can learn more about the other integrations available for your Blink devices on the Home Assistant website.

You need a Home Assistant version of at least 0.104 to use the Ring integration service on Home Assistant, which is very easy to use.

Here’s how to configure your Ring device using a Home Assistant:

  1. To connect your Ring devices, go to the ‘Integrations’ tab and enter your Ring account information.
  2. You will have access to a list of the devices linked to your Ring account once your Ring account is synced.

Please note that only the following Ring devices are compatible with Home Assistant.

  • Binary sensor
  • Camera
  • Switch
  • Sensor

It’s also important to remember that You cannot access Ring’s “Live View” function through Home Assistant.

Are Ring or Blink Devices Better?

Are you looking for affordable security camera? Blink is unquestionably your best option.

Does it have the kind of device you require with the features you want? If yes, you might find the less expensive Blink devices more attractive. Otherwise, choose Ring, which is somewhat more expensive but has diverse product categories. 

The Blink XT2 cameras are an excellent option if you want to capture and save footage without paying a monthly fee

On the other Blink cameras, a monthly membership fee is required for video recording.

Ring is a better choice if you want a video doorbell or sensors because Blink exclusively manufactures cameras. They provide a large range of devices that Blink does not offer – Ring Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam, Video Doorbell, and Ring Alarm are a few of them.


Although Blink and Ring are incompatible, you can use Alexa Routines to integrate Blink and Ring together. These Routines are very flexible and straightforward to modify.

You must have an Alexa-enabled device like Echo device, Fire Tablet, or Fire TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Ring or Blink?

According to me, Ring provides a somewhat better experience with more features. However, it does so at a significant additional expense. Even though you select the costliest among the Blink devices, the upfront cost will be much lower.

Is Blink owned by Ring?

While Blink used to be an independent business, it is now a part of the same organization that owns Ring, and most people have no clue about it. The company people didn’t change the name and selected Blink as the camera’s brand name as it suits them, or maybe more properly, it had been advertised to them as it is.

Is Blink more affordable than Ring?

Blink is often less expensive and simpler to use. Ring is the more expensive choice and offers 24/7 professional monitoring. 

In general, Ring cameras have more features than Blink models, and a greater selection of devices is available.

Is Ring more secure than Blink?

There have been several instances of users being able to see the video recordings after updating passwords and account information. Additionally, having an open connection puts you at risk of hacking, be it any device. Fortunately, Amazon regularly publishes firmware upgrades to protect your devices from misuse.

Do blink cameras record continuously?

Blink cameras don’t have continuous recording capabilities, but you may leave the device armed anytime. You get 7,200 seconds to record on each Sync Module. You can upgrade to storing an infinite amount of clips by using Blink Subscription Plans at any time.

What cameras work with Ring?

Ring’s App will support any camera that adheres to the ONVIF standard. This standard enables interoperability between smart devices from different manufacturers. You can find the list of Ring-compatible devices on the Ring website.

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