Tools for self Defense from intruder

The only motto of home security is to keep away the intruders.

I would never want an intruder to get inside my house neither would you. But what would you do if someone gets inside? And, how would you keep your family safe if an intruder breaks in?

Keep Yourself Out of Confrontation

My very first suggestion would be keep yourself away from any confrontation with the intruders.

If you hear anything and you believe that an intruder has entered your living room, the best way is to stay silent and away from the intruder and call the police.

The reason to keep yourself away from an intruder is that you don’t know how expert fighter the intruder might be.

It is also possible that he would be carrying a gun and he would not be in his senses and can fire at you.

Confronting an intruder can be a lot risky and it’s not worth to lose your life for material possessions.

But, what would you do if he tries to enter your bedroom? What if he tries to enter your child bedroom? What would you do to protect them? You must be ready for any of these situations. So, what you should do?

Always Have Plan A and Plan B

Having a plan is good but having a plan A and plan B both is better. What happens in these situations? We lose our senses due to the increase in adrenaline levels in our body and do the things that are risky and even dangerous.

Having plan in place would protect you from being reckless and can even save you and your family.

So, what plans should you have?

If you are a trained boxer or martial artist, then you would have plans different than others. So, you must know your capabilities first and then plan accordingly.

If an intruder enters your home and captures any of your family members and threatens to kill or hurt them, would you use whatever necessary to save them.

You must also know your house layout; it will help you figure out what weapons you can use at different places in your house. Do your hallway is narrow? If you have a narrow hallway then you could not use a baseball bat, however pepper spray could hit an intruder in a better way.

What would you do if your intruder has a weapon? In this case, facing them weaponless will put you at serious life risk. So, what options would you choose?

Here I have put my 7 Smart Home defense weapons and situations when they could be most useful?

1. Baseball Bat

Baseball bat can be a great home self-defence weapon as they have good weight and are strong. If someone thinks of attacking, you and see a baseball bat swinging in your hand then it’s obvious that he would return back. I always keep a bat in my bedroom to tackle a situation like that.

However, if you have a narrow hallway or you try to self defense yourself in a narrow place then you would find it difficult to swing. The best you can do is to swing upside down. Therefore, in this case, having a baton can be useful for you.

But anyway, a baseball bat is one of the best self defense weapons which you must have in your house.

2. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is mostly kept by women in their bags for defending themselves. But, this can be a great home self defense weapon too. Pepper sprays have a range of about 3 metres which is enough to tackle an intruder even if he is carrying a weapon.

It is a non-lethal instrument which saves you from any trauma that you can get after these situations. You also get protected from any legal issues. So, a small pepper spray bottle can give you the courage to defense yourself and get away from the attacker.

Pepper spray is not very costly and you can get it just at $10. This one on Amazon is what I use, it can do 25 spray bursts.

However, it has one drawback too. You can get the spray into your own eyes or skin if you are using it outside. This can be irritating for your skin and eyes as a little breeze may blow some spray back. You don’t have to worry when you use it inside your home.

3. Taser

Taser is another weapon for home defense which is non-lethal. Like Pepper spray you nothing to worry about getting spray back or into your own eyes due to wind. They work fine even you use opposite to high blowing air. I like tasers more because once you use it on the attacker, he/she becomes weak to attack again.

However, it has one drawback. You need to go close to the attacker to use it which may become risky if they are a good fighter or have a lethal weapon. The best you can do is jump on the intruder and surprise him with your movement.

Tasers are also not much expensive. You can get this bestselling Taser from Amazon just for $24.

4. Baton

You must have seen batons used by the law enforcement guys. How small they are? But they have the power of giving permanent damage to whom on it is used. You need to be very quick while using batons as you would be using it only when you come across the physical fight with the attacker.

It’s obvious that if an intruder has come into your house and has been seen by you and your family then he would not just take your stuff but would also try to cause harm to you and your family. Therefore, it becomes important that you defend yourself.

I have a Baton at my house which I purchased from Amazon. I like this baton because it is a 2-1 home defense tool and has taser and baton both. So, you get all the benefits of a taser with long-range at the same time swing it easily on the attacker even in narrow hallway.

5. Knife

Knives can be very defensive sometimes, especially when you just need to make your attacker fearful. Knives have almost same benefits as that of Baton. These can be very rough on the attacker and can even cause some serious injuries to the intruder. You can even use it in small space but has the same downside as that of Taser. You need to get close to the intruder to use it.

If you are not good at hand to hand combat, then it can be even used against you. So, it’s better if you use the above home defense weapons instead of knives.

However, if you do not have other choices then a knife would be better than going bare hands in front of an intruder.

6. Tactical Pen

Tactical pens are the same as their name. They look like a pen but they are very hard and can be used during a fight. Most of the tactical pens are used as a glass breaking object however there are some of them which include a hidden knife. Some of them have LED lights too. They are generally made for stabbing or poking the assaulter to save yourself.

I like this Tactical Pen on Amazon which contains LED light, can be used for glass break as well as have an actual writing pen.

They have the same drawback as that of the other home defense weapons above. They are small and you need to be close enough to use it on the attacker.

7. Self Defense Keychain / Keys

A simple car key can be a great weapon sometimes. If you have nothing, then you can make a fist with the key holding in between your fingers. This can be very impactful and even cause great injuries to the intruder.

There are many improvised keychain weapons that are designed as a self defense tool. I really like this one on Amazon. It looks like a simple car keychain which makes it more versatile to use it as a daily home defense weapon.

You can even take up a hold on your attacker with your keys if you use it properly. Always remember how to hold the keys in your hand.

Protect your loved ones and even Yourself

The most important thing in a home is the people who lives in that house. We love these people most and for them can do anything. So, if you hear any noise and come to know that there is an intruder downstairs or in your living room, the best thing to do is to call the police and lock your family and yourself in a place the intruder can’t get in.

But, if you are in danger or your family is then you must have a plan and this plan must include a weapon for self defense.

“By failing to prepareyou are preparing to fail.”

  Benjamin Franklin


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