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How To Connect Fire Stick To Wi-Fi Without Remote?

It’s common knowledge that you must connect the Fire Stick to a Wifi network to make any use of it. I understand how upsetting it might be to discover that you’ve forgotten or misplaced the remote for your Fire Stick, especially when you are out of your traditional space and the Fire Stick doesn’t automatically connect to the available wi-fi.

But, don’t be discouraged as there are still options and here I have listed a few of those methods to connect your Amazon Fire Stick to wi-fi without a remote.

You can still be able to connect your Fire Stick to Wi-fi even if you don’t have a remote or if the batteries in your Firestick remote are dead.

The steps are simpler than you might think and just a small amount of effort is required.

I have done the research and the article illustrates how to set up the Fire TV app using a second mobile device, and a personal Wi-Fi hotspot to connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to wi-fi without using its remote.

You may connect a Firestick to WiFi without using a remote by using the Fire TV App on another phone, utilizing a universal or HDMI-CEC Remote, or connecting it to the Internet with an Echo or Echo Dot.

I have also mentioned several alternative methods, along with some basic instructions.

When Do You Need to Connect Firestick Without a Remote?

The firestick has the ability to connect to the previous wifi network without any issue.

But, what if you have lost your remote control or the remote is not working at all?

You will have to use another method to connect the firestick to a wireless internet connection.

In a situation like this, you will need these alternative methods. I used this when I went on a holiday and left my firestick remote at home.

Connect FireStick to wifi without remote

There are 4 different methods available for you to connect firestick to wifi without remote.

Let’s go through all of them in detail.

Use Universal/HDMI CEC Remotes

CEC remote

HDMI CEC (CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control); these universal remote controls function effectively with various types of TV.

These remote controls were created utilising the HDMI CEC concept. This remote may be linked to any TV with an HDMI connector.

Explained simply, you may use an HDMI connector to connect this universal remote control to your TV.

Check that this mode is available on your TV before connecting it to the CEC remote.

In contrast to the other manufacturers, which name it differently from the HDMI CEC device control, many TV models do not offer this option.

Here’s how you can connect it:

  • First, you need to click on Go to Settings, then choose Display and Sounds, and then check to see whether there is an option for HDMI CEC Mode there. If you come across the HDMI CEC device control option, turn it on to use for further selection.
  • Connect the CEC device once you have connected your Firestick to the TV. You will be able to set up both units and control your Firestick using the HDMI CEC device. A major thing to know here is that the voice control function doesn’t work like that of an HDMI CEC remote.
  • Now, you can connect the Fire TV Stick to wi-fi without remote.

Use the Fire TV app and a secondary phone as a hotspot

fire tv app and phone

It might be cropping up in your head, why you can’t just use your phone as the remote for your Fire TV Stick if your TV doesn’t support CEC?

Because the Fire TV app is available for smartphones, you could always use your phone as a remote at home, even with voice commands. 

Nevertheless, there is a caveat and you need to know that the Fire TV Stick doesn’t communicate with your smartphone directly. They must both be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Your home Wi-Fi network is already configured to function with your Fire TV Stick. The smartphone remote control won’t function since there is no method to communicate with your Fire TV Stick to switch its network connection to that of your home Wi-Fi.

However, there is an ingenious trick to make it work. You need to install the Fire TV app and set up the hotspot.

The Fire TV app here in one mobile acts as a remote in itself. If you own multiple Fire TV devices, the app is a terrific option since you can set up those devices in the app using the same procedures and manage them all from one location.

Follow the below instructions:

  • On a smartphone or tablet, download the Fire TV app, then log in with your Amazon account by mentioning particular credentials.
  • You should be prompted by a menu to choose a connected device. On your Firestick device, click the appearing prompt.
  • Turn on the TV and change the Firestick’s associated input. A request code number for the app should be sent to you.
  • The Fire TV app should connect to your Firestick device when you enter the code there.

Use a Complementary Hotspot

If the above steps didn’t help. You may quickly copy an SSID and password that the fire stick already remembers.

In these circumstances, if you have a different Hotspot network, utilising the same hotspot may be sufficient and may simply manage the setup parameters.

