Clear Cache on FireStick – Use This Simple Method

how to clear cache on firestick

You might have noticed that after constant usage over a period, your Fire Stick has become unresponsive or it is suffering latency or lags in its functioning.

Your Fire TV Stick creates a cache each time you use it, using up storage space. The cache stores certain information on your physical device and speeds up programme loading. Any technological device that you must be possessing often does this.

The best example is your smartphone. Your storage also gets smaller as that cache fills up. Since the Fire TV Sticks only have 8GB of storage, that space may get quite full very rapidly.

The simple way to fix application crashing and slow loading is to clear cache on firestick. You can clear the data if simply clearing the cache doesn’t help.

Additionally, you could just uninstall and reinstall the application but this does not necessarily ensure that the cache and data are removed. So, the preferable course of action is to remove the cache and data.

This guide will help you to delete cache and data for several applications on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. So, continue reading:

What does clear cache mean on firestick and why should you clear it?

Applications store a variety of data and information about your data usage and the shows you watch and other details.

Each software or application contains a cache, which serves to speed up reboot and allow you to pick up where you left off by temporarily storing data.

A device saves all of the many operations and pieces of information that are often utilised in an application in a special area called cache memory.

Apps can operate more effectively and start up more quickly by the virtue of this form of storage.

For instance, if you often access a webpage while using Google Chrome, the browser will save that information to make loading it faster each time.

The cache is made for quicker, lighter processing. In this way, it is comparable to conventional main memory.

Given that the cache memory’s main function is to keep things moving quickly, it’s crucial to keep the cache for various apps updated.

Check the applications you use the most regularly initially because some utilise cache far more than others.

An application is more likely to have high cache memory the more data it processes.

When the cache becomes too massive or occasionally when these cache files become corrupted, it causes several problems for your device and the applications you stream and you might face issues like sluggishness, latency, and app crashes.

Those difficulties can be resolved by clearing the cache. Don’t be concerned about losing any functionality because doing so does not remove your app or the data you have saved in it.

You can only remove the cache for a specific app at a time on an Amazon Fire TV device; the device’s whole cache cannot be cleared at once.

Clearing the cache will typically fix these problems, but if it doesn’t, you may erase data to return the applications to their normal settings.

How to Clear the Cache on FireStick?

It’s really easy to erase the data or cache for an app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Here, follow the steps:

  • Turn on the Fire TV Stick
  • Navigate to Settings next.
  • Select Applications from there.
  • Choose “Manage Installed Applications” by swiping down.
  • Locate and choose the programme whose cache and/or data you wish to clear.
  • Next, select “Clear Cache”.

Any app that is giving you trouble can be fixed by following these simple steps and clearing your cache. Avoid clicking “Clear data” while emptying the cache in any programme.

By selecting “Clear Data,” you may remove all of the app’s settings, preferences, cached data, and data stored. The procedure resets the programme to its default settings.

After clearing the app cache, applications will run more quickly on your Fire Stick, and you’ll also free up a tonne of space for installing more apps if you wish.

Check out our guide on setting up youtube tv on firestick.

How to clear data on a Fire Stick?

Clearing the data will return the device to its default state with all the settings are done by you erased from the memory while clearing the cache will erase temporary data storage.

Since removing data requires you to authenticate into the app again, we advise clearing the cache first.

But if that hasn’t fixed your issue and you are still looking to troubleshoot, then you can consider clearing data on your fire stick.

The steps are identical except for the last one where you ought to select “Clear Data” this time in place of “Clear Cache”.

Here are the steps to clear data on your Firestick:

  • Turn on the Fire TV Stick
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Applications from there.
  • Scroll down and choose “Manage Installed Applications”
  • Locate and choose the programme whose cache and/or data you wish to clear.
  • Next, select “Clear Data”.

Other Ways To Fix a Slow FireStick

The easiest and most hassle-free approach to solve the majority of technical issues without meddling with the previous setting is to clear the cache.

However, even after clearing the cache, if your Fire Stick or the app is still having issues you might need to try something new.

Update the Fire Stick or Streaming App

Firstly, verify that all your Fire Stick, the app, and the app store are upgraded to the latest versions.

To address issues, problems, and bugs and fix other dysfunctionalities in the application and increase the security of your programme, developers provide new updates from time to time.

It might be the reason for a variety of the issues that you are facing that your Fire Stick, it’s software or the streaming applications you are using are not up to date.

Uninstall pre-installed or unused apps

Getting rid of pointless applications like the ones that you do not use or the ones that have come installed with the device and are just lying in your device eating up the storage, from your Firestick.

Stick is another step that you can consider in an attempt to fix glitches with your Fire Stick.

It’s the same as it becomes more difficult for your smartphone to function effectively with the more and more applications you download.

So, ensure that you remove all the outdated applications for smooth streaming of content on your Fire TV.

Factory reset your Fire Stick

Finally, you might attempt to factory reset your Fire Stick. Depending on the software bug that is the root of your problems, this should resolve it.

Just bear in mind that doing so will result in a complete wipe of your Fire Stick and a fresh start.

So, be sure to preserve any of the settings by taking a backup or writing down the passwords for account login after the reset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can’t launch an app on Fire TV Stick, What Should I Do?

Your application is probably failing to load on your Fire Stick because of the app crashing.

In this case, you can either restart your Fire TV device or delete the application’s cache and data.

Here are a few methods that you can consider:

  • Delete the app’s data and cache.
  • Reinstall the app after removing it.

Start up your FireStick again. Press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons for 10 seconds.

What if clearing the cache doesn’t help?

Consider cleaning the app’s data by using the “Clear Data” option if issues persist with your app even clearing the cache. However, be aware that doing so may reset the app and reverse all the settings.

Effectively, your device returns to the configurations it came from the factory with and can cause you to lose important data including account logins and parental settings.

Will clearing the fire tv cache log me out?

If you only cleared the cache and performed the above instructions, you won’t be logged out and the app’s functionality shouldn’t change other than the fact that your Fire Stick is operating more efficiently.

Your login details, watch history, and in-app preferences should all be preserved because the cache only retains temporary files and data.

How do I uninstall games and applications from my Fire TV?

This is pretty simple to uninstall games and applications from the Fire TV Stick.

  • On your Fire TV device, navigate to Settings.
  • Click Applications.
  • Select “Manage Installed Applications”.
  • Choose the software you wish to remove, then click Uninstall.
  • The selected application will be uninstalled.


Remember that to maintain the Fire Stick operating efficiently, the cache has to be cleared regularly. This will not only ensure that your Fire Stick runs as smoothly as possible, but it will also assist you in managing your device’s storage.

By simply cleaning the cache on your Amazon Fire TV devices, you can resolve myriad app issues.

Resetting your Amazon Fire TV to its factory defaults can be the next smart option if your problems with the Fire Stick continue.

This resets the device to its factory settings and removes all of your changes and in the process, fixes many glitches you might be facing.


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