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Lawnmowers have been around for many years, and they are manufactured to work in different environments. I recently purchased a brand new lawnmower, but it won’t start.

I started doing research and found that many people searched the following topic: Brand new lawnmower won’t start – reasons & fixes. I will be sharing my research in this article.

There are multiple reasons why a brand new lawnmower won’t start and many ways to fix or address those reasons. The most notable ones are:

  1. The fuel source- electrical or gas.
  2. The spark system on a gas lawnmower.
  3. The carburetor on a gas lawnmower.
  4. The air quality on a gas lawnmower.

Lawnmower experts recommend that users take a new machine back to the dealer where they bought it immediately if it does not start, as there is an exchange policy.

There are some troubleshooting tips that you can use for minor issues, though. This article will focus on the fuel, the spark, the carburetor, and the air.

Brand New Lawnmower Is Not Starting – Reasons And Fixes

If a brand new lawnmower won’t start, the best thing to do is to return it to the dealer, but it might be a good idea to look at the following reasons and fixes first.

Electrical Lawnmower Won’t Start

When an electrical lawnmower does not want to start up, it could be a result of the following:

SourceReason for not startingFix to the problem
ReceptacleNo power is coming to the switch.Make sure that the receptacle is plugged in.
CableNo power going to the motor.Ensure the cable is not damaged.
SwitchThe power is not reaching the motor.Use the switch correctly.
MotorThe motor is faulty.Send the machine back to the dealer.

It can be seen from this table that when an electrical lawnmower does not get any power to its components that it won’t startup.

So if a lawnmower is brand new and you can not find a problem by tracing these components, then take it back to the dealer.

Gasoline Lawnmower Won’t Start Because Of Gasoline Problems

When a brand new gasoline lawnmower doesn’t start, it may be due to the gasoline itself.

Sometimes the gasoline can be old or mixed with water, or the gasoline to oil ratio might be wrong. The following information shows the reasons and the fixes.

Reason for lawnmower not startingFix to the problem
Not enough gasoline or the wrong typeMake sure that the lawnmower is filled up with the correct fuel grade.
Gasoline is old or mixed with water.Inspect the gasoline before putting it into the lawnmower. Always store gasoline in suitable containers and label it with dates. Do not use gasoline that you do not know the history of.
The gasoline to oil ratio is wrong2-stroke lawnmowers need oil and gasoline in the gas tank. If the balance is wrong, the lawnmower won’t start, so make sure that the ratio is correct.
The gasoline filter is blocked.The fuel filter is situated on the fuel line, and you can unblock it with some air. If you don’t fix it after checking, send it to the dealer.

Troubleshooting the energy source is the first thing to do, and if it is not the reason for a lawnmower not wanting to start, then deeper searching is required. The next thing for you to look at is the spark system.

New Lawnmower Not Starting Because Of Spark

It is the job of the spark system to ignite the gasoline so that the engine can run. For example, a lawnmower won’t start because of the following:

  • The plug wire needs to make proper contact with the plug, and if it doesn’t, then the lawnmower won’t start. If it does not make contact, then it needs to be replaced.
  • Flywheel and armature might be faulty- as the flywheel makes a rotation, the magnets cause the system to spark at certain moments.

If there is no spark on a new lawnmower and the issue is not resolved when installing a new spark plug, it is time to return the machine to the dealer.

New Lawnmower Not Starting Because Of Carburetor

If a lawnmower has spark and enough fuel, the next thing to troubleshoot is the carburetor. Unfortunately, a carburetor can mess around with the way that a lawnmower functions.

For example, if a carburetor has dirt in it, it will start but only for a short period and then stop again. The way to fix this is to use a carburetor cleaner.

If the air to fuel ratio of a carburetor is not set correctly, then the lawnmower will want to start, but it won’t.

You can fix it by adjusting the ratio with the set screw. If you don’t know how to do it, it is best to leave it to the professionals. If a carburetor has issues with a new lawnmower, it is better if the dealer swops it for another machine.

New Lawnmower Not Starting Because Of Air Quality

If the air quality is bad, then a brand new lawnmower won’t start, so you need to clean the air filter regularly.

The chance that a new lawnmower has a dirty air filter is close to zero, but it becomes more likely when buying a demo model from the floor.

Before using a new lawnmower for the first time, it is essential to ensure that the air filter is in place and clean.

Never use a lawnmower without an air filter because when dirty air enters the carburetor, it messes with the whole system.


If you have a new lawnmower and it won’t start, it is best to take it back to the dealer. They will replace the defective lawnmower with a new unit; however, they can refuse to exchange if they find any tampering.

We have also seen that we can diagnose and troubleshoot basic issues with the fuel system, the spark system, the carburetor, or the air system. It might help if it is a minor issue, but it is best to leave it to the professionals for anything more than that.

Nevertheless, I hope that this information was helpful and that you will be able to get your lawnmower started.  

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