What can be more frustrating than to find yourself out camping without any power for your devices?

After buying sleeping bags, tents, hammocks, knives, fishing poles, first aid kits, blankets, charcoal, shovels, etc. you get stuck in the wilderness with no battery power left on the phone, you would find that planning could have been better with a portable solar generator.

You should always keep a portable solar generator/power station while camping to keep your smartphones, cameras, laptops, and other devices working and charged.

For the wise camper, a portable solar generator can be useful to charge any device to be able to enjoy your trip outdoor without losing access to the outside world.

Also, portable generators can enhance the camping experience. You can play music, charge your phone, movies, games, and add a plethora of benefits by the simple addition of power.

How portable Solar Generators can be useful for camping?

The first thing that we plan before summer is to go camping and enjoy our summer holidays with our family.

You can find most of the National and State Parks allowing camping but all of them don’t have electricity support.

In places like this, you can use your portable solar generators for many different purposes. These generators work silently and don’t make a noise like the gas generators.

In many parks and camping places, Gas generators are not allowed as they produce sound as well as pollute the atmosphere.

More often, you will find that parks which don’t provide electricity give you more benefits and offers. They would be close to the swimming places and allow you privacy to interact with nature.

Even if you decide to go for “glamping” in your RV, solar generators can make it more enjoyable. You can use lights for bedtime reading, hear the weather report on TV or radio, keep your phone charged for GPS or emergencies, charging your laptop or use your coffee maker to brew morning coffee.

You can say that my RV has its own battery for all this, why should I use the solar generator? The battery in your RV may be charged now or last for 1-2 days but having a solar generator can keep your battery charged always. You can always keep your refrigerators running and water pumps functioning.

Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about long stays anytime. The sun will recharge your generator every day. So, don’t let the power stop you from visiting wonderful places.

What type of Solar Generators are available for camping?

  • Solar backup generators- These are generally used for powering homes as a backup after regular power fails. They come with large wattage for sustaining an entire home. Therefore, for camping you won’t find it suitable.
  • Portable solar generators- These generators are best for camping as they come easy to manoeuvre on the go. Although their wattage is generally lower than backup generators, they can still be used for many devices and sustained charges.

They can be used for just about any electric device and even charging car batteries! The biggest perk is that after power has drained, solar generators can be recharged to provide further support.

What to look for when shopping for a portable solar generator or kit for camping?

There is a wide range of choices available when searching for a solar generator kit for camping. You should be mindful of certain preferences to distinguish what type of solar generator would be best to suit your need.

Mobility- Portable generators usually come with wheels and a handle to make it easy to move them around without hassle. Check the weight of the generator to find if it is too bulky to transport easily. Look for generators that are low in weight.

Design feature- A portable solar generator should be designed in a shape that is easy to store or stack materials on top of.

Battery life- This is the most important aspect to check when shopping for a portable solar generator. You should check the wattage of the devices that they need to use and keep charged and compare this with the specifications of the portable generator. Frankly, if you’re not interested in the math you should assume the higher the capacity the better is it for you!

Inverter rating- The inverter is used to convert the DC power (solar power) to AC power (electric power) in the generators. They also limit the amount of wattage that can be used at once. Check this rating to ensure you have enough power for your plug-in devices.

It would also be wise to look for a generator that has an inverter charger on it as well.

What is the best portable solar generator for camping?

Frankly, it depends on how much charges you gauge for like cars or flashing.

For example, if someone has an oxygen machine or sleeps with an inhaler, they should want to purchase a solar generator that can handle extended usage while keeping a charge.

If the individuals camping only needs the generator for a couple of cell phones and a boom box, they could deduce that they may not need a large wattage generator to suit their needs. So, if you want to use it just for a couple of things then Goal Zero Yeti 150 can be the best choice for you.


Portable solar charges can be expensive so be sure to decide exactly how much you’re willing to spend to get the best comfort out of the device.

When shopping looks for reviews from other buyers with similar needs and concerns.

A good rule of thumb is not to buy one that has been used. Also, be sure to check that it is convertible enough to handle everything you need to charge. Make a list of the devices you will be using regularly. Also, add devices that may be used for emergencies.

After calculating, an emergency occurs. Be mindful of devices that use more energy and consider how long you’ll keep them plugged in (realistically) along with other devices.

Features must have in Solar power stations for camping

Portable solar generators range in price from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars.

Most of the mid-range generators come with perks that may be useful for your camping trip. These include features like-

  • Built-in lights
  • Electronic screens (to monitor battery usage)
  • Alarms (reminders to charge when the battery is low, full or malfunctioning)
  • Built-in alligator clips (for charging car batteries)

Consider these features when making your purchase for the best generator to add to your camping trip.

Additional Advantages

You don’t have to worry about keeping a solar generator in a ventilated area because it doesn’t emit harmful CO2.

The solar generators are handy enough to be moved easily from one place to another and are also rechargeable.

Most of them feature Lithium rechargeable batteries, so their battery life is practically endless if there is no malfunction.

Portable solar generators are recommended for anyone that wants to have a comfortable camping trip. You can enjoy the same amenities. Don’t overthink the process! Simply make sure that you check your needs for the trip and access whether or not the portable generator is good for you.

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Can you run a TV on a portable solar generator? Yes, you can run TV on portable solar generators but you need to know about the wattage produced by your generator and wattage used by your TV.

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