Can I Answer My Ring Doorbell on My Apple Watch

Everyday technology is not only becoming more and more advanced but also more cohesive. Your Alexa can communicate with your television, your phone with your vacuum, your watch with your phone, and oh so much more. 

In fact, even our doorbells have become smart devices, and the need to go to the door every time it rings to find out who is there and communicate with them is a chore of the past! You can do everything right from your phone.

Now, if you have an Apple Watch, you may have come to realize that it can do almost everything your phone can do, so will it answer your Ring Doorbell?

Unfortunately, Your Apple Watch cannot answer a Ring Doorbell. However, it can get notifications from Ring to let you know there’s someone at the door. 

While the tech world is constantly evolving, at this point in time, you cannot interact with your Ring doorbell via your Apple Watch, but you can receive notifications.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to pair an Apple Watch with a Ring Doorbell and how you can answer the Ring Doorbell from anywhere in your house

What Features of Ring Doorbell Can I Use on my Apple Watch?

Even though you will not be able to answer a Ring Doorbell with your Apple Watch, connecting the two can still allow you to receive notifications immediately to your watch. 

Because of this feature, you will be able to know immediately, even if you don’t have your phone on hand, know if someone is at your door. 

However, you will not be able to use the video feature to see who it is, or the two-way talk option to communicate with them.

As we will learn in future sections of this post, it is still beneficial to pair your Apple Watch to your Ring Doorbell, so keep reading to find out why you should and exactly how to connect both devices. 

How Can I Answer My Ring Doorbell without Going to the Door?

Your Apple Watch can do a lot, but it can’t answer your Ring Doorbell. Although, as we have learned, you can pair the two to receive immediate notifications from the door. If you want to use your Apple Watch to answer the door, here’s what we recommend. 

Ring devices are currently only manageable through the Ring app itself. Essentially, to be able to use all the features the Ring Doorbell provides, you will need to download the app and have your iPhone on you. From there, you can view who is at the door and use the two-way-talk spec. 

The good news is, most of us have our phones with us at all times, but if you have replaced holding on to your phone in favor of using your Apple Watch for updates, you can easily pair the two.  

Once you have received news on your watch that there is someone at the door, you can simply find your phone and pull up the Ring app to see who it is and communicate with them!

How Do I Pair My Apple Watch with My Ring Doorbell?

Let’s learn how to connect your Apple Watch to your Ring Doorbell so you can get notifications immediately to your wrist. 

  • To start, you will need to use your iPhone to access the Ring Doorbell app. If you don’t already have it downloaded, you can find it in the App Store. 
  • On the app, find the “Settings” option. 
  • Then select “Notifications”> “Ring”> “Allow Notifications.” 
  • Now, exit the Ring app and open your Apple Watch app.
  • Select “Notifications” and then scroll down until you see the icon for Ring.
  • Click the toggle so that it appears green or blue. 

That’s it! Your Apple Watch should now be ready and will receive notifications from your Ring Doorbell so that you can then decide to either go to the door or check who it is on your phone, which is most likely nearby. 

If for any reason you are having trouble and the notifications are not being sent to your Apple Watch.

You may need to ensure that both the “Motion Sensor Notifications” as well as the “Alert Notifications” are both set to “ON” within the Ring app. 

How To Answer a Ring Doorbell With an iPhone?

Now you understand why pairing your Apple Watch to your Ring Doorbell can make your life just a little easier, but you may still want to know how to answer the door with your iPhone without having to trudge all the way to the front door. 

If technology isn’t your forte, don’t worry! You are certainly not alone. Luckily, Ring has made answering the door from your phone as easy as can be. 

Once you have seen the notification on your Apple Watch that someone is at the door, and you have grabbed your iPhone, just open the Ring notification with one tap. 

Tap the screen again to be able to see your video feed, and with one more tap, you will be able to access the two-way talk feature and communicate with your visitor. 

Three taps are all it takes so you can keep doing the things that are important to you, whether that’s working in your home office, relaxing on the couch, doing lawn work in the back yard, or playing with the kids in the basement! 


It’s impossible to say what our technological devices will be able to accomplish in the coming years or even the coming days, but for now, you cannot answer your Ring Doorbell with an Apple Watch.

Security is important, and the Ring Doorbell has truly changed the game when it comes to keeping your home and family safe. But it’s not only safety they are concerned with, it’s also convenience. 

We would not be one bit surprised if Ring and Apple pool their resources and offer a live feed streaming on your Apple Watch within the very near future, but for now, pair you can pair your Apple Watch and Ring Doorbell and keep your iPhone close to answering your doorbell from anywhere. 

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