Can you set your Nest Hello to record only when it detects motion?

Nest doorbell is one of the best-selling doorbells in United States and gaining popularity because of many new and latest features that are coming with other Nest devices. The Nest doorbell always records the video 24/7 and sends a notification to the user’s phone when it detects any motion on your front porch.

You cannot set your Nest Hello to record only when it detects motion. The doorbell is designed to record always 24/7. However, there is a way to save your memory and you just need to switch the camera off. Even when camera is off, when someone presses the doorbell button the camera wakes up and record.

Nest is not only limited to video doorbells; it also manufactures other smart products like Nest Learning Thermostat (very popular in US), outdoor cameras, smoke detectors etc.

The Nest Hello doorbell comes with some latest cool features like two way talking, motion detectors and cloud storage for recorded videos. All these features provide an extra luxury to your home.

Nest Hello Video Recording

Nest Hello records continuously for 24/7 which makes it impossible for an intruder to hide from your eye. Even when you are not at home, you would have an eye as Nest Doorbell securing your home.

The video doorbell camera has a lot of features and has a wide angle of 160 degrees. However, the camera is very small but it records video in HD and HDR mode making the recorded video crystal clear.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of video at night because the camera has in-built night vision. So, even if its dark outside and you can see nothing, you Nest Hello will let you know who is outside your door.

The Nest Hello camera also has a motion sensor and it sends a notification to your phone or tablet whenever it detects a motion around your front porch which is not normal. The notification can go to your mail also; it depends on how you have set up your device notification feature.

The Nest Hello has a cloud storage which is known as Nest cloud. All the recorded videos are stored there safely and you can access those whenever you want. These videos can be accessed from anywhere through your connected phone or tablet.

How does Nest Hello detect motion around your front porch?

Nest Hello detect motion around your front porch and lets you know through email or sending notifications to your smartphone or tablet. But, I have always come through a question that how exactly does Nest Hello detect motion around the porch?

I would say that the device is quite smart and it keeps a track of the noise and activities when your porch is empty. It particularly takes the note of the timings.

So, keeping track of the timings and the noise and rush around your porch let this device understand the abnormal noise and motion when your porch is empty.

However, I have also got the notifications when there is any strange noise due to the wind or suddenly some vehicle horn is detected. I think this is not necessary but if you really like to keep your home secured, you will have to deal with these small troublesome notifications.

How you should store your recorded video footage?

No doubt, Nest Hello is an ultimate Video doorbell with lots of cool features for home security but adding some extra fun is never bad. Nest Aware bring to you the same cool features which would make your advance doorbell even more advance.

The Nest Aware is a subscription based package which can be taken by any Nest user for using more advance features in their doorbell. These features are so advances that you won’t find it on another doorbell.

The one is that I like most is the more advanced security alerts that are highly meaningful. I highly recommend Nest Aware because you can’t find such amazing advanced software in your doorbell with just some extra bucks.

These advanced features include facial recognition, detection alerts and the place of activity alerting through notifications and email. So, you get to know whether the picked activity is important to notice or not.

The another advanced feature that you get with Nest aware is that once the video is recorded and sent to Nest cloud server, it is find tuned with advanced software. The audio is also tuned better.

With Nest Aware, you get to store your videos for a maximum of up to 30 days but it depends on which subscription plan you are!

The Nest Aware has three subscription plan. A $10/month plan would give you a video storage history for 10 days, $20/month plan will give you a video storage history for 20 days and the           $30 /month plan which gives to access of video storage history for 30 days.

I have taken the $30/month plan as it gives me ample time to go through every video. However, you can take any of these plans, each of them is worth to have.

We can also go through our well researches post on Nest vs Arlo to know which doorbell could be the best for your home.

How long does Nest Hello record?

Nest Hello camera records video footage for 24/7 and stores it into the Nest cloud server. The recorded video is stored for 30 days and then automatically deleted for further recordings storage.

Does Nest Hello record audio?

Nest Hello records audio only when you have a Nest Aware subscription and the microphone should also be turned on. If microphone of Nest Hello is not turned on then your video will not have the sound even it supports the sound recording.

Does Nest Hello have a chime?

No Nest Hello doesn’t come with a chime. However, Google Home Mini chime can be a great option for people installing Nest Hello Doorbell in their home.

Does Nest Hello come with a warranty?

The Nest Hello comes with a warranty of two years which is more than Ring Doorbell coming with a warranty of one year.

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