Can Chromecast Use Bluetooth?

Can chromecast connect through bluetooth

Can Chromecast use Bluetooth? That is an excellent question, and if you start looking around on the internet, you are going to find mixed answers on this. This short answer is yes, Chromecast can use Bluetooth, but maybe not in the way that you are thinking. 

So, Can you use Bluetooth in your Chromecast? Chromecast is designed to connect to your smartphones, tablets, and computers by using the same WIFI network connection. The Chromecast device itself is not designed to be Bluetooth capable, and therefore, you have to have a WIFI connection to connect your devices to Chromecast. 

If that is the case, how is it possible for Chromecast to use Bluetooth? Another excellent question. Though the Chromecast dongle isn’t Bluetooth enabled, you can still use Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones to listen to what you are watching via Chromecast. 

There are two different ways you can do this, by connecting to the TV or connecting to your device. 

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Connecting to Your TV

There are two ways that you can connect Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones to your TV. If your TV has Bluetooth built-in to it, you can connect directly to the TV by following the instructions onscreen. 

If you are using Chromecast because you don’t have a Smart TV with Bluetooth capability, fear not! There is another option. These are the steps you will need to follow to connect your wireless headphones to your TV and Chromecast. 

Step 1: Purchase a Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth transmitters are relatively inexpensive and can be plugged directly into the back or your TV into the audio jacks using either a standard quarter inch headphone jack or two RCA cables. Check the back of your TV to see with ports you have before you purchase your Bluetooth Transmitter. 

Step 2: Setup Your Bluetooth Transmitter

Follow the instructions that come with your transmitter to ensure that it is properly setup. Most transmitter can be setup in a few easy steps that usually include plugging it in and following a few onscreen prompts. 

Step 3: Connecting Your Bluetooth Device

Whether you are connecting Bluetooth speakers or you are connecting wireless headphones, you will need to follow the Bluetooth transmitter instructions for how to connect wireless devices. Most will involve pressing a button on the transmitter with Bluetooth enabled on your device or following the instructions on the TV screen.

Connecting to a Google TV Device

If you have a Google TV Device, the is an alternative to purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter. Though the Bluetooth transmitter seems to be the easiest option for connecting wireless devices Chromecast, Google TV is also an option if you are not very excited about the idea of buying a transmitter.

There are less steps involved in connecting a Bluetooth device to a Google TV device, though some users have reported connection issues, this option is certainly worth trying before going out and buying a wireless transmitter.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Device is Ready to Connect

The first step is to get your wireless headphones or Bluetooth speakers ready to connect.

Step 2: Open Settings

Open up the settings menu on your Google TV device. From here, you are going to select the “Remote ; Accessories” option.

Step 3: “Pair Remote or Accessory”

Then you are going to look for the option that says “Pair Remote or Accessory” and select it.

Step 4: Find Your Device

Wait a moment until all of the devices in your area pop up. Once you have located the name of your device, select it and wait for it to pair.

No Sound?

Once you have connected your wireless devices to the TV via the Bluetooth transmitter, you should be all set. If you are still not hearing sound through your wireless device, you may need to move the device closer to the transmitter or remove any obstacles that may be interfering with the Bluetooth signal. 

It is also possible that you have to change the audio output setting on the TV if it does not automatically adjust once the wireless device is connected.

Once you have solved the issues with sound and settings, you are all set to binge watch your favorite movies and shows without waking the baby, disrupting your neighbors or bothering your sleeping partner. It is time to grab a snack, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy.


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