Follow the steps to complete the process:

  • Set up a hotspot network first.
  • Your smartphone’s SSID name should be changed to match the one your Fire stick TV was first linked to. Change the hotspot’s password in the same manner while keeping it the same.
  • The TV on which you will be installing the Fire Stick must be turned on as the following configuration step. Install the Fire stick application by going to the apps section.
  • Permit the app and the TV both to be linked to the same Wi-fi network.
  • You must first open the application to access the Settings Menu for this. To configure the Wi-fi, follow the link up to the Network page.
  • When you access this page, you’ll see that the app is immediately linked to the device and that you need to switch off your phone’s hotspot.
  • By using these steps, you’ll be able to complete the process and use the Fire TV Stick without a remote.

Use Echo Dot to Connect Firestick to Wifi

Connect Firestick to Wi-Fi Using Echo or Echo Dot

This is my favorite method that works well to Connect Firestick to Wi-Fi Using Echo or Echo Dot.

If you don’t have a second smartphone or tablet, you can use an echo dot, isn’t it interesting?

I found it interesting and believe you would find this interesting too.

To use an echo dot, configure your internal network settings using your smartphone and then you are ready to use a voice command to connect to the new internet network using an echo dot.

Once, the echo dot is connected to the system, you can browse and stream media by using voice commands.


I hope the article helped you in connecting your Fire Stick to wi-fi without remote. However, if you have lost your Fire Stick, these solutions are just temporary, you may alternatively buy a new replacement remote designed just for Fire Stick devices that should function straight out of the box, as opposed to using a general HDMI-CEC remote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a new Fire Stick remote if I have lost one?

Yes, Amazon Fire Stick can be operated by using a replacement remote. This is particularly helpful If you lost your remote and would rather purchase a new one than use a universal remote or the Fire TV app on your smartphone or tablet.

These remotes are available on Amazon’s e-commerce site.

These remotes generally have integrated even more functionality than you had with the standard remote. You can pair the new remote with the device and it should work just like the previous one.

How to pair Fire Stick with the remote?

Here are some suggestions to assist you if you’re experiencing difficulties pairing your Fire TV Stick remote.

Make sure your Fire TV Stick and remote are turned on first.

Then, for three seconds, press and hold the Home button on your remote.

Now, point your remote towards your Fire TV Stick after it has turned green, then hit the Play/Pause button.

Your remote and Fire TV Stick ought to be connected now. If the problem persists, you may also try pressing the Back and Home buttons at the same time for five seconds.

This should compel your remote to reconnect to your Fire TV Stick once more if not go through our detailed post on how to pair the firestick remote.

How to connect my Fire Stick to my TV remote?

Remember that to connect your FireStick to your TV remote, the Fire TV Stick must be connected to an HDMI port on your TV.

Don’t bother yourself if you don’t know what an HDMI is and how exactly it functions.

Just follow the given instructions and they shall land you at your goal:

  • First and foremost, find an open HDMI port on your TV. After that, insert the HDMI cable that was included with your Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port.
  • After that, insert the power cord that was included with your Fire TV Stick into an outlet and the device’s power port on the rear.
  • After plugging everything in, turn on your TV and push the input button until the Fire TV Stick display turns on showing an image of Fire Stick device.
  • In case this didn’t work for you the first time, you can again try by depressing your remote’s home button for five seconds if you’re still having issues.
  • Congratulations. Your Fire TV Stick will enter pairing mode as a result. Now, using the TV remote, you should be able to access the Input menu and choose the appropriate options.

How to connect your FireStick with a hotspot?

Here are the steps that should help you to connect your FireStick with a hotspot:

  • Firstly, turn on the Hotspot option in the “Settings” app on your phone.
  • Once, your hotspot is turned on, select “Devices” in the Alexa app by opening it on your Fire TV Stick.
  • Now, you have to Select Change after choosing Amazon Tap.
  • Identify the hotspot ID of your phone on your TV and select the particular one among other hotspot choices.
  • After selecting the recognized hotspot, select Start.
  • Click Connect after entering your hotspot’s name and password.
  • Your Fire Stick is now connected to your device’s hotspot.


